Mary Magdalene: When Jesus and I Make Love…

Why is it that most of society needs to view Jesus as some mamby pamby sexless man?

The only time He ever is portrayed as having human emotions is when He became angry at the money changers in the temple.

( I admire the Mormon paintings of Christ as he always looks very viral! I LIKE the thought of Christ being a real man!)

His humanness was simply not acknowledged in the Christian Bibles.

It is my belief  that the De-humanization of the Christ was done when the Bible was greatly altered by Two factors.

First Council of Nicaea in 325 and more disturbing the The Council of Trent (Latin: Concilium Tridentinum), held between 1545 and 1563.

Monks and Priests were still inscribing the bible by hand…


After all…even though the printing press had been invented in 1440, it was not widely used until much later.


Compare our teachings about Christ to the Teachings of Hindu.

The Yogi-Christ of India is a sexy man indeed!

Do These two look like they are lacking in Money or Sexuality?


On The Road with Jesus… about the Marriage. (Snippets from my upcoming book)

Sacrilegious Lessons of Saintly Mary.

 The Making  of a  Sexual Healing Priestess

By Mary Magdalene

(Because most people refer to the Christ as Jesus.  Mary allows me to use that name here, instead of Yeshua)

This information was given because I asked about the experiences of traveling and intimacy between Mary and Jesus. A group was usually following the master and this made privacy very difficult.

Mary speaking.

Once Jesus and I came together in union for our soul purpose, we were almost never apart. There was never a question of the right or wrong of it…we were ordained partners for a great cause since before our birth.

We did not sleep together openly until after our marriage.

This was to protect me, for many of the followers and disciples were jealous of anyone who spent a lot of time with the master.

Please understand, it was a different time with different customs.

However, even now it would appear discrediting to some, for a master teacher to be sleeping with a partner in full view of others.




Mary continues speaking.

AS we traveled about doing the ministry, quarters were often tight.

We held much respect for those who sacrificed all to follow this ministry with us.

Yet, the times we held to each other in intimacy where amazing beyond words!

Due to my training in the temples of the Egyptian mystery schools, I knew how to purposely fill his cup.


My training had taught me how to restore his Ka body when energy was lagging.

The Ka Body is the spiritual twin that surrounds and closely interpenetrates the physical body.

The strengthening of the Ka body was done while experiencing deepest pleasure.



Mary continues.

Our love making was extraordinary, not only because our souls were soaring together. It was also due to our training in body awareness.

His hands were pure love and desire expressed upon my skin.

Jesus had also had extensive training in the arts of ecstasy.

It is true that there are those who would have you believe that Christ had no earthly desires.

He was fully a man in every way.

He appreciated a good meal and a glass of red wine.

Those who would have you believe he lived and died a virgin are under the mistaken impression that being a virgin causes you to be more pure.

Not so.

To embrace your sexuality is a high path to divine ecstasy. To deny your sexuality is to say no to one of the Creator’s greatest gifts.



Mary continues.


The early church knew that sexuality can lead to extreme advancement in spirituality. Enough advancement to see through the control they were attempting to exert. And so, sexuality was made out to be a dirty expression of carnal lust.



And don’t be misinformed here either.

When Jesus and I made love, we both reached full satisfaction.

We explored with reverence every nook, crease, fold and orifice of each other’s body.

Our intimacy was never vanilla.

Hear me. There is no part of your body that is dirty!

There is no part of your body that cannot be allowed to experience pleasure, if given the opportunity to respond.



Mary continues.

It is true that the Christ had never ejaculated into a woman until we were together.

There was no need.

Because of our training, we both knew how to fully experience pleasure without the need for ejaculation.


Jesus knew that his seed must not be scattered about and reserved it for our sacred union.

Even then, it was not until after our marriage that he allowed ejaculations and possible conception.

My womb joyfully received his seed, and I knew strength from it.

It was during one of these exotic unions that we conceived our daughter Sarah.


This was shortly before the crucifixion.

Yet Jesus never got to see or hold the babe when he was in his physical form.

After his crucifixion and ascension, Christ did come to me in his light body many times to comfort me, and even to help me through the birth.

This is all I am ready to say about this topic at this time.

Mary Magdalene.



Love, Rebecca


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