Mother Mary Distance Healing

Live today at 3 PM eastern…or  catch the replay here.

Watch here:

Catch the replay here:

Physical, Emotional, Soul Weariness…



Grab pen and Paper to assess your before and after!

Mother Mary asks for this to be a precious time of healing for you.

She asks me to help you MEASURE your before and AFTER results.


We present the special Heart Point Technique from the Divine Mother.


Mary asks that I help you to MEASURE your before and after results- so that you can return again and again to improve your healing.



What is soul weariness?


Mother says that many have grown weary of this journey…weary of the struggle.Please come with a beginners mind and ready to receive.Email Rebecca for info on privates sessions


Be a love and share this information.


Love, Rebecca


PS: TOday at 3 PM eastern or catch the replay.


PSS: April is my birthday month and I LOVE presenting these gifts for you. Help the healing energy by passing this along.

Even if you miss the live event, the healing energy stays strong in the video forever!

Share the love!




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