ONE Word makes ANY Person More Magnetic!

OMG! I can’t believe I forgot how awesome this one word is!

How is that that we can learn a new wonderful thing…and then forget it over time?
(Ok, don’t tell me that I AM THE ONLY one who does this)



Watch video here

Here’s what happened…

I have taken a little break from my weekly dancing (months)
You see, I gave up my dance partner (Due to energetic mis -match)
I didn’t think anyone else could dance like him or make me float across the floor…so I just stayed home.

(Besides I was a little afraid if I ran into him that the LURE of the old might suck me back in- another confession of my HUMANESS!)

So, finally, I decided to go dance, determined to have a great time!



Thankfully, I remembered that magic word that makes anybody more magnetic!

I chanted Kleem as I was getting dressed, driving to the dance place, and even walking in the door!

I and so many dance partners!
And GOOD ones!






So…I am re-sharing this video with you…

Watch video here
It tells more about it.

Kleem everybody!



Love, Rebecca


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PSS: Be a love and share this with all the folks who would like to become MORE magnetic to ALL good things!

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