How To Protect Yourself from Judgement




One time, when I was a little girl, I found myself riding in the back seat of the car with two ministers.

The Baptist minister was in the front and the Pentecostal minister was in the back seat with me.

Both of these ministers had judgments that their point of view of the scriptures was completely accurate.

Conversely, any  other point of view was completely false!


These ministers begin to hurl scriptures back and forth at each other like angry darts!

It was a simple doctrine.

One minister believed that once you got saved, you were saved forever.

The other minister believed that, sure, you can get saved, but the first little sin and you’re going straight to hell and you might need to get re-saved all over again.


(The ‘straight to hell for any sin’ judgement was the one MY minister father beleived…is it any wonder I spent my childhood terrified that Jesus Himself would throw me in the fire for some sin I forgot to confess?)








The topic of this message is how to protect yourself from judgment.

Of course, self-judgment is something you have to remember constantly to let self-judgment go.






Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself from judgment.

#1.    Number one, don’t engage.

You cannot win anyway.

The person or organization judging you will always have their dogmatic judgment opinion.

You might need to stay away from certain people in your life that you know are going to be judgmental of you.

And sometimes, just like the ministers, they believe they’re right so much they actually think they could be saving your soul from hellfire!

This is because they feel they have the God-Given right to be the  the judge and jury of your life.






What else can you do?

#2. Number two, energetically place a glass house around you.

This is with your imagination.

Make it soundproof.

You could see out just fine, yet imagine the sounds and judgments cannot penetrate.







#3. Number three, do not participate.

Refuse to judge yourself.

Refuse to judge them for judging you.

Maintain your peace.







#4. Number four, realize that negative judgment is a virus.

All hatreds and self-righteousness begin with judgment.

When a lot of judgment is going on, it starts to create hatred and strife.

And there are parasitic energies just waiting to jump on this virus and replicate it, making it spread.

Judgment is a contagious virus, a tiny flicker that grows into an out of control wildfire.


Consider this, we’re all part of the food chain.

Are you feeding the light or the dark?

Just as the food you eat either feeds the good cells and good bacteria in your body or causes an overgrowth of harmful cells.

So it is that your thoughts, and words, and energies are always attracting something.






Remember, in this offering, we are talking about protecting yourself from judgment of others.

Here’s some steps again.

Number one, don’t engage with others who are judgmental. You might have to let some people in your life go.

Number two, imagine that you place a glass house around you. You can see out. It’s soundproof.

Number three, don’t participate, especially in self-judgment.

Sometimes when someone is very judgmental of you, it can cause you to start judging yourself.

And number four, remember that negative judgment is a virus.





Can’t leave out one more important step…

Number five, forgive yourself when you slip.

Forgive others, and just let it go.

Do you want to be right or do you want to peaceful?




Which is the most beneficial energy for you?

Think of some of the great leaders of our time.

Who changed the world with the message of peace and equality for the better?

Who changed the world for the worse with the judgment of superiority?

I am better than you.

There is much more to this topic, as we could branch off into standing up for your rights and the rights of others.

For today, beloveds, it’s about protecting yourself from the judgment of others.


Leaders who changed the world through Peace and Non violence

Dalai Lama

Martin Luther King Jr.

Mahatma Gandhi

Jain Tirthankara Rishabhanatha

 Gautama Buddha



Evil Leaders





More…but let’s NOT focus on them!



Love. Rebecca


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