Triple Goddess Training and Initiation

Triple Goddess Priestess Training and Initiation

Dedicated to the Divine Sophia

August 14, 15 In my home, Port Isabel Tx.

Facilitator: Rebecca Marina, High Priestess of the Triple Goddess Movement

Semi-Private Only 4 Initiates (One spot left)

 Triple Goddess Blessing for Everyone! Listen now…


 Do I have your permission to open the gates of your human  body to Oracular Divine knowing? 

Mary Magdalene, the Sophia Code 


Imagine knowing how to embody the triple powers of not one but 3 Divine mentors: Hathor, Isis, Mary Magdalene

Hathor: Electron shifting, Star gate opening, power of voice and wisdom to know how and when to use it.

Isis: The wisdom, sexual awakening, and secret rites of ancient temple alchemical magick.

Mary Magdalene: Healing powers, sensual acceleration, prophetic abilities, and an increase in practical business knowledge and wisdom.

Now…imagine knowing how to LAYER these powers so that you experience the phenomenal molecular shifting created when such a Holy Trinity Unites!


Here’s how it happened…

For a while now… The goddess Isis has been asking me to arrange and let flow a training and initiation into the realm of the triple goddess.

Although, there are various explanations of the Triple Goddess… I only go by what is DIRECTLY revealed to me.

(The Triple Goddess in tarot is Mother, Maiden, Crone)

A Triple Goddess initiation is when three goddesses align together for the purpose of empowering humanity.

This is best accomplished by coming through a human vessel.

Without a human vessel to receive and transmit the energy…the Goddess Power remains constrained.

(Far too long has the Goddess Power has been constrained and repressed by the HUMANS that tried to WIPE out her existence by total Patriarchal rule!)

Every instance of signs, wonders, and miracles has always been received and reported by at least one human.

 For example:

Who knows how long that bush was burning in the desert before Moses saw it?

Who knows how long Our Lady of Guadalupe was on top of that hill waiting for a human with a humble heart to come along, see her and be willing to transmit her message.

In a nutshell. All beings of light NEED human vessels, messengers, to open their hearts and be a transmitter of Light, healing, and wisdom.

When you invite your inner divine to unite and merge with another realm of the divine… Explosive, transformational change can occur!

You become a radiating satellite spreading the light and awakening wherever you go.

(You don’t have to do any of this CONSCIOUSLY…people will be affected by your light and the emanating powers of the Goddess.)

Each time you participate in the merging rituals given to me by this Triple Goddess alliance, your light accelerates to the capacity your physical body can hold it.

This is a cumulative process and grows stronger each time you do it.

(The first time, I merged in the specific ritual they taught me…I had strong visceral bodily reactions…like tiny electrical jolts all throughout my being)

Personal Note:  I had been doing my own “merging process”. Yet, I did not realize the effect it had… that other people can actually see the increase in light! (Although I have noticed that everywhere I go I seem to be getting admiring glances)

I went out dancing the other night to a club. A couple in the back were watching me, paid my tab and then finally approached me…

The woman said…”I SEE your energy! It’s tremendous…it fills the place!” She just could NOT stop exclaiming over how BIG my Light was!

And this was from a lady who had quite a few cocktails!


Ready to dance!

…and By the way…of course, you can be a joyful, dancing, cavorting human as well as a priestess of the Triple Goddess Alliance. There is no better way to spread light than to be joyful in whatever way you do it best!

Are you ready to hear how YOU can experience this transformation?


The Triple Goddess Alliance is already summoning those who are ready for this depth of training and initiation.

This Triple Goddess Training and Initiation will be the most profound, hands-on interactive, healing experience you can experience. If you are truly looking for Transformation that there is NO TURNING BACK from…this is for you!

Did you know that the most effective, lasting way to learn any skill is to be an apprentice?

When you have a master lovingly teaching you, guiding you, watching over you…  you learn quickly and you don’t just learn with your head…you learn by incorporating knowledge into your body tissue… Your muscle memory!

You will have THREE Divine Mentors plus ME…holding your hands!

Details of just SOME of what you will experience in this training:

(Much will be channeled on the spot and cannot be predicted)


  •  Experience a Merlin “stone chakra healing” and activation. (Yes, we must balance with a bit of male representation)

Just as a man should prepare a woman to be fully aroused before sexual intercourse…so the male participants, Merlin, Horus and Osiris, prepare us for this LUSH, Intimate, Union.

(Yes Merlin came to me and gave me this Stone healing ceremony that blew me away.

Merlin taught me how to use the powers of the elements and call forth the healing powers within the stone. I had a headache the next morning, followed his instructions and it was gone in a flash!

Note: Although this event is for the Activation of the Triple Goddess within…we must have male representation as well.

Merlin, Horus, and Osiris will be holding the male space.

  • Experience the most profound clearing and activation of the Alta Major chakra possible.

Known as the mouth of the goddess. (Closed up Alta Major equals closed to receiving on the scale your desire.)

  • Discover and embrace your latent healing gifts.

Every Priestess has them. You may already know what yours are yet they will be magnified by this union!

*Isis says everyone has a hidden jewel they are not acknowledging and making use of.

  • Experience a full body anointing as I embody the goddesses and use specific oils to spiral open your inner and outer chakras… creating vortexes of power.

 You will be lying on my massage table for this under a sheet but semi-nude. I MUST be able to anoint the places on your body where I am guided to open the vortexes.

  • Experience a Hathor Star Gate inner heart opening.

This will heal the dead spaces within your heart that have never known love.

  • Experience sexual healing and awakening. Part of the priestess experience is to be alive sexually.You will be amazed what happens when you learn to activate your Kundalini…Full Body orgasms that strengthen your KA Body like crazy! (Your Ka is your spiritual twin whose job is to bring you the desires of your heart!)

Partner or not, you can be ALIVE sexually!

You will never be completely saturated in your power until this part of you is healed

*If you feel dead in that area I may have to energetically reach in there and clear it out!

  • Discover what your potential priestess superpower is welcome that in…

(My superpower is the ability to heal a man sexuality.) Any man I’ve become intimate with is healed of all his erectile issues. Isis has a good laugh about this. She explains that I was trained as a sexual healing priestess but that my powers were not able to be expressed until I did a lot of sexual healing on myself.

  • Experience a sacred foot washing and anointing by Mary Magdalene… the woman with the alabaster jar. This will be one of the highlights of the most tenderness you have ever known.


As a high priestess of this initiation, I hold a space, I do the clearing. There will not be a lot of preliminary work on releasing resistance.

Standing in my spiritual authority I will just go in and energetically snatch the resistance right out! Time to stop fooling around with petty limitations!

Isis says: “You have spent far too long worrying about clearing all the resistance before moving forward.

Resistance and doubt is part of being human. Move ahead in your progress regardless of human understanding.

If you are concerned that you will not be able to have an increase in your Light, Talents, Wisdom, Spiritual Gifts or Sexuality…

The Triple Goddess Alliance wants you to understand this.

The secret is indeed in the merging… Each time you do so your molecular structure is shifted.

Each time you do the ritual your energy, knowledge, wisdom is transferred and activated- you are changed on a cellular level.

There is no more effective and effortless method for activating your true priestess Powers then with the merging ritual we are teaching you.

The layering of the triple goddess has not been done in any ceremony since the days of the ancient mystery schools.

We have shown you the correct way to do the merging ritual.

It must be gradual at first then TOTAL Immersion.


The method we have taught you is simple yet, it does the one thing teachers have been trying to do since time immortal… It gets the head out of their way.

Complete surrender to the bliss of this emerging causes more effective change than all the ceremonies and rituals heretofore known.


Understand this…Each time you merge with the Goddess, your molecular structure is being shifted in higher vibrations. You will AUTOMATICALLY become more powerful!

This is the simplest, most effective transformational tool available anywhere…yet, it must be done correctly!

Each of these Divine Mentors owns specific abilities and are eager to share them with you.
The Triple Goddess Allegiance is already summoning those who are ready.
If you FEEL it too… Reserve your space NOW (There are only 4 spots for this semi-private event)

WAIT! Before you complete the purchase, please drop to your heart and answer the following questions.


If anyone of them is a NO… then you should CALL Me for private guidance before enrolling. 956-457-5568 or email my private email

#1. Are you OK with Intimate touch? (I will be anointing you with sacred oils on almost all of your body)
#2. Have you already done work on your own sexual dysfunction? (This event will awaken you on a sexual level as well as spiritual)
#3. Are you willing to have a “beginners mind” and surrender to the Bliss of the Goddess teachings?
#4. Do you get along well with other women, suspending all judgments?
#5, Are you mentally sound, not suffering from any major depression or psychosis?

Fee $1997 or Two payments of $1033 each.


Full pay

To pay 2 payments of $1033 each (30 days apart)

2 payments of $1033 each

2 payments


Details of travel.

The event is August 14 and 15 in my home in Port Isabel Texas (read below to why the heck it is such an ODD date)

Hours are from 10 AM to 6 PM each day. (central time)

Upon registration, I will send you a list of nearby hotels and also taxi and transportation options. (rooms are as low as $50 Us Dollars)

For now, …plan on flying into either Brownsville Texas (Airport code BRO) or Harlingen Texas (Airport code HRL)

at least the night before.

 You want to be well rested.
 Clothing: The Goddess has requested that you wear white clothing for both days. 
Avoid wearing perfumes as I will be anointing you with sacred oils.
What I provide:
*Snacks, coffee, and teas every day.
* First day: Lunch on the first day (You are on your own for breakfast and dinner-
 because I am holding so much space for you…I must be alone and re-charge
 before the second day.
* Second day: Lunch and Dinner. We will have a celebration and toast your new
union and alignment with the Triple Goddess alliance!
(If you have any special dietary needs, let me know. If I can accommodate, I will)
There are several restaurants within walking distance of all the hotels.
Eating won’t be an issue.

WHAT I do NOT provide:
* I do not provide any transportation.
You will have a list of taxi services and they are very reasonable.
I must be fully focused on the training and initiation and it will be fully up to you to
 get yourself here and back to your hotel.
*There are two hotels within walking distance of my home.
One is two blocks away, the other is five. (These are NOT hi dollar hotels, they are
 very plain but clean)
Keep in mind, it will be HOT though so you may want to take the taxi option.
I look so much forward to bring you into this Priestess realm.

 PS: If you have questions, email me at
Or text 956-457-5568
I also have WhatsApp under Rebecca Marina.

PSS: Why August 15?

Isis kept saying August 15. I argued that it is the middle of the week. 

When I looked that date up…Guess what?

Aug 15 is the birthday of Isis celebrated in Egypt!
It is also the Assumption day of Mother Mary.
You see? You can ALWAYS trust the Goddess to KNOW what they are talking about!

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