I did Not Take the Possum…instead, I got a new man!

Okay. I’ll get to the possum part in a minute….

Have you ever just felt compelled to do something out of the blue?

Have you ever felt like an animal was calling out to you?


I’ve been living alone a while now.

Three years ago, I rescued a dog, Stevie.

When I moved I wasn’t allowed any pets, however;  my kids had already fallen so much in love with him, they didn’t want me to take him away!


I truly think I was just the rescuer and that Stevie was intended for my family.

So for three years I haven’t been allowed to have a pet.

I  go visit Stevie all the time but he is firmly attached to his pack! (My kids have 2 other dogs)


Yay…I just moved to a place where they will allow me to have a pet.

I tried to get my kids to give Stevie back to me but they threw a fit!


Being a bit sad… I thought… I want to get a dog.

I want it to be a small dog ,a quiet dog (that doesn’t yap a lot) and doesn’t shed hair.

She will have  a good home and everybody will be happy. (I wanted a girl)

So I was simply thinking about it and all of a sudden  I felt compelled to go to the animal shelter.


When I got to the shelter,  there was a possum outside in the cage outside.


The  gentleman who worked there said, “Would you like to have this possum?”


And I said, “No, I’m really looking for a small dog that hopefully doesn’t bark a whole lot… and can be an inside dog and keep me company.”


The attendant  started showing me the dogs, and of course they all went freaking crazy.



Pick me, pick me, pick me!

Some of the dogs were jumping up so high they almost went over the top of the enclosure!


Ping this to see pictures of the MAN I got instead of the Possum!




Now, fortunately it’s a no kill shelter, so that made me feel pretty good.

And almost at the very end there was a cage that had two dogs in it, well three.

One was a little cream colored, shy, quiet little dog, just laying in the corner.

The other dogs were kind of tromping all over him.

I immediately felt drawn to that dog.

So I went to the office and the attendant said, “Did you find any dog that you like?”

And I said, “Well, there is one that I really liked, but he won’t even come over to me. The other dogs are just tromping all over him.”
To get the dog…it took two attendants because the other dogs were so crazy for the attention


When they brought out this little male dog, he was so quiet and meek, I SENSED he needed me.

 I fell in love!

(I forgot to mention that I wanted a GIRL dog!)

I KNOW it was his little soul calling out to me that made me STOP everything I was doing to rush to the animal shelter!

Of course, I still didn’t know if he was a barking dog or shed a lot of hair, but you know what?

It really didn’t matter, his soul was calling.


I wasn’t prepared to take a dog home, no leash, no food…just an urgency. to go to the shelter.

The shelter offered me a foster program.

They said, “Look, take him for a week and if he works out, come and finalize the adoption.”

So within an hour of deciding I wanted a dog, I was driving home with this dog, and guess what?

He is so obedient. He comes when I call him, he’s potty trained. (OK, a few accidents but mostly trained.)

I’ve had him a few  days now and he has only barked once!

I was beginning to worry if his vocal chords are damaged.


But no, he’s a quiet little dog. He had belonged to a lady and she had to move and they wouldn’t allow her to have a dog.

He was abandoned, taken to the shelter, and I felt his spirit calling to me.

He sleeps  beside my bed all night long. Never make  a peep. (Unless he senses something outside in the yard)


 The previous owner had named him Tobias and it suits him.

I wanted to call him Teddy, but he doesn’t respond when I say Teddy, so I guess he’s going to remain Tobias.


I did not take the possum. I took Tobias, here’s some pictures of my new family member.











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