Advanced Channeling: From Beginner to Advanced in 4 Weeks

Thoth’s “Energy Expansion Ball” exercise alone is worth the price of this Course!

It’s not just a ball of energy…other healers have used that.

Instead…it’s the Frequencies you CHARGE it with and the way you use it!

The frequencies are words taken from the Emerald tablets by Thoth the Atlantean…this techniques is like nothing I have ever seen for opening up your psychic reception areas!


One lady went from almost completely BLIND in her 3rd eye to crystal clear vision…in less than 30 minutes

What could it do for you?

Better question…what do you WANT the Energy Expansion Ball to do for you?

May I share a story with you?


Back when I was first having the tiniest sparks of my spiritual awakening…I tried to hang around with other people who had “the gift”.


I admired them so much!

Golly…one lady could SEE the angels and guides around people and she was always pointing them out to me.


“Do you see that tall spirit walking with that lady?” she would ask.


No, actually, I couldn’t see anything… or even sense Jack-shit!


Another lady could read your Akashic records for you…her eyes would roll back in her head and she would go into trance.


It seemed everybody else was getting messages, doing readings, and being all kinds of psychic.

Everybody but me!


I felt so small…like I could NEVER hold a candle to any of these “gifted” people.

(I’m embarrassed to admit that I felt envious sometimes too!)




But, you know what?

Seeing and admiring others awakened the desire within me!


That’s all it took for My Soul to answer the call that had ALREADY been there!

It simply had not been time yet!


My desire caused me to find techniques that “woke my dormant gifts up”



Within no time, after applying these techniques…I was channeling, doing readings, and LOVING my new sense of purpose.


Curiously, not ONE of the people I admired so much ever built a worldwide influence. Many of them never moved any deeper than where they were.




These wonderful people were messengers for me…


”Wake Up Rebecca…time to listen to your soul and move into your greater destiny!”


Could be, that I am that messenger for YOU!

“Wake up, go deeper, embrace a Higher Destiny”



Reading about this course will inspire you to either ‘get started’ or to ‘go deeper’.


You may be a messenger for someone else and simply pass this along to them.


“Advanced Channeling Tele course: From Beginner to Advanced in 4 weeks”

(Begins Sept 7 and goes for 4 weeks)


If you are already channeling…this course will improve your skills and give you a fresh burst of enthusiasm for your life purpose.








For this course, I am guided to present the description  from a Question and answer perspective.




Thoth’s “Energy Expansion Ball” exercise alone is worth the price of this Course!


Q.What is a channel?

A. A channel, in spiritual terms, is someone who allows themselves to be a conduit for messages.


These can be messages from:

  • Your own higher self, over soul, inner wisdom
  • Wisdom from your OWN past or future self
  • A High Being of Light, Angels, Guides
  • An advanced species, Inner earth Beings, Star Beings
  • The Elementals, Fairies, Unicorns, Elements, Fire, Earth, Water, Trees, Plants…ALL of Gaia
  • Interdimensional Beings
  • God, Goddess, Demi-Gods




There are more Beings of Light on the planet at this time than ever before!


They DESIRE to share their wisdom.

They DESIRE to help us evolve.

They have no voice that humanity can hear…except that WE become willing channels.



Q. Why:

 Why would I want to channel?



You SOUL wants you to channel.

Your SOUL wants to fulfill the purpose it came here for.

Your soul is LONGING to be of greater service to humanity- it’s an itch that demands to be scratched!


Your SOUL just won’t SHUT UP until you heed the call.


You may be able to squash that desire for a while…yet, your soul will never give up reminding you.



Are you looking for a sign?

austin-chan-ukzHlkoz1IE-unsplash sign


Here are some signs your soul is calling you to channel.


  • You admire other people who channel.
  • You love getting wisdom from a channeled source. (It feels so natural, like…yes, I’ve always KNOWN that!
  • The wisdom you hear changes you on some level.
  • You daydream about being able to tune into some helpful messages for yourself and others.
  • You know there is something more for you to do…yet, you feel that it’s beyond your abilities.


Or maybe…you already channel some, yet wish your skills would improve.


Q. What kind of Channel would I be?


There are several types of channeling. You will naturally find your way when you start “doing it”.


Full trance channel:  This is where you ‘go away’ and the entity or spirit speaks with your voice.  (Esther Hicks, Edgar Cayce, J.Z. Knight)Often your voice will change when the entity speaks.


A Full Trance Channel has no awareness of what the entity is speaking and have to listen to the recording to get it.


Conscious Channel: You share consciousness with a being. Usually, you get packets of information downloaded, then you speak it or write it. (A beginner might start with just a word or two, image or feeling)


Semi-Conscious Channel: You may be somewhat aware of what the entity is saying, like a dream. Daryl Anka who Channels Bashar, is an example of this. Although the entity Bashar fully uses Daryl’s’ voice…he is still somewhat aware of the message. To get full meaning, he has to go back and listen.


Most channeling is done in the “Conscious Channel” mode.


Full Trance channels are rare and they usually have done this in several lifetimes.

A full trance channel gives up chunks of their life because they lose awareness of time and space when in full trance mode.

If you were a full trance channel…you would likely be already doing it and NOT needing this course.




 Q. How can I channel when I don’t feel qualified?

A. Whether you realize it or not…you are already channeling, SOMETHING!


Unfortunately, you may be channeling out some old faulty beliefs and dogma put on you in childhood.


Nobody had to teach you THAT unconscious type of channeling…it just comes out from habit.


BTW…negative channeling causes you untold grief and it is NOT the kind of service your soul is longing for!



However, learning to channel a Higher Source…is easy when you have special techniques.




 Here are some of the methods used in this course. 

  • Desire: You already have desire or you would not have read this far.WE will HEIGHTEN your desire and set you on FIRE! A little success in the beginning is all you need to start building confidence!


  • Awakening and strengthening your psychic reception areas. Most people don’t know that you can have MORE POWER over the  natural reception areas.  These areas were discovered by a scientist at MIT. He took ordinary students and turned ON their psychic abilities!


  • Right Brain, Left brain connecting. We do this by creating NEW neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of the brain.This is ONE thing that will work for anybody, regardless of how hopeless you feel! How psychic do you want to be?


  • Frequency Tones: We use special 111HZ tones at crucial points to activate further your psychic awareness.This 111HZ turns off left brain and opens up the creative, spiritual side of your brain.


  • Frequency Linkage: Every Being of Light has a different frequency! Their frequency even changes somewhat depending on the human they are interacting with!

You will learn to determine the various frequencies of SEVERAL Beings of Light.


You will then determine WHICH is most matched to YOUR frequency.


I will show you HOW to adjust your frequency closer to your best Spirit  match- so that channeling will be much easier than you ever before.


Years ago when I first channeled Sanat Kumara…I knew nothing about adjusting my energy.


When Sanat Kumara came in the energy almost blew my head off!


A string of pearls I was wearing was wearing exploded like tiny bullets to every corner of the room!


(I never did find all those pearls- thankfully, they were fake!)


The Beings of Light suggested with a chuckle… “Rebecca, tell them that selecting a good match to channel is like shoe shopping.

You have to try on several pairs before you find one that suits you! You will put them on, get up and walk around. You KNOW RIGHT away when the pair of shops are NOT comfortable.

Even when you select the perfect pair…you STILL have to break them in by wearing them a few times. Pretty soon, you slip them on like an old faithful friend. This is haw it is with channeling!”




Q. Can this course help me with my doubts and concerns?

A. Almost everyone who begins to channel has doubts and fears. The first week, we take care of these will several techniques.


Common fears are:


  • Accuracy. Will my information be accurate?

(Most channeling begins with messages of love and encouragement- we are NOT trying to become “fortune tellers!”)


  • What will people think of me? (We take care of this in week one)


  • What if a ‘bad’ spirit tries to get me to channel?

This cannot happen when you know this truth.

Darker energies are like criminals…they get away with breaking the law until they are caught.


They will continue to break the free will law of this planet until they are called to accountability. Then they MUST STOP!

It is law.


  • Everyone else will be able to do it but not me.


Actually darling…almost everyone feels like this on some level. Remember how I used to envy my friends? Because I had to teach myself…I can use the same techniques plus MORE to help you!


Q. What will I be expected to do once I learn this skill?

A. It’s natural to worry that you may be expected to do things out of your comfort zone with the new messages you will get.


However, there is great value in simply bringing the information down from the ethereal realm to the 3 D world.


In my class, I teach you to take down the messages in writing FIRST!


There are all kinds of things that can be done with that. (We will save that for class)


Not everyone is called to be a public channel- however you CAN IF YOU DESIRE!


The spirit is willing to take this as far as you will allow!

Q. What makes this course different than others you have taught?


Yes, we will use many of the tried and true techniques I have taught in other classes. (If it ain’t broke…don’t try to fix it!)


However, because I have MORE experience in channeling myself…I have access to more wisdom than ever before!


My studies of the Emerald Tablets have added more wisdom, sacred words, rituals, and techniques that make chains of bondage fall away effortlessly.



Q. Who are you, Rebecca, that makes you qualified to each me?

A. I am the Portal Master. I travel the world opening portals. Some are for Bad energy to exit. Most are for Spirit to pour forth upon humanity.


Each time I channel a new entity, I open a portal for that energy to be more available….to all who desire to connect!


In this class, I will be opening portals for each student to have greater access.


I came into this lifetime with NONE of my magic powers or abilities that I had in former lifetimes.

I had to TEACH and discipline myself to be able to channel.


Because I KNOW what it’s like to think… “Others can and I can’t”- I have been where you are.


I KNOW with 100% Surety that if you follow my instructions and DO the work- it will happen as surely as night follows day!



 Q. Do Beings of Light have their own mission?

A. Yes, every Being has a soul purpose be they inner earth beings, space beings, angels, fairies, Gods or Goddesses.


They have their own life to live. They are not sitting and worrying whether you will help them by allowing the messages…

However…they DO desire to be part of YOUR soul’s mission!


Remember, that this is the FREE WILL planet.

No Being of Light will ever try to force, manipulate or cause you to feel fear. This is the Law of this planet.


When other Beings enter this planet you may command them to obey the law!


Q. What if I already channel some? Will this help me go deeper?

A. Yes! A refresher of the basics is effective in opening pathways you may have missed.


A good channel NEVER stops trying to improve their  skills!

A good channel NEVER thinks they have already arrived and know it all!

A good channel realizes that there is always room to go deeper, to be of even greater service to humanity!


The fact that I will be channeling in techniques and information during class will affect you on a deep level.

I am a portal master for your baptism into further awakening.


Q. How advanced can I get by taking this course?

A. How advanced do you want to be?

You only become GOOD at a thing by practice. You will have daily exercises to do that will accelerate your abilities.

My techniques WORK…yet, you must apply them. If you only do a little in class and never again…you cannot expect to become as good a channel as you can be.


Even a full trance channel had to start out little by little.



So…is your SOUL leaping for joy at the prospect of being of greater service?



Do you desire to channel in messages from High Beings of Light?


Do this Exercise for fun.


  • Make a quick list of at least 5 Beings you are willing to channel in messages from.
  • Beside each name write WHY you would love to get messages from them.
  • Visualize yourself connecting and being able to do this easily.

This acts like a radar system attracting the Beings to you.,
(He, they could wind up competing for you!)

THIS is what this course can do for you! Make it easy!




Tele course starts Sept 7 and goes four weeks.

Each 2 hour lesson repeated TWICE each week. (So more can come live)


I don’t care if you missed the firt week!

You can catch up by audio and then join in.

If you miss this opportunity to work with the Wisdom and Techniques of Thoth the Atlantean…you will surely miss something great…

Still, it’s important to check in with your heart and see if you are ready at this time.

Don’t let my excitement over the results people are getting influence YOU…if you are not ready to be far more psychically aware.



How much?

This 4 week course is priced at 499.

Do you want Almost HALF off?

Get it for  Almost Half Off! $259.10! *I know it’s a weird number but it adds up to 8…infinity!

(No coupon needed, I already gave you the discount!)

 I LOVE to get rewarded for quick action!

259.10 for me!

Or Choose 4 payments of 77.77 each.

Yes, I choose the payment plan.

4 At 77.77 each


All audios are ALWAYS included in my courses. You can use them to catch up or  refresh yourself.

The energy STAYS in the audios as long as time exists.

Week One:

Sept.7 at 4 eastern, 3 central, 1 pacific

Sept.8 at 2 eastern, 1 central, 11 pacific


Week Two:

Sept. 14 at 4 eastern, 3 central, 1 pacific

Sept. 15 at 2 eastern, 1 central, 11 pacific



Week Three

Sept. 21 at 4 eastern, 3 central, 1 pacific

Sept. 22 at 2 eastern, 1 central, 11 pacific


Week Four

Sept. 28 at 4 eastern, 3 central, 1 pacific

Sept. 29 at 2 eastern, 1 central, 11 pacific

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