Stop the Gaining Streak Dead in its Tracks! (Before You Balloon Out of Control)

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I have a confession to make…This Holiday season, I let my Inner Child (The One that craves Goodies) get the best of “Grown up Smarty Pants” Rebecca.

Yeppers, I did. All it takes is to let down your guard a little and that little “Cookie Craving brat” takes over and before you know it, YIKES!…you are on a “Gaining Streak”.
I was out of town a lot without access to my trusty scale (I always weigh every day on the same one at home)

The place where I stayed did have a scale but it was not the same as mine.(Lying to me it was…) I did feel my clothes getting a bit snug but hey, the counterfeit scale said I was the same.



Imagine my horror (I wanted to kill myself all day)when I got home and discovered I had put on…4 pounds!

You might not think that 4 is a lot but I happen to know that when you get on a “Gaining Streak” 4 can turn in 14 in a matter of days…
Then you get all discouraged and feel hopeless and like “it’s no use”.

So, I realized I had to STOP my gaining streak dead in it’s tracks.

(I am pleased to tell you that in less than a week I have taken off 3 of those 4.)

How Did I do it?

 I realized I had to do 3 things.
#1. Get the Inner Child (bratty little thing) to help me instead of hurt me I came up with an ingenious way to do this. (I will share this with you in class)
#2. Re-do my “Cure White Sugar and Chocolate cravings” protocol. (Yep, I am ashamed to tell you I had let myself get re-addicted)
#3. Boost my metabolism up with a combination of:
  • Tapping away the hunger producing hormones
  • Tapping in the “satiation” hormones
  • Making good use of the Inner Child “Bouncy Ball” energetics (I will explain this in class too)

If you feel like you are on a “Gaining Streak” and you want to stop it dead in it’s tracks- take my class.

If you follow the techniques in class and let me help you.
  • We will get that Inner Brat to STOP shoving cookies down your throat.
  • We will get you un-addicted to white sugar and Unhealthy chocolate (some chocolate is good)
  • We will get your Hunger hormones under control
  • We will get your Satiation hormones working properly
  • We will get your metabolism re-charged with My Unique “Bouncy ball” Technique

When: (Allow 2 hours for teleclass)

Twice Saturday Jan 10

12 noon eastern

4 PM eastern

Once Sun. Jan 11

4 PM eastern

(I may add a class Monday night if enough requests come in.)

How Much?

Class is 67 (and worth every penny)

However, I like to reward those who make quick decisions.

Register today  : Get it for 57 and you can still have the coupon for $5 off!

But…I will give you a coupon for 5 Off.

Use coupon code “5” (no quotation marks)

Now, go get it and let me help you STOP that Gaining Streak before it gets out of control.
Love and Blessings,
PS: Even if you feel you are already so big you can’t be helped- this class will help you. The main thing is to get that “Cookie Craving Brat” to see things Your way!
PSS: maybe, your Brat does not even like cookies, maybe it’s Bread, Pasta, Chips- it’s the same principle- get her/him on your side.

We all know that once we seem to get onto gaining street it’s hard to get off it’s as if something takes over and propels us into more and more poundage.