Sexual healing

Why White Tara is adding Sexual healing to Her Peace Transmission…

White Tara explains…

The chaotic memories of abuse and bad experiences are often trapped in the human tissue, organs, and energy field.

By setting the intention to release the trapped memories…much healing is accomplished.

The sex urge is a huge part of human survial instinct. To ignore the healing on this level would be an injustice!

Bring your wounds, deep, shallow, intermediate. The peace I shall transmit shall heal with ease and grace.

How to get the MOST  of this Transmission for Self and others.

Have people write the names of loved ones on a paper and bring it to the call.

If the loved ones allow it…they shall recieve healing and peace. if they are not ready, they will at least feel more soothed.

Ready for a Quantum leap?

Write the names of your enemies or those who have hurt you on the paper as well.

It matters not so much if the ‘enemy’ acepts the healing. Just the intent of your heart to allow the clearing will be highly benificial to you!