I really needed to call this page- “Free up Your Emotions that are Blocking your money”

But that was too long of a title!

In short Anything that  causes you to feel Sadness, Guilt, Shame, Overwhelm, Anxiety, and Worry  are all Robbing you Blind!

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Some topics you can get right now by clicking the links below are:

  • Heal Abortion pain (if you have this pain and have not healed it for both you and the baby- you can bet it is blocking you still)
  • Mother’s Milk of Prosperity (Imagine what you could do if your first nourishment was from the Divine Mother)

All Topics designed to free your emotions which in turn frees up your Money!

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Free Topics coming up are:

  • Healing guilt (huge block to more money)
  • Healing the pain of miscarraige (this sadness can affect your ability to manifest)
  • Healing abuse (makes you feel unworthy to have prosperity)
  • How to make sure you are never cheated (fear of being cheated keeps some folks from having anything)
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Rebecca Marina