Could You Forgive the Man Who Murdered Your Husband and Son?

If you are like me…you have done a LOT of work on Forgiveness.

I sure thought I had forgiven completely the man who raped me as a young teen…but I found there was one more important layer to “Get Through”.

As I listened to my friend Debra tell the story of the woman who forgave the most vile crime imaginable, some last obstruction to healing in my own  heart…melted.

Debra guides us through a forgiveness process that is so tender and gentle, you can actually FEEL your heart healing and opening!

Please give me access to Debra’s FREE video Heal Your Heart



In this extraordinary video, Debra takes us through a powerful direct healing process and shares:

·      The story of a woman whose husband and only son were murdered and how she was able to forgive the man who killed them

·      A technique to create an opening in your own heart so that all you desire (including profound love) can come in

·      The story of another woman who healed her relationship with her deceased father (after doing the process that Debra will lead us through)

·      What true success really is and how you can live it every day of your life

Debra also tells how — once she was able to live true success on the inside –she effortlessly manifested a beautiful home on five acres, a new Mercedes (after years of driving a beat-up, 10-year-old Chevy BelAir), and the relationship of her dreams….all by doing the opposite of what almost all success gurus tell you to do… (I LIKE that…outside the box!)

Please give me access to Debra’s FREE video Heal Your Heart


I don’t often recommend other healers work…yet, Debra, in her free short videos has touched me deeply.

When there is something really good that I KNOW will help you…I just HAVE to share.


Love, Rebecca


PS: Please let me hear from you about how this particular video brought you healing.

If it touches you even HALF of the way it touched me…your life will be better for it!


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