Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from Coronavirus with THIS!

I did a video of this meditation last week…

and I felt guided to give you an audio that will protect not only YOU…but the ones you love too!


For some…an audio is easier to pass around.


I wanted to hurry and get this healing, protective audio  out to you.

Later today, I am sending out an invitation to join me Wednesday at 3 PM Eastern …bring your WORST fears!

I will give you some insight about this virus from Spirit. 

Plus…use one of my techniques to dissolve your fears and give you some positive ACTION to take.

Nothing worsens your fears like sitting around imagining the worst!…right???




This too shall pass and we will have all taken a better look at what is really important to us.

Our families, friends, loved ones.



This audio is an expanded version to strengthen your first line of defense against ANYTHING!


Love, Rebecca


PS: Look for my email later today about the FREE class tomorrow.

Information and Healing You don’t want to miss.



PPS: Listen then pass along.



You can listen online or download the audio to have forever….it ain’t just good for THIS virus…it’s good for all protection!

Share the love!




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