Two Days of Magic: Rituals, Spells,Training from The Emerald Tablets

I have been instructed to hold a Holy Awakening event in my hometown( South Padre Island Texas) area,

Not since the times of Atlantis has this information been presented in this way!



Two Days of Magic: Rituals, Spells and Training from the Emerald Tablets

October 12, 13

South Padre Island Texas




The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, The Atlantean are over 36,000 years old!

The wisdom  hidden in the frequencies within have the ability to awaken great Magic within the reader…IF one knows how to access it.


Here is what you can expect and what it will do for you!

  • Opening Ritual and Portal Opening over each participant:

This brings you into full receptive mode for the Blessings of the event.


  • Releasing the cords of BONDAGE and OBSTRUCTION:

This takes away everything that keeps you BOUND and that could be keeping you from coming into your own sense of MAGIC!


  •  Atlantis Attunement Instrument

From Thoth: The Attunement instrument is a modification of

an Atlantean/Egyptian design.

What makes it different is its smaller design, and it is SPECIFIC to the needs of each participant.

This design is small and made of copper and a stone or crystal. The materials they are made of is not where the value lies…the VALUE lies in the activation and intent! (As each student registers, Thoth tells me which stone or crystal is most beneficial for them)


What is the Instrument used for?

The Instrument essentially bestows priest/priestess powers!


  • Opening of the Forgotten Chakra…the ALTA Major.

 This instrument properly used is known to blast open the forgotten chakra… The Alta Major chakra.

The Atlantean priests and later the priests of Egypt Knew to secret of higher consciousness.

It lay in the opening and expanding the Alta Major and joining it with the Pineal!


The Alta Major is “The Mouth of the Goddess”. It is the Gateway to manifesting and receiving.


The more you open your Alta Major… the more you are able to receive.


More wisdom

More wealth

More advanced spiritual knowledge

More love

More Joy and Freedom


Once you have activated your own instrument and LEARNED to use it…you can use it for others.

(You can charge a very hefty fee for this service.  There is NO OTHER instrument commissioned by THOTH the Atlantean)


In short…if your Alta Major is blocked then your receiving is blocked!

If your Alta Major is NOT  preoerly connected with the Pineal…your reception of ALL will not be as good as it could be!


Pineal symbol




  • Magical Elixir and Anointing oil

Each participant will participate in the creation of her/his own elixir.

I will provide most of the ingredients including the MOTHER from Lord Odin’s elixir.

(So that you will have a customized “Blessing Blend” unique to YOUR needs)


Q. What are the benefits of the anointing elixir?


A. The elixir is used for creating more balance and increase of power.

This enhances ANYTHING the elixir is placed on.


Be it once one’s body, wealth receptacle, or even the body of another.


Lord Odin, Thoth, Hathor are giving the ritual to activate the power of the elixir for each participant.

The VALUE of your personal elixir is in the sacred ingredients, the Ancient words spoken over it, and the blessings of the Gods.

No TWO Elixirs will be the same!

Yours will be unique in all the world!

  • The Gathering Spell:

This spell given to us by THOTH brings ALL GOOD to us. Be it clients, love, or money.





This Gathering is being called forth by the author of the Emerald Tablets, Thoth and his entire lineage.

Plus Lord Odin and his entire lineage

Plus Goddess Hathor, Master of Electrons and Her entire lineage which includes, Isis, Mary Magdalene accompanied by the compassionate heart of Quan Yin.



What this event is NOT:
This gathering does NOT promise to make you rich through magical means…It DOES promise to give you heretofore UNKNOWN magical tools to enhance your gifts…furthering YOUR Soul Purpose!

The Emerald Tablets are over 36,000 years old. The contents inspire the reader to awaken to the ancient magic they have within.

The problem has been that the Emerald Tablets are so encoded that we don’t understand how to use the magic phrases and frequencies therein.

Now…I am being asked to BE the PORTAL MASTER in bringing forth the real magic in these tablets to those who are attracted to this teaching.

Few are ready for this level of awakening, yet those who choose, will vibrate the frequencies out to others causing a great wave of increased awakening!




This is a Once in a lifetime event.

More on the Attunment Instrument.

Each participant will receive a CUSTOMIZED Attunement Instrument: Thoth has given me instructions to craft a PHYSICAL Attunement Instrument customized for each participant. (So that you will have your own unique attunement instrument that only responds to YOUR frequency!)


This instrument was given to me in a vision, how to craft it, and what materials to use. This instrument is a combination of the Ankh and a double pronged Tuning fork. (later, I saw a hieroglyph of Thoth holding a double pronged instrument of magic)


Each student will experience:

  • A clearing of all negative experiences from past persecutions, abuses, failings for using these powers.
  • How to use the attunement instrument for self and others.
  • How to use their unique elixir for blessing self and others.
  • How to use the frequencies in the Emerald Tablets to further their Soul Purpose and Highest destiny.
  • How to use rituals to open the doorway to understanding.

What else?

  • How to open a portal to higher frequencies for self and others.(Even if you think you are not a portal master- I AM and I will show you)
  • Experience a “Connection Ritual” from the Temples of Isis. This ancient magic has not been practiced in many years. (This is from my book-in progress channeled from Mary Magdalen. May cause feelings of arousal, certainly, deep love.)
  • Experience an “Activation of the Electrons” from the Goddess Hathor. This will re-animate many memories hidden in your cerebellum. Without this ceremony to call the cells into ANIMATION…they could remain largely dormant!
  • Clarity on Soul Purpose and Highest Destiny:

New Understanding of YOUR Own purpose. How you are here to serve humanity. Understand WHY you have felt such confusion…gain CLARITY and move ahead!


Understanding the True Purpose of Magic:

There are two kinds of magic…

Dark Magic : The magician manipulates energy for the purpose of self-gain by over-riding the will of others.(Also, doing this for others who seek power by evil means)


White Magic: The Magician manipulates energy only for the purpose of service to humanity. (Also doing this to assist others in their quest for their highest destiny and soul purpose.)



Note: Studying The Emerald Tablets will awaken in you strange memories and abilities from lifetimes past.

It’s important that you have guidance on how to harness these abilities for the good of yourself and humanity.

You may pray and ask for your highest guidance and always place a circle of Light around you.


(One thing I learned from the Emerald tablets is that the dark hounds cannot traverse in circles or spirals- it is no accident that even the pentagram is always encased in a circle)


A White Master or Magician seeks only to serve humanity.

I was thinking that I personally could not have much magic because it has not manifested as wealth.

Thoth quickly assured me that no true master embraces power for the purpose of self-gain.

(Although gaining confidence in your gifts, destiny and soul purpose through magic frequencies can absolutely bring greater wealth.)



Examples of White Masters who did Great Magic:


Jesus Christ: Turned water into wine, raised the dead, walked on water and did many miracles.

Yet Christ was not wealthy and was crucified.


Elijah: Made it rain, called down fire from heaven, raised a widow’s dead son and more. (16 recorded miracles)

Yet, he was not wealthy, and hid in caves from the king who sought to kill him.


Osiris: Turned Egypt into a fertile land and caused great prosperity among the people. Fathered a son Horus, even after His death!


Yet Osiris, although wealthy and powerful was captured by his own brother, cut into pieces and sent them to all parts of Egypt.


So what did ALL these Masters/Magicians have in common?

#1. They ALL were in service to humanity.

#2.They ALL became legends

#3. They All propagated great offspring or followings.


Jesus Christ: In only 2000 years, Christianity has become the largest religion in the world…with 2.4 BILLION followers. (Islam has 1.8 Billion)


Elijah: Passed his magical mantle to his follower Elisha who did even MORE miracles, (34 recorded miracles) Elisha is NOT as great a legend as Elijah, yet he was the one who saved another widow from losing her sons to debtors.  Demonstrating prosperity miracles for the faithful.


Osiris: With the help of Isis, post mortem, fathered his son Horus who is the renowned symbol of the 3rd eye. The Key to spirituality.

Thoth has told me his symbol is the DRAGONFLY…

This is one way he is gathering those who are ready for this level.

If you SEE a dragonfly or even a picture of one after reading this…email or call me.

Lord Odin is a big part of this too…”I tell you true Rebecca, there are already those who desire to awaken their magic in order to enhance their service to humanity.

The processes we give you will indeed cause positive, lasting changes in their life. Each student may choose to use the tools to awaken to the highest degree.

THERE IS NO LIMIT to the power they can attain as they continue what we teach them!”


There is much more that I don’t even know about yet!

This event will be channeled and you can expect spontaneous messages to come forth.

Divine Magicians Isis and Thoth



My Very Favorite Part!

  • A personal Blessing and channeled message:

Each participant will receive a special channeled message and blessing from A High Being of Light. I don’t know who until I place my hands upon you.

Could be Thoth, Lord Odin, Jesus, Hathor, or one of the many Masters who will be in attendance.

This is the greatest experience of any seminar.

You may have someone use your phone to record this for you. (or use my phone if yours’s does not have video function)

You will NOT want to let this blessing go unrecorded!




When: October 12, 13 of 2019 (Full Moon days)

Where: My hometown , South Padre Island Texas

Capacity: There is room for 7 participants.


If this is for you at this time…you will be resonating like crazy!

You should consider registering ASAP to reserve your space!

The sooner you register, the sooner I begin to meditate on creating  on YOUR custom Attunement Instrument.

It will be placed on my altar on a bed of Blue Velvet and begin to soak in the energies from the open portal in my home.

WAIT!  Before you register, please make sure you can  answer YES to the following questions.


  1. Are you understanding the purpose of this gathering is to awaken ancient memories and abilities?

2. Are you understanding that any newly awakened abilities are to be used in service to humanity?

3. Are you understanding that this is accomplished partly through the transmissions of the Emerald Tablets and that you will be in Trance state for much of the gathering?

4. Are you understanding that you must take responsibility for your advancement by practicing?(The only way to become a good master or magician…is through the doing of it)

5. Are you able to take responsibility for your own mental health?

6. Are you OK with touching and being touched? Some of the rituals will involve touching.

7. Are you willing to come with a beginners mind?


If you answered YES, please proceed.

*Remember, there are 7 spots, it’s to your benefit to claim yours as soon as possible.

Fee structure ordained by Lord Odin. (Thoth incarnated as Lord Odin with different aspects of power)

Fee: 1297 full pay


3 payments of 444 each (30 days apart)

Because I am creating the Attunement Instrument JUST FOR YOU…there are no refunds. (If you MUST cancel, you may apply the fee to another event- or use as store credit. Teleseminars, courses,private sessions)


Call me if you have questions. 956-457-5568 or email me at


(Complete info provided upon registration)


Travel info:


Airport Info: Two choices.(in no particular order)


#1. Fly into to Harlingen TX airport

Harlingen airport code is: HRL


#2. Fly into Brownsville Tx.

Brownsville airport code is BRO

(Complete info on shuttle etc. provided upon registration)


Hotel: The Inn of South Padre (I have secured a rate of only 75 per night.

This includes FREE BREAKFAST.



What I provide as food:

*Snacks, coffee and teas every day.

* Lunch on Saturday

*BOTH Lunch and Dinner on Sunday (we will have a time of fellowship breaking bread together)


When Thoth asked me to hold this gathering…I was a bit hesitant.

Yes, hesitant because I don’t consider myself to be any great master myself.

Coming  into this life-time without the ‘magical gifts’ I carried in life-times past…

feels as if I’m starting from scratch in this lifetime!

Closing my eyes, I asked Thoth to assure me that He really wanted ME to hold this gathering.

With my Emerald Tablets translation in my hands, I opened the page to THESE words!

From a “Compendium of the Emerald Tablets”, by Billy Carson

Thoth Said:

Aye I called her from out of the spaces,

to shine as a Light in the world of men.

I summon thee…lady of Light.

so…would you call that the biggest THUMBS UP ever? I was COVERED in chill bumps!

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