Kokie Smashed that Bullie’s face Into the Mud of the Pig Sty!

Enraged… Kokie Mashed  that Bullies face into the mud!

Kokie was a shy, backwards little girl. She enjoyed school and got really good grades…there was only ONE problem.

Your see…Kokie was both chubby and big for her age…and other kids made fun of her.


Every day, precious 8 year old Kokie would come home from school with tears running down her plump little cheeks…


“They did it again, Ma, they make fun of me.

Bobby starts with that awful song and all the other kids start singing it too!”


“Fatty on a steamboat, stinks like a Billy goat Baaaaa!”

“Fatty on a steamboat, stinks like a Billy goat Baaaaa!”

“Fatty on a steamboat, stinks like a Billy goat Baaaaa!”


Please don’t make me go to school again tomorrow, ma, please! Kokie begged.

Well, Ma had just about had enough of Kokie being bullied and decided to give some advice she would not normally approve of!

Kokie, Ma said…if you come home again crying because of the bully again…I am going to give you a whipping!

You stand up for yourself and don’t come home crying again!

You hear me, Kokie?

(This was back in the old days when spankings were freely given and there was no “bully awareness” programs at schools.)


Kokie dried her eyes…really? I can fight back? I won’t get into trouble?


Sure enough on the walk home the next day…ole Bobby started his taunting…

“Fatty on a steamboat, stinks like a Billy goat Baaaaa!”


It just so happened the walk home was a farming community.

Just as Bobby started his torture…they were passing a pig pen full of noisy, stinky pigs, rooting around in the mud.









Kokie felt her years of pent up rage explode!

She grabbed Bobby by the collar, hauled him over the fence and began to rub his face in the stench.

Who’s’ stinky now? Kokie shouted! (Did I mention, Kokie was a BIG girl?)


When she finally let Bobby up…it was HE who ran home crying this time!

When Kokie arrived home…she was covered in mud  but  grinning  from ear to ear!


She never had to deal with bullies again as the fame of her ‘pig sty heroics’ spread around the school.





The story is true.

Little Kokie was my own dear momma.

(Her real name was Cora but she had a nickname of Kokie)


She was always on the heavy side and sure as shootin’, she passed those genetics down to me.

It was through trying all different kinds of things that I finally found solutions to my own lifelong struggles with weight.


There is not a one size fits all solution.


Yet, I still remember the times I hid from the camera…

Or felt plumb embarrassed at having to shop at the fat ladies store.

Worse of all, at least for me…was the DREAD of stairs.

The extra weight I carried made it extra hard to climb stairs. My knees really HURT and…I would have to stop and catch my breath about every 5 steps!


Now, I start my mornings gently bouncing on my mini trampoline. Life is just better when you are slimmer. Even if you get just a little slimmer then you can hold that and get a little MORE slim.

Finally, It becomes a way of life.


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Love, Rebecca

Blowing out the Candles of my 65 Birthday cake. (yes, I DID eat some and DANCED it off that very night!)

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