Secret Shame, Heavy Burden/ Albatross Removal

Last week, I told you  how I felt like a failure after a putting my heart into a live event… Spirit assured me that that GOOD can come out of something. (even when I don’t see it)
A lady who attended the event hired me for a private session…  our session opened up a whole new awareness of the damage that shame, guilt, burdens and overwhelm can do!

 I’ll  call her Cecelia to protect her identity.

Cecelia was in her early 60s… But when she walked into my office she looked more like her late 70s


Her face was haggard and drawn and she had a hard time looking at me.
She kept trying to hide her nervousness by fiddling with her notepad and writing down everything I said.

You see… Cecelia had done something she felt shameful and embarrassing.

She beat herself up over it night and day!


The sad thing is…she didn’t do it on purpose!
 However, the incident put another person in harm’s way!
(Big time harm! Like possibly causing another to  lose a body part))
 Cecelia had held onto the shame, guilt and overwhelm to the point of making herself sick!

The burden was like an Albatross around her neck!

She was so ashamed of what she had done that she carried the burden all by herself and  didn’t even share it with her family.
Can you imagine carrying a load of guilt so strong that you feel paralyzed and hold it all to yourself?
So paralyzed you don’t share it with people who LOVE you?
That you don’t feel worthy enough to allow your loving family to support you?


Just hearing this story…my heart was breaking for this wonderful, tender-hearted lady,,,who simply made a horrific mistake.

The incident had occurred  five months ago… however; the terrible emotions had weakened Cecelia’s immune system to the point of “emotional/physical bankruptcy!”
This burden had taken such a toll on Cecelia that she had become very sick.
Not only had Cecelia been in the hospital twice (once for emergency surgery)…she had caught the flu twice and suffered  a bad sinus infection as well.
 At the time of our session, Cecelia was scheduled for yet  ANOTHER  surgery within a week.
Get the rest of the story here
This is the kind of damage that unaddressed shame, guilt and worry will do to you.

I created  a special type of session for Cecelia.

You see…it wasn’t JUST Cecelia who needed healing…there were a lot of other people involved.
 It took  time to clear their energy and remove entanglements  as well!
This especially  included the innocent victim that Cecelia had accidentally harmed!
By the end of the session Cecelia was finding enormous relief. She looked ten years younger and her face was now bright with smiles of hope!
Not only  did she look and feel brighter… we created a definite plan of action so that she no longer had to share this burden all by her self.

Very importantly,  we created a plan that would alleviate her legal ramifications as well.

Yes, Cecelia knew exactly what her next steps would be!

It takes longer than standard 50 minutes and may even need a “tweak” or two after the initial session (All included in the fee)

Secret Shame/ Burden/ Worry session (as long as it takes)

For Heavy Duty issues…you need a heavy duty session!
Almost all these sessions involve calling in the energy of others for the healing as well.

Examples from my clients:

Abortion. You had one and can’t get over it.(Find out what happened to the spirit that would have been your baby)
Secret Shame. You have done something so shameful/embarrassing you can’t share it with anyone…so it just eats you alive!
Cursed: You feel you have done something or attracted something that feels like your life is cursed.
Harm. You harmed someone either on purpose or on accident.
Failure. You have failed in many things in your life.
Paralyzed. You just can’t ee to move beyond whew you are now…in fact you feel you are caught in a sticky web of defeat.
 Murder.  Ok…this is drastic and you probably need to get 3 of the heavy duty sessions.
Sexual Trauma. You perpetrated it…or you had it done to you.
The common theme for all HEAVY DUTY sessions is that they need to pull a LOT of energy and likely involve several people.
They ALL got to be pulled into the healing!

Secret Shame/ Burden/ Worry session (as long as it takes)

So…what is your Secret Shame?
It is my hope that with energy work, you have already cleared it.

However, if you have not cleared…I am ready to assist you in a powerful way!

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