Will you help me?

It gives me so much joy to bring you healing videos and classes.

Not everyone is called to be a teacher or healer, you can be part of this ministry if your heart guides you.


A Contribution of ANY Amount gets you all the Rewards listed below.

* You may not be interested in ALL the rewards- simply delete those that hold no
attraction for you.


Reward #1. Three Pleiadian Diet Tips

(This will change the way you feel about food and
eating for good!…and in a GOOD way!
(I have never shared these tips before)

Reward #2. How to attract PAYING Clients when you’re first starting out.
This is very important to start off the right way!

(You can use these tips even if you already have a healing business)


Reward #3. Need Some Motherly Arms to Hold you?
Tell you how precious you are?
Night time Motherly Nurturing Audio:


Reward #4. How to Look Skinnier in any photo.

My daughter Belin is the QUEEN of making ANYONE look good in a photo.

She has created a wonderful guide that is easy to follow and

will absolutely make you look your thinnest.


Reward #5. Five Outrageous Tips to better orgasms

Bet you NEVER heard of these!

Warning…I DID say Outrageous!

Reward #6. How to sell your House (or anything quickly)

I sold my home in two weeks…to the first person who looked at it.

It works!

Reward #7. How to Find the perfect NEW place to live
(Works for new car too- I used this to find the perfect new car.)


Reward #8. Crystal Clear Animal Communication

Please have pen and paper ready. Also, have a pet in mind that you wish to
communicate with.

If it FEELS Good, Please contribute.








I really appreciate your help with this work.

Love, Rebecca


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