Spinal Column Fluid

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Well…my day started out on a very annoying note.

Grouch energy!

I missed a very important phone call due to a mix up in time zones. I had been anticipating that call for days too.

Then my honey felt annoyed… partly because I was so grouchy from missing my important call.

(gee, once you get the grouchy energy going…it is contagious!)

So… I sat down to calm myself and do my daily journaling meditation (Don’t you feel silly when you are all grouchy and you need to do your spiritual meditations? I just wanna be grouchy for awhile sometimes.)

Right away, my spirit-match guide, Data Dastagir Badsha came in. He told me to pay more attention to what Durga Mata had to say about the spinal column fluid.

He said I should teach you to communicate with your own spinal column fluid.


 This will be lesson One:

I needed to try this process myself so I can explain the steps.

Step One: Be aware of your spinal column fluid. Acknowledge that it has intelligence and wants to work with you.

Step Two: With your dominant hand- write a question for your spinal column fluid.

data dastagir recommended this question:

“Dear Spinal Column Fluid, what can I do for you today?”

Step Three: Switch the pen to the non-dominant hand and get the answer. (You will be surprised at how easy this is)

When I asked my spinal column fluid, What can I do for you today… It said. “Send me some pink light and then some lemon yellow light. Several systems in your body need it.”

So I sent first [pink light from the base of the spine all the way up and even into the brain. (You can imagine I needed that pink light to chase away my grouchy energies)

yes! A new day!

Then I sent lemon yellow light in the same manner. Well…it was like a new day dawning. I wanted to start my day all over in a happy, joyful mood. Thanks spinal column fluid.

(BTW_ Lakshmi says that lemon yellow light is what is needed to nourish and tickle the “center of joy” in the brain.)

So- there is your first lesson in communicating with your own spinal column fluid. Do the exercise and tell me what came up for you. I have created a page where you can do that. (please don’t email me about it- I get so many hundreds of emails daily- I may not even get to see it)

(Below is the original message from Durga Mata in case you missed it)

Durga Mata: A teaching on the spinal column fluid

The spinal column itself is a source of strength and connection to both body and spirit.

when a spinal column injury occurs, it causes massive damage on every level.

There are healing properties within the spinal column fluid that have not yet been acknowledged by the general medical community. …at least, it is not common place.

Yes, the medical world knows to check the fluid as an indicator of the presence of unwanted medical conditions- but they have not explored the healing properties of the fluid itself.

The fluid is like mother’s milk to the vertebra and entire nervous system.

The spinal column fluid is a Source of Intelligence on its own.

This fluid is like a divinity within you- this can be blessed and communicated with.

The fluids obvious purpose is to cushion the vertebra and nervous system. There is no other fluid quite like this in the body.

Please Stop reading right now and put your awareness on the fluid flowing in your spinal column.

Send the energy of appreciation into the fluid and watch what happens- go ahead Do it.

Now…be in stillness for a few moments.

Whatever energy you intentionally send to the spinal column fluid will be manifested throughout your entire nervous system.

Send the energy into the base of the spine and ask it to dance upwards.

if you are not sure what energy to ask for…simply ask for God’s Light. Rebecca loves using the ancient Arabic term an Nur. (one of the 99 names of god)

The spinal column fluid can be a source for healing like no other. because it has its own intelligence, you can ask it to provide healing energies to any part of body or being.

It working for you constantly without you even asking This teaching has not been brought forth until now.

Again…begin with sending a wave of appreciation to your own fluid. This will give the fluid a boost of energy to perform even better for you.

There is much more to share about the spinal column fluid.

This information presented today. Do as I ask and this teaching and instruction can bring much improvement.

As my friend Lakshmi says…”Don’t’ just read about a process and do nothing- try it for yourself.” Just appreciation alone is a great energy builder for your entire being.

Love, Durga Mata

From Rebecca: Durga Mata explains a lot more about this in the live channeling session. She knew I was working really hard lately so She made her message brief. You can still purchase the replay if you missed it.