This is Why Your Vows to release poverty haven’t worked! (tele class)

Now available as a POWERFUL audio program!

If you’re like Most Light Workers…you’ve taken a LOT of courses on Abundance

(Maybe even some of mine)

and…maybe you’ve seen some improvement but it seems that as you move one step forward…you get pushed two steps back.




Now, I’m not sure if this is for you…yet the fact that you are reading this shows it COULD be of tremendous benefit to you.

Are you open minded enough to consider that this revelation from Spirit could be just the answer you’ve been waiting for?


It’s easier if I just show you what the scenario looks like…

Just imagine…

You’re getting ready to incarnate into this physical lifetime and making your plan with your team.

You see that in SO MANY of your past lifetimes…you have suffered financial issues from mild, to misery to flat out starvation!

You make a solid decision… “In this lifetime, I am going to rectify this financial disaster pattern.

Now team…you have to PROMISE me that you won’t help me TOO much until I face this pattern and clear it.


I demand that a FAIL SAFE measure be put in place!

I want your assurance that I will NEVER have to come into a future lifetime with this same crappy financial outlook!”


Your team protests but you hold their feet to the fire until they agree.


You ask for one more thing…”I need a volunteer who loves me enough that they will be my guardian….a FAIL SAFE guardian!

A silent partner that will make sure I don’t really prosper until I KNOW what’s going on!

Now…I’m not asking to STARVE, yet to come into a wisdom that it was ME who made this agreement.

Hence you have just created a FAIL SAFE that will KEEP you from abundance. Yes, YOU must recognize that YOU were the one who put this all in place…

You are the only one with the power to free yourself.




Now, if you’re a bit like me…maybe you have done processes and rescinded vows of poverty…over and over.


Rescinding vows of Poverty won’t work if you have a FAIL SAFE measure in place!

Question: Why not?

A   Because YOU did not make the vows…your team vowed to help you!



The “fail safe guardian” who works extra hard for you would LOVE to be released however; he is under a solemn vow.










AS I see it…you have 3 options.

  1. Do nothing and stay in your current situation. (If this does info  NOT resonate, please choose option one)


  1. Sit with this information and ask Spirit to help you release your own fail safe team and guardian. (You will need to take full responsibility, release blame and do lots of forgiveness work)


  1. Allow me to guide you in this process as Spirit has shown.


Of these 3 options, which is going to be easiest for you?



I am presenting this clearing in a tele class. My system has free calling so you can take it from anywhere.

Take the Audio program today!

Even better news…this tele class is only 67!


Even Better than that…

if that fail safe guardian has you so tripped up that you don’t have 67…you can make payments.



If links don’t work  Go here.

Yes, you can choose to make  3 payments of 25 dollars each.

25 now and 2 more payments of 25 each thirty days apart.


Even if you cannot attend LIVE…the power of clearing will remain in the audio as long as time exists.


Just one more thing!

Most people like to get as much value as possible from a tele class like this.

To help you get even MORE value from the clearing, I am adding a BONUS like no other.










But first… I’m going to ask you a couple questions.

Question 1. Have you ever wondered why Lakshmi hasn’t blessed you with abundance even though you have petitioned her faithfully?

Bonus 1. I share with you what Lakshmi REALLY desires from you and how to best win her favor.


Question 2. Do you know which planet is the planet of “quick cash”?

Bonus 2. I will show you what this planet is desiring of you. (Somebody has the hots for somebody else and YOU can help!)

What you can DO for this planet and how you can get those blessings rolling in just for you!



(Audio program  is 90 minutes to two hours)


Of these fee options…which is easiest?

One time at 67.


Three times at 25 each?


Remember that you get the audio to keep forever!


It will be a PLEASURE to guide you in this process!

My pentecostal preacher daddy will be there…shoutin’  hallelujah!



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