Azuron: The Electrons of Money

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For months now I’ve been asking my  friend Azuron, 10th Dimensional Arcturian Healer, for guidance on healing our money issues.

You see…Azuron can read Light patterns and can clearly see the difference in the Emissions of the wealthy, the poor and every phase in between!

(Just by WORKING with Azuron, my personal finances have shifted for the better a thousand-fold!)

Not only can Azuron SEE them…he can help us to shift them so that WE ALL can attract more wealth into our lives.

Cash flow!

Just as I was sitting down to put all Azuron’s info together…I was seized by a grip of terror and panic so strong…I was almost completely paralyzed!

Horrible, crazy, wild thoughts began to race through my mind and I felt completely out of control!

You may identify with some of these wild thoughts…

I’m afraid I’ll be a burden to others.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to earn any money.

I’m so embarrassed because I talk about prosperity and they will find out I’m a fraud.

I’m afraid I’ll be homeless.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to pay my bills!

The list goes on and on!

NONE OF IT IS TRUE- I am doing better than I have in years…!

However the panic I felt was attacking my spirit, making me feel terrified and vulnerable!

Help, I cried out to My Divine…what is this?

Divine Mother answered…”this is just a sample of the fear and panic my people are feeling. Not JUST about money but about many things in their lives.


Mother God Azna wants to do Miracles for you!

Divine Mother Azna

Once people get the beginnings of this ‘panic energy’ it attracts hordes of ‘feeder entities’ who have a FEAST on these depressing emotions!



There is even a specific group of feeders who feast on ‘the terror of lack”.

Rebecca…first, clear the feeders!

Only then can Azuron successfully shift electrons around money! ”


Just having this revelation started to clear the fear.

Because I recognized what it was…it was easy to take authority over the ‘feeder entities’.

The entire fear dissipated as quickly as it came!

I had to go through this experience in order to make this class the best that it can be.

I must show you HOW TO KNOW when you are under attack and more urgently…how to clear this in less than 60 seconds.

There is NEVER any need to have this depth of fear…sometimes we simply forget who we are and what we can do!

Bottom line: You MUST know when you are being attacked by these feeder energies and how to take authority…or you will NEVER be able to change your situation!


For EXTRA< EXTRA help…I have included the Bonus Video: Poverty Parasite Cleanse!


Now, let’s hear from Azuron about the electrons around wealth.


Electrons are the animating force in everything. That includes money!

The electrons form light patterns and these patterns are what Azuron can easily read.

Hint: Guess who has authority over electrons and doesn’t know it?

Azuron tells me that he observes something unique about the human wealth issue.

Abundance is tied in with your throat chakra and key areas in your amygdala.

The triggers of many lifetimes and generations can be affecting certain thought/speech patterns… which in turn affect your prosperity.

Well it is true that some of us came to experience what it’s like to be in lack… the true goal has always been to find the keys to rise above that lack.

Azuron explains that there is a key place in the amygdala that keeps triggering lack and misfortune.

Unfortunately this ‘lack’ area seems to get activated far more than the place in the amygdala which triggers wealth.

Azuron says that everyone has the key to abundance and the possibility of attracting it… yet when that crucial   ‘failure trigger’ gets activated, it SHUTS down the prosperity activation.

Hint: Feeder energies are always on standby for some delicious fear and panic.

(Especially delectable to feeders are the FEAR and PANIC of Light Workers, they get to throw you off your mission… if only temporarily)

Have you ever had a really good idea you thought would make you prosper? Then you tried it and  it seemed to fizzle out??

Likely, it is your sabotaging amygdala trigger that keeps going off.

Azuron says there is a way to link your ‘wealth attracting’ positive keys to the throat chakra…which causes you to manifest the desires hidden in your heart.

There is a method to ‘pile drive’ certain sound waves directly from the throat into the amygdala. These ‘sacred sounds’ then seek out and gently transform the hidden amygdala sabotage patterns.


The Goddess Hathor has given me a process…a specific way to hold your tongue and make certain sounds that gives you the results you could not easily obtain otherwise.

As you may know…the Hathors are known for their ability to heal using sound waves. The Goddess Hathor assures me that the technique She is giving us will be unlike anything we have done.

This approach directs specific healing sounds to the brain stem…

Sacred sound is sent BOTH downward into the spinal column fluid and UPWARDS into the entire cranial cavity!

Thus, positively affecting ALL the glands there.

Azuron will take us all to the eighth dimension for the first part of healing. This begins to shift the light patterns to the degree that our sound key will be able to work for us.

Both Azuron and the Goddess Hathor assure us that this ‘sound key’ is a life-long process. You will use this ANYTIME you encounter any obstacles!

Along with my own Holy Spirit revelation about ‘taking authority’ over the feeder energies…this is a win, win, win experience.

This process bypasses the logical mind… which is sorely needed.

Because your logical mind has been trying to figure out how to get rid of your sabotaging triggers for ages… this process bypasses the logical mind.

Azuron explains…” it’s like opening a valve that has been rusted shut. At first the water coming out may be a bit rusty, containing particles of yucky stuff. As the flow increases the water will be clean clear and pure.

Nutshell of the class:

  • Discover how to KNOW when you are under attack by feeder energies that can make you feel crazy!
  • Discover how to RID yourself of fear and panic about money.(or anything else)
  • Discover that there is NO NEED to ever be afraid of any feeder energy.
  • Discover the secret sound techniques of Hathor
  • Discover how to shift the failure keys to success keys in your amygdala.
  • Discover how to begin to order and recognize your own electrons about money
  • Redirect your Light Pattern towards attraction of ABUNDANCE!

oh yes….and how to prophecy your own good fortune!

Ready to open your own valve to wealth?

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