Flame on Sanat Kumara

Do this exercise and attract wonderful beings of light to assist you in all things.

Channeled message through Rebecca from Sanat Kumara, great ascended master who has loved us forever!

Welcome, I am Sanat Kumara, Keeper of the Holy Flame.

I come to you with a message of great truth; the Holy Spirit is indeed part of each and every one of you as you realize what you can do with this great stream of energy. Your life will be transformed; your lives will be enhanced. There is an exercise I have given before and I want to go over it with you again. Rebecca lovingly calls “Flame On” This exercise is in is recognition that you are no longer a tiny little spark of divinity, you never were. It was only the falsehoods of man who drifted off into believing that they could only hold the tiniest little spark. And I say to you as keeper of that Holy Flame, keeper for many, many centuries now, that you have within you the capacity to be a roaring flame of divine light.

Now to do the exercise properly you would focus on your heart center and if an image of a little tiny flame flickers there, forgive yourself for that. This is old teaching; you’re not to be blamed, Beloved. And imagine though, that that flame ignites into beautiful tricolored flame, gold, pink, orange, many colors are in this flame. And this flame enhances the God particles within every cell of your being. And imagine, Beloved, that you send that flame up to wear as a crown of flames above your head as on the day of Pentecost.

Many times we have used the element of fire for a symbol of power. It was that element of fire that brought survival to the earliest man. Fire is so much more than what you believe, fire is consciousness and fire is the symbol of the Holy Spirit…of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

And when you realize exactly what the Holy Spirit is, you will rejoice and you will be so happy to do this exercise daily. For Beloveds, when you “flame on”, as Rebecca says, you signify to the whole of creation that you know…that you know beloveds, that you are divine. That you are a living embodiment of source energy of Mother-Father God, of all that is Holy…you are a living embodiment.

Angels and deities and saints and ascended masters see through the etheric realm and they see you with your flame and they say, “There is one who knows. Let us go and see if we can be of assistance. Let us warm ourselves by the fire of that great source.”

And this is the beginning of a new life for you, new sources of creation, for beloveds, Holy Spirit power is more than what you have thought. It comes as a stream of pure energy and it is available to every man, woman, boy and girl. You are born with that source energy within you. It cannot be otherwise. Otherwise, you would not have life. And yes, your breath enhances that flame and you can just imagine you’re breathing and shooting your flames higher and we of the etheric realms say, “Yes, they understand, al last, they understand that they are divine!”

And it does not matter if you can’t see it with your eyes, because we see it.

And this is where faith comes in beloved; we like to call it ‘blind faith’. if you would hear these words pass them through the portal of your heart and say, “Is this truth? Do I feel the truth of this divinity within me?” And if so, beloved, do the exercise whether you see anything or not, whether you feel any tingles, whether you feel any phenomenon.

Blessed is he who acts in faith, blessed is he who believes although he has not seen, blessed is he who uses the barometer of his heart.

Now let us have more teaching on this Holy Spirit. For months now we have been giving Rebecca the incentive, the inspiration, use Holy Spirit light more, Holy Spirit is the perfect lubricant to prayer. And there was a little tiny bit of fear in Rebecca, because she is a preachers daughter and in one of the scriptures that her dad used to read was something about if you say anything against the Holy Spirit you will be struck dead and they will carry you off. And if you say anything about the Holy Spirit that is not correct, it would be unforgiven. Well, she was a little afraid because there were still some tiny little seeds of that old religious teaching within her and like, “Oh man, I don’t want to be struck dead. What if I say something wrong?”

And we say to you, that teaching was put in the scriptures by man and it was interpreted incorrectly, there is no unforgivable sin, there is no sin, there is perhaps ‘messing up’, but the source within you invites you always to tune back into your heart if you feel you’re going on the wrong path. You have the perfect barometer within you. And beloved, I don’t care what you feel you’ve done, I don’t care how you’ve feel you messed up, you are divine, you can do this exercise. You are signifying that you believe, even if you don’t quite believe.

Do this and see what changes in your life!

Now back to this musing on the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is more than just an energy stream. If you acknowledge the Holy Spirit it comes with a whole team of the very elect. Yes, the very elect ascended masters, angels, specialists of all types, actually petition…petition to be part of the Holy Spirit. That which is named Holy Spirit, is the highest level you could hope to attain in the evolutionary sphere. Being appointed to the realm of Holy Spirit is something that only masters can aspire to.

And if you would this day, acknowledge the in- dwelling of Holy Spirit, If you will make use of this team whose only desire beloveds, is to help you move closer to that source that you already are. To help you realize you have more power than you could ever know and to help you realize beloveds, the importance of your hearts desires.

For now, I encourage you, believe these words, believe that you have that holy flame within your heart, believe you can wear it as a crown, believe that the entities, the deities, the high beings of light see you and recognize it. And please know that this “Flame on” exercise is a great protection in presence of chaotic energies, oh this can be a mighty protection to you. I am Samat Kumara , I honor you for listening to this teaching. Do not be mis-led by the simplicity. Flame on, I will be watching and ready to assist you.

Sanat Kumara

Through the Messenger, Rebecca


Love and Blessings for a wonderful 2012,