No More 2012 Pain

(This letter is very personal- but I’m that kind of teacher. I have to go through everything I teach and if I don’t get it right the first time- I get another dose of it. See how much I love you?)

Did you have any pain in 2012?  Did it Affect Your Finances?

I’m embarrassed to tell you this…I got my heart broke not once, but Twice in 2012!

Both times, there was no one to blame.

Both times no one was at fault.

Both times… hurt like hell.

However, the second time was far worse than the first.


Because I loved the second one more dearly?

No, it was because I failed to completely heal the “Delivery shock”* of the first one

(Plus, now I can teach you how to heal from any pain… from first- hand experience.)

• Delivery Shock is the point of impact — the entry point of the wounding, the shocking news, the trauma, the pain. It sets up chemical reactions that flood the body and find a place to attach.


Here’s what happened…

The first time was when the man I had had fallen deeply in love with, told me he felt in his heart that he had to return to his homeland (far, far away).

What could I say?

I am the one preaching about following your heart. So, I blessed him on his way, nursed my wounds and went on.

I went for months keeping a very close eye on my heart… in the romance department at least.

Then I met a NEW  man who is everything I ever wanted. He:

• Dances better than me (that’s saying something)

• Eats healthier than me (also rare)

• Runs 7 miles a day.

• Takes me on exotic trips.

• Caused me to expand on many levels (also rare).

I tried to protect my heart but… there my heart went… loving again.

Then… the bombshell dropped.

Seems an old love of his had begged for another chance and he felt in his heart that he should do the honorable thing and give her another chance. (GRRRRR- I sure wasn’t feeling very loving toward her GRRRRR)


Again Azna?

What did I miss healing on the first round that I needed a second dose of heart-break?

No one is at fault here.

How can I be mad about that?

He needs to honor what he feels is right.

Again I say… follow your heart and do what you feel is right. (My own sermon haunts me, yet I know it is correct.)

So, this teaching of following your heart must be even more powerful than I think for this lesson to be so clearly presented at great personal cost to me.

However, in acknowledging my pain, Azna has given me a full set of healing protocols that treat pain on the most primal level.

You see, when something happens and you feel pain… it’s not just the present pain you are feeling. It’s simply ripping the scab of anything related to it.

Q. But Rebecca, I’ve treated myself for pain so much I’m sick of it. What’s different this time?

A. Azna says two things are different:

#1. You haven’t fully acknowledged the pain (we try and be positive, tap it away, etc. as fast as we can)

#2. You haven’t treated the “Delivery Shock.” This is the exact moment you hear or absorb the shocking news or event. At that moment, peptides are released and they attach themselves to your organs.

Azna says we absolutely must treat the “Delivery Shock.”

Now, here’s the kicker…

Unacknowledged “Delivery Shock” pain can affect your finances in a horrible way. There are even separate “‘Delivery Shock” traumas around finance that must be cleared. We will address these in class — we must!

“Your Power Goes Where Your Attention Goes”

When you are suffering any kind of pain… you ain’t going to be productive!

Isis chimed in and added…

Relationship pain of any kind is directly related to your finances and also to your sense of time. (Where did the productive time go? Where did the enthusiasm for earning go?)

Pain over financial situations, disasters, mistakes will dig you deeper into the rut and you will never get out.

Not until someone, or something, pulls you out of the mire.

Azna is the Someone and I, Rebecca, am Her instrument of delivery.

So ask yourself…

“Do I want to start 2013 free of the relationship and financial pains of 2012?…or shall I bring the whole festering sabotaging mess with me?”.

You decide.

This teleclass is only $47. That is very low and should allow almost everyone to attend. ( If you cannot come at class time, register anyway and receive the audio version.)

Teleclass Presented tTwo different times for your convenience:

Saturday Dec 29 from 6 to 8 PM eastern (New York time)

Sunday Dec 30 from 4 to 6 PM Eastern

(One ticket gets you entrance to both times if you want a double-dose.)

Go here for payment options.

PS: One side effect of this year’s trauma for me: .

It has caused me to be far more loving. I just want to hug and kiss everyone. I want to hold them in my arms and comfort them. I desire to give that which I did not have myself. The thought of others suffering heart-pain of any kind causes me to want to scoop them up, hold them, rock them, let them cry, keen , scream. Love them tenderly.

For this reason, I am offering a few private sessions at very low cost. I can only take a few.

However, I desire to start my 2013 sharing as much love as possible. Embodying the Divine feminine and streaming that love on a personal level.

(When the cap is reached, I will disable the paylink.)

Go here for payment options

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  1. Jordan on January 28, 2013 at 3:04 am

    Hi Rebecca,

    I missed your “end money worries” session this week/weekend, and I am wondering if you feel listening to the audios will be as effective as live attendance. And if so, what can I do to make sure this is true for me?

    thank you!
    with love,

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