The Return of Unicorn Healing Magic!

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 Unicorn  Magic is REAL!!

I’m Rebecca Marina, Portal Master. 

The Unicorn Magic Portal gateway  is NOW open!

Here is  WHY the Unicorn Healing magic is returning at this time….and WHY it is sorely needed!


In this presentation you will have these questions answered.

Were unicorns ever real?

What did they do when they were here?

Why did they leave and… where did they go?

Why are they coming back?

Why do Unicorns need a gateway portal? Where is the portal?

Will I be able to see the Unicorns once they come back?

Why is Rebecca needed to open this gateway portal?

Who is Rebecca  and why is she qualified?

Were unicorns ever real?

Yes! They are not just mythical creatures! Unicorns have been with us through centuries of history.

The Asian unicorn. First mentioned in written stories around 2700 BC, this unicorn is described as a creature of great power and wisdom.

Long ago…in the Golden age of magic, the Unicorns dwelt peacefully and in harmony with mankind.

The magic of their presence created an overflow of abundance.

The fields flourished, the elementals and nature spirits prospered.

The earth, sky and sea gave forth her bounty for all creatures great and small.

Humans begin to notice that wherever the Unicorns were…everything prospered…as if by magic!

Then… A few humans got greedy for the magic.

They coveted power and imagined the horn would bring them great magical powers.

Humans begin to capture the unicorn… taking the precious horn.

The humans did not often kill the unicorn out right.

Yet after losing their horn…the creature soon died of a broken heart!

Did we not know that the horn was only a symbol of the magic?

The true magic was generated from the love that was in the unicorn’s heart!

Any Amount gets you a ticket to the worlds FIRST Unicorn healing Event! Feb 2 at 4 PM eastern

Or choose Feb 3 at 1 PM eastern (If you miss you STILL get the audio)

Contribute  Be a part of the Unicorn Healing Magic Gateway Portal!

Why did the Unicorns leave and where did they go?

When it seemed there was no understanding in the hearts of men… The unicorns collectively ascended to the six dimension and beyond.

This was done not only for self-preservation but also to protect mankind from bringing more karmic debt upon themselves.

 So why are the unicorns returning now?

And why do they need a gateway portal opened for them to return?


The unicorns are returning because their beloved Gaia and all beings, including humans…are in trouble!

The unicorns have been following our spiritual evolution and feel we are now ready for their magical presence once again…

Elementals and nature Spirits:

One key reason the unicorns are returning is to assist the elementals.

Fairies, gnomes, leprechauns and nature Divas… all the creatures that assist Gaia in her growth. They do this silently, behind the scenes.

The elementals have never ascended from this plane.

Their vibration is so high they cannot be seen by the human eye unless… they reveal themselves.

Because of all the disasters that have occurred in the world many of these nature spirits have been displaced from their homes.

The recent California fires have displaced many, nature spirits.

Earthquakes, floods all calamities of Gaia have caused great stress to the elemental kingdom.

The heavy use of pesticides have caused great distress to the bee and plant kingdom.

Everything is connected my beloved’s… do not think that you stand alone. When ONE suffers ALL of Gaia’s creatures suffer!

Contribute  Be a part of the Unicorn Healing Magic Gateway Portal!

Q. Will I be able to see the Unicorns once they come back?

A. No, not with the naked eye. They will remain in the same vibration as the elemental kingdom. Fairies, gnomes and nature spirits.

In the attunment  event, I will teach you how you can connect with them and call them to your area.

Q. How can I and all creatures of this earth benefit from unicorn magic?

A. The very presence of the Unicorn spirit causes a magnetic shift in the vibrations wherever they appear.

Understand the Unicorns are great and magnificent portal openers themselves!  They have been monitoring all of Gaia and KNOW what energies are most needed at this time.

Unicorns are 100% of the Highest Spiritual Light! Their presence brings, peace, prosperity, harmony and greater Abundance to ALL the Beings of Gaia!

Q.  Why did they need a human to open a gateway portal?

A. This is simple… The entire unicorn population had to leave this dimension due to the greed of mankind.

It is the LOVE of the human heart that will bring this magic back to our realm!

Yes, it is necessary for one human heart to stand and say… we welcome you! We need you and we honor you. We have learned from our mistake!

It is necessary for one human to hear the calling and DO something about it!

It’s NOT ENOUGH just to have faith in the message.

Next comes TRUST and then comes ACTION!
Faith with no action is dead!

That is why I answered the call to go and open a portal for them …I took action!

Q. Why did the unicorns choose you Rebecca?

A. Because they KNEW I would do it! Because I am a portal master…This is part of my spiritual calling that did not begin until my sixties.

I have open portals all over whenever I am guided.

The Unicorn Portal gateway is my fifth portal in 3 years.

Some portals  have been to help lost souls go home. Some have even been to release dark energies.

This portal is Unique as it is a GATEWAY portal dedicated purely for bringing IN Healing magic.

I am NEVER allowed to disclose where the portal opening is until AFTER the fact.

NOW… I can disclose the location…it was JAMAICA!

The location where I opened the portal- is in a country I once considered a DARK place.

(Not considered safe to leave the hotel except in a group)

I would NEVER choose this country on my own.

The fact that the Unicorns have directed me there means that it will be FIRST to receive much needed LIGHT!


Your Contribution gets you a ticket to the Unicorn event and…

helps with  the financial expenses I undertook for this journey.

Contribute  Be a part of the Unicorn Healing Magic Gateway Portal!

Funds will be used as reimbursements for:

  • Travel expenses. (Airfare alone is over 1000 US)
  • Food…even a portal master has to eat!
  • Offerings for the land where the portal was opened.
  • Offerings for the Unicorns ceremony. (They required 24 K gold dust to be sprinkled around the perimeter)
  • 24 K gold dust. I will explain WHY the Unicorns asked for the 24K gold dust in the healing event.
  • Assistance with other expenses such as lost work time, expenditure of life-force energy.

Any Amount gets you a ticket to the worlds FIRST Unicorn healing. (If you miss you STILL get the audio)

Event! Feb 2 at 4 PM eastern

Or choose Feb 3 at 1 PM eastern

Use the link below and choose your financial support method. (Pay what you desire)

Contribute  Be a part of the Unicorn Healing Magic Gateway Portal!

You will learn HOW to connect in spirit with these creatures of light and Wisdom and call them to your area.

Stand with me as you proclaim…I BELIEVE!


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  1. MICHAEL CORRELL on January 22, 2019 at 9:17 am

    I prayed to-day to the unicorns for a parking space in the shade and found one.

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