Advanced HPT – Heart Point Technique- A Gift from Mother God Azna!

Download complete HPT manual:

Mother God Azna Shares HPT to the World!

This modality causes healing on all levels as well as maximum spiritual growth and the Souls evolution!(more videos soon)

HPT is a brand new healing modality sent to us by the Divine feminine.

Heart point technique works by harnessing the power of spirit with the wonderful energy of the heart.

Here is a PDF to download that explains in more detail.

Download PDF

HPT does work on a spiritual and energetic basis and gives clarity to any situation that needs healing. I find the guidance I get while holding the heart point simply astonishing. After reading the tutorial, try HPT on a simple issue and see what comes up for you.

The energetic points are:

1. The higher self point 18-24 inches above the head. The HSP is a gateway to all the divine intelligence and assistance that you could ever need.

2. The crown point. Right on the very top of the head. Four meridians come together here. The corpus callosum, a thick bundle of nerves runs thru here as well. The corpus callosum separates the right and left halves of the brain and helps the R/L hemispheres communicate.

3. The 3rd Eye. The seat of your intuition. Also key in stimulating the hypothalamus, pineal gland and supporting organs.

In addition to this, you can cover the whole of the eyepoints with your hand and you will be covering, the emotional centers, the center for fear, and the points where all accupressure meridians enter the brain.

Cover these points with your hand or fingertips

Cover these points with your hand or fingertips

4.The Heart Point. Cradle the heart slightly to the left. Your heart is not right in the center. The heart itself is a powerful source of intelligence and healing.

5. The consolidation point. This is at the base of the head- the occipital point. When tapping here- you are sending messages up into the brain and down into the spine and nervous system at the same time.

The first time you do HPT, it is recommended to “touch, bless, and give permission to open” for each point. Simply touch the point and say, ” I bless you and give you permission to open”.

You can do this before each session if you desire. You can never get overloaded on blessing!

Mother God sent us this healing modality to help us “leave our old sad stories behind and focus on what we want instead”

So, are you ready to use HPT on a simple issue in your life?

OK, Lets GO!

Touch and bless the points as indicated above.

After activating the HPT points and bringing in the energy…

Think of something in your life you would like guidance or healing for. It is important to set aside some quite time to give this your full attention.

Just for an example, let’s say you want some guidance on an issue with money. What is a recurring pattern around money in your life?

What is the story you keep telling about that?
1. Cradle the heart point and “ask what is the story that is affecting me today about_______________________”
2. Access how intense the emotions around the story feel either to you or whomever is speaking. Give this an intensity rating. Are you holding this anywhere in your body?
3. Validate. Release blame. Any benefit I get from holding on to the story, Send divine forgiveness to all involved. Keep sending the light from your heart point till you see the scene change.
4. Ask for a new story from the person or event- can you add anything to that story to make it better? (positive choice)
5. Really feel this new joy in your heart. Choose a keyword or phrase that expresses your new story. Tap the consolidation point to incorporate this into your being.

6. Re-check your intensity rating and see where you are and if you need to do more work.
There are many more applications of HPT but this short tutorial will give you enough info to come to class and be ready for healing. This is NOT meant to be a complete tutorial. I will be working on a more extensive manual.

Coming soon: How to use HPT for surrogate work.

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