Be Psychic About Money and ROCK!

Audio class- take this by audio anytime of the day or night!

Be Psychic About Money and Rock…

Audio program contains Rituals to Attract Money…Beginning Immediately!

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So I was talking to my “main squeeze” the Big Saint, Data Dastagir Badsha (the first Sufi saint) about you.

Look, Data Dastagir, I want something  fresh and new to teach my dear readers.

Something waaaay out  of the ordinary…. and something that will turn their world around in the finance department.

So Data says… ‘teach them to get psychic about their money…you’ve never done that before’

hmmm… I love the idea  but how am I going to teach this topic when people are full of anxiety and fear over their finances right now? They will never believe I can help open up their intuitive channels around money.

Yes, they will, Rebecca- when you use the step by step guide that  I will give you!

After all, Rebecca, in the past, haven’t you taught completely logical people how to talk to rocks, flowers, plants and even dried beans? (believe it or not, the beans were the most talkative!)

Dastagir continues…

Rebecca, you already have the techniques and skills to teach people to become  intuitive about their finances. I will give you some additional  steps that will turn this into a win, win, win for everyone.

Ok, Data Dastagir, you have convinced me- I will announce this crazy sounding topic but I want you to give me some breakthrough info on this that has never been shared before.

So, I got into my  favorite trance position and here is just part of what ‘the big saint” gave me.


  • How to… turn your body’s energy field into a giant lightning rod for money.
  • (Data says, there is a secret spot on the body that activates your nervous system to attract the ‘sweetness of money”- but it must be done a certain way.)
  • Learn the recipe for “The Elixir of Money” and how to make it 1000 times more potent.
  • How to clear a path to your door for money to easily reach you

And here is more…

  • Clear the # 1 thing you unconsciously do that keeps money away from you (once you know what this is- you will ‘catch’ yourself before you let it ruin your finances)
  • Clear the #2 thing that others do that keeps money away from you (this will undo countless years of suffering)
  • End the pain and suffering caused by #1 and #2

How many times have you wondered which financial road to take?

What action or path will bring you the money needed for thriving?

Developing psychic skills with money is  like having  your own personal crystal ball to gaze into every day.

In this class, Get  Psychic about Your  Money and ROCK!

Rebecca, are you actually going to teach me how to talk to a piece of currency?


Yes, yes, yes-You will discover how to actually “talk” to currency and receive the personal message just for you!- you must bring some type of currency to class for this to work.

Can you imagine waking up every day being “in the flow” with money? Knowing that your financial burdens are  eased and money will always flow to you…

This does happen for people- we have all heard rags to riches stories.

Like Joe Vitale- he was on the streets and now he never has a worry about money and he has helped thousands of other get to a much better place around money

Once you turn a certain financial corner- you never go back. Oh, you might have setbacks but you are never down for long.

Something happens inside and you just “know” this for truth.

But, Rebecca,  you say…

I have taken so many classes, read so many books and I still struggle.

Yes, that happened for me too but I kept on until I got “in the flow” with money.

I kept on until I got psychically attuned to money.

Now, I have a rock-solid intuition about money. I know for sure, I will always have it.

Even in these times, I still knew that I had nothing to worry about.

This class will share information and techniques I have never shared before in any of my money classes.

You need something fresh and different to shake up your money world.

This class is highly concentrated to focus on your money  and how to increase it with laser precision!

2 hours on AUDIO_ take it anytime day or night!

Fee for this “never done before” audio program  is $77

NOW on sale! With 70% Off coupon.

What action or path will bring you the money needed for thriving?

Don’t you wish you had your own magic genie who could advise you?



Get it right here!

Get it right here!

Data Dastagir Badsha

Data Dastagir Badsha

Data Dastagir Badsha

Even if you Don’t get the program- call on Data Dastagir Badsha, pay him some sweet attention and he will assist you!

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  1. Alonda Walters on April 23, 2010 at 10:30 am

    Rebecca, I too, am interested in becoming a decision coach. This will be so beneficial not only to me but my clients. I am excited to learn more about this. You have been such a blessing for me and I appreciate you every day. Thanks…….

  2. Cecilia Combe on April 20, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Ms. Marina,
    I just got off the amazing teleconference you had about how to see the future. You had mentioned towards the end of the class, how if we were interested in becoming a decision coach to email you. i am very inteterested in this and woud love to explore that. P.S. I wanted to know if you conduct private classes and how much they run? I live in Brownsville, Texas which is about 40 minutes away from where you live. Thanks!
    Your Spiritual Fan,
    Cecilia Combe

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