Full Disclosure: Lord Odin Anti-War Portal

Here is a more complete report of the Lord  Odin Anti War portal.

Photos are at the bottom 0f the page.


  1. Who is Lord Odin?

2. Am I a Bat-shit Crazy Heathen?

3. Why would I listen to Him?

3. What is an Anti-War Portal?

4. Why is it needed?

5. Why did Lord Odin ask me (Rebecca)?

6. Why was the portal opening ceremony in Costa Rica?

7. What can this Portal Opening mean for you?

8. How can YOU help activate the Portal further?

9. How can you ask for the help YOU need from these Warriors of Light?

10. Sample Prayer.

11. How can you officially sponsor the Anti-War portal?

12. Is there a sponsorship reward?

13. Photos



  1. Who is Lord Odin?


Lord Odin from the Norse Lineage is called “father of the Gods” He is also known as the god of war, wisdom and magic.

Many kings and rulers have sought his wise advice.


Lord Odin is most known for rescuing those fallen in battle and taking them to Valhalla. He is merciful and kind.






 2. Am I a Bat-shit Crazy Heathen?



My Beliefs: To me…there is ONE Source. Great Creatrix/Creator God. Yet, from that SOURCE flow multiple streams of Helpful, healing energy forms.


Lord Odin is more of a STRONG kick-ass kind of power…which I believe is much needed in this stage of our evolution.


You have your own beliefs which I respect and honor.







3. Why would I listen to Him?


I listened to Lord Odin because He was giving me some very wise advice. He has very great power and is able to plow through the chatter in our heads!


He asked me to conduct several private “power truth sessions” which did great good for my clients.


I LOVE working with Lord Odin because he NEVER pussyfoots around! He just spits out what you need to hear (even if it’s a bit rough)


*Something else I ADORE about working with Lord Odin.

I never, ever feel any judgement from him!


Lord Odin is a rough, tough Light Being accustomed to being around seasoned warriors.

He surely has no complaints about a helper who dances wildly, enjoys wine, and a connection with a good lover as often as possible!







3. What is an Anti-War Portal?


This is a portal for bringing in many Warriors of Light. Lord Odin says the Forces of peace need stronger assistance at this time in our evolution.


This forces have been specifically ordained to assist our war torn world and ESPECIALLY the personal Battles of Light Workers!






 4. Why is it needed?


Lord Odin says there are many wars raging in the world today and not one of them is for an honorable reason.


Many of these wars are being fought solely for drugs, sex slavery, and power over those less fortunate!


This causes much bloodshed and misery. Lord Odin says that this antiwar portal is not just for those fallen in physical battle yet for the many who feel as if there are fallen in their life.


 Many light workers feel as if they are failures!


They feel is if the weight of the world is upon them and they’re wearing lead army boots!


Yes, the energies of the peacekeepers are doing the very best they can… yet, as Lord Odin says…

“Sometimes REBECCA, ya’ just need a kick some dark energy ass!”






 5. Why did Lord Odin ask me (Rebecca)?



Because I am the Portal Master Queen!

Because I will do it!

Because I believe and TRUST the guidance I get.

Because I understand the importance of each portal I am asked to open.

Because I CAN!







 6. Why was the portal opening ceremony in Costa Rica?


The request to open this portal came in almost exact synchronicity with an invitation to travel to this very country.


Yes, I was asked to open the portal and within HOURS was offered the opportunity to go to Costa Rica with a small group.

This is in response to my request to have all future portals be easier on my physical body.


Only ONE person in the group (my daughter) knew about my mission. (She had come to assist me when I opened my very first portal and is a very spiritual person)


I had plenty of alone time for prayers as the rest of the group went off fishing.


I did go with them on a little side trip on one of the days…it was delightful!


The only danger we faced was an encounter with a poisonous viper. I am NOT afraid of snakes and knew it meant us no harm.


When it came time to do the ceremony…the portal itself just took over! I had the service all planned…yet, I spontaneously started speaking the words given through Lord Odin which was not as I had been planning.


After the ceremony was complete…there appeared in the sky a cloud formation in the shape of a Yoni.


I was too deep in trance to get a picture of it.

This was explained to me that we were experiencing a rebirthing.

This can cause all kinds of transitional feelings to come up…maybe YOU are experiencing some of those?


The country of Costa Rica is surrounded on 2 sides by water, but it is NOT an island.


The energy is light and free feeling…I would enjoy living there full time! It was the perfect spot for this portal opening!







7. What can this Portal Opening mean for you?



You now have MORE Warriors of Light to assist us with our personal struggles. I was a bit surprised at Lord Odin’s message about this. He says to ask for yourself first!

Most Light workers ALWAYS think of others first.

You cannot give from an empty cup!

You cannot help others when you feel as if you’ve been thrown under the bus!






8. How can YOU help activate the Portal further?


You can help to activate the portal further by asking for assistance from the newly arrived Warriors of Light!

This is an act of faith that you believe the Divine CARES about everything you have been going through!






9. How can you ask for the help YOU need from these Warriors of Light?



Ask for assistance for one struggle at a time and then move swiftly into acceptance and gratitude.

It does no good to keep asking over and over…this BLOCKS your good coming to you.






10. Sample Prayer.



Thank you Divine for caring about my struggles with__________________

I ask for the Warriors of Light to come speedily to my aide.

I am grateful!


(I close with repeating the sacred names of the 7 Lords that clear obstructions is good to do)

From the Emerald tablets written 36,000 years ago!


Untanas, Quertas, Chietal, Goyana, Huertal, Semveta, Ardal. These are actually Frequency shifters!


Remember to resist asking over and over!

If you need to do something, chant the 7 sacred names over again as many times as you like.







11. How can you officially sponsor the Anti-War portal?(even though the portal is open now…you can still sponsor)



Sponsors are appreciated!

It was such a blessing that some of the trip was gifted to us. (I say US because this is for ALL of us)


There is still airfare and other travel expenses yet to be covered. Plus all the time away from my regular work of classes and private clients.


You know…I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this.


However, as I get a little older, it seems that my body feels more tired when I get back from these trips. Does that ever happen to you?


(Please don’t tell me I’m the only light worker who admits they get tired in our human body)






12. What do I get for  sponsorship reward?






For some of you…it may be a great sacrifice to sponsor this mission. For others it may not be financially difficult.

However: EVERYBODY has a need in their life where BLESSINGS are greatly needed!

(Can I get an AMEN?)



Lord Odin is directing me to create a Magick Elixir created with the earth from the area where I open the portal.



For all those who  support this Anti War Portal…

Lord Odin directs me to anoint your name and prayer request with this potion.


 All will benefit whether or not they  support this Portal of Anti-War….yet your financial support is greatly appreciated!



I have bought my ticket… taken time off from my regular work of seeing clients and teaching classes……will you help me?


All who contribute will receive instructions to send me your prayer requests.


As soon as the potion is created, I will anoint your requests with the Elixir, and bless them with Holy Spirit Fire!

Then… I will take a picture of your name anointed and email it to you!


Lord Odin says that One ingredient that makes the potion so powerful is the Human element.

This includes, willingness to sacrifice, faith in the Mission and TRUST that the Portal WILL benefit ALL of humanity.






Sponsorship Options and Rewards:





$Other Amount   (If you don’t like any of the amounts above… put in any amount you desire)


PS: Remember, as soon as you sponsor this Portal Opening Mission…you will receive instructions to send me your prayer requests.


I will begin to pray for your requests as soon as I receive them…

(Give me time to get back home and recover from time zones create the Elixer and  send you the photo)




After, I create the Magick Elixir and it is activated by Holy Spirit Light…I will send you a photo of your name anointed with Lord Odin’s Magick Elixir of Light.


In case you are concerned about the Ingredients of the Lord Odin Magic Potions…he has given me permission to share them with you. You will see why this is so rare!


  • Earth from the portal opening site
  • Oil of rosemary (stinks but clears dark energy)
  • Essence of Enemy of the Devils incense (can only be obtained from a Master Sufi healer and cost 100 for only 10 grams)
  • Oil of Bergamot increases prosperity
  • Ashitaba herb of immortality (native to a small volcanic island off the coast of japan)
  • My faith, love, trust and life force energy
  • Activated by Holy Spirit Fire!

13. Photos

1st leg was on Southwest Air

Happy to be on the 2nd plane…United Airlines



Local food …a big plate we all shared




Like a rainforest!



Yellow coconuts growing wild!


Almost the Exact Spot I opened the portal

Beautiful Flowers growing near the portal opening

One place had all these bottles with messages in them hooked to a boat frame…

Saw this at a local grocery store! Love that Mr Muscle!

No Sugar added coffee?It was fresh ground…

My favorit! Calorie Absorb? Yes…I
ll take a bunch of those!


One of the places we stopped had this FAB view!

Slogan of Costa Rica …Pure Life!


Coffee beans growing


Sweet friend …they were everywhere!

Saw this infinity pool at one of the places we stopped.

Path to lush rainforest



Just like the Viper we encountered

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