Mary Magdalene answers MY question: Can you open a Portal of BAD?

Lately, Mary Magdalene and I have been having some conversations…


I was talking to Mary about a friend of mine and asking for insight.


My friend (Let’s call her Donna) believed with all her heart that her duty was to do anything she could to save souls.

Save them by bringing them to Jesus.

(Because Mary Magdalene was very close to Jesus, I wanted to get her views on this….but first the story)










Donna told me in confidence that she had a brother who she felt (in her opinion) was…”running from God.”


Donna was so desperate to save his soul that she said the following prayer… “Dear God, do whatever it takes to get my brother to turn to you. In other words God…Get Him!

(Her actual words were…’God, sic him’) Gee like you sic a dog on someone?

Donna continues her prayer…

“Do whatever it takes God, to get my brother to turn to you so that his soul won’t burn in an everlasting hell!”


Within a week Donna’s brother had a near fatal car accident and was in a full body cast for months…


I remember Donna saying to me (Kinda proud) “Maybe now he’ll turn to God, I told God to “get him” and He did!

At the time Donna told me this…I was very young and still steeped in my Old Religion.

This scared the crap outa me!


You mean somebody can say a prayer for God to “get me” and then God will move into action to punish me?


How horrible!

Worship and obey me or I will strike you down?


Isn’t it fascinating how some people are so convinced that their way is right?

They feel self-righteous and even vindicated when some misfortune falls upon someone who is “running from God”.
I don’t know if Donna’s brother ever did “come to God”… at least not in the way Donna thought he should.

Now, I have been guided by Spirit to open good portals all over the country to help lost souls go home, and to bring in more Holy Spirit Light.

So I was wondering… could Donna have opened some kind of ‘portal of bad’?

Could some chaotic energy form have been listening and took that as a human bridge in consciousness.

A human standing in spiritual authority to bind another’s free will?

This is breaking the first law of this planet…yet people do it all the time thinking THEY know what’s best for others.

People don’t realize just how much spiritual authority they are capable of…A VERY fervent prayer goes out into the Universe and is answered by SOMEBODY.

If it’s a ‘negative’ prayer against the free will of another…it may be answered by a negative force.

Or it could simply bind them up. Do you think a loving God force is going to FORCE someone to do what someone else feels is right?

Could someone you know be praying for you to change in a way that suits them best?

Or for you to change to be more in alignment with what they believe?

Then Mary Magdalen gave me her advice on this topic.

“Rebecca, people are usually not doing this sort of thing out of evil… (In rare cases yes, but most people are sincere.)

They say these kinds of prayers because they think they are right and that they know what’s best for you.

And sometimes, they believe that it is their responsibility to save you from sin.

Or going down the wrong path.
Or being let astray.
Or having the wrong beliefs. (according to their perception)

This doesn’t mean that you cannot give someone advice or pray for them.

Consider this simple prayer, when you pray for the needs of others…

Simply pray… May their own divine light surround them and intercede according to their highest destiny.

Now…it’s important to take care of yourself, especially if you suspect someone is praying for you to turn to THEIR way of thinking. Do they know your soul agreements? Your Divine timeline?

(This is especially true when one person wants another person to love them, or someone thinks you have a bad habit that you need to STOP)


Here’s what you do…

Stand in your own spiritual authority and say…

From the Holy Spirit that I am…I block any prayers that are not in alignment with my highest destiny.


It’s vitally urgent that you check in with your OWN INNER guidance daily…ask for your higher self to guide you in steps for your highest destiny every day,

There is no greater prayer than to ask for guidance on your highest destiny. When you do this…your over soul rejoices, your entire team springs into action…And beloveds…when you get guidance, ACT on that guidance. You have faith enough to ask for guidance, next comes TRUST and the Courage to Act.


You have all the spiritual help you need and it’s ALREADY within your being.”

Mary Magdalene


Mary with the Alabaster jar



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