Help my Wife reunite our Family

Dear Mother Azna,

I ask Mother Azna for helping my wife find her way on her path in a timely fashion back to me so we can reunite our family and she will have inner peace.

Thank you, Lonely Husband

Dear Lonely Husband,

Your wife is following her path that feels like her only option right now. Best course you can take is sending her love and light. Focus on your path and how you can find happiness within yourself.

It is only natural to want to be a united family. It is only natural to feel this is the best for everyone. Your wife is learning what she needs to learn by following her own path. Send love to her with no strings attached. Do not try to manipulate her energy in any way.

Only she knows what is right for her in her heart. All will be well…you will see. I promise, things will turn out well for you. Turn loose.

Love, Mother Azna