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I am so pleased to bring you this series of blessings from my beloved Heavenly Mother.

Transcript  available…

Q. Why would I want to purchase the written transcript when the audio is no-cost?

A. Many Reasons

  • Easy access (easily find the information you need)
  • Ease of understanding (diagram and drawing will be included where needed)
  • No frustration (no need to wind and re-wind the audio to get to what you want)
  • Lifetime Wisdom (print out the transcript, keep to refer to easily anytime you find yourself falling out of the ‘positive creation’ mode.
  • Value (each session of transcript normally sells for 7.77 each=77.77 You get all 10 days for only 17.77!

And finally…the biggest reason you would want the sessions in writing. This is fresh, on-the-spot wisdom, comfort and love from Divine Mother. Holding it in your hands will be a privilege and an ongoing blessing!

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