Mary Magdalene: a Message for Easy Channeling

Have you ever been so hungry that you just hated everybody?

Once about every two years, I go on this super cleansing diet that is very low cal. It’s hard, but it seems to re-set everything, clean out your system and get rid of toxins etc.


Well, I just finished two weeks of this misery (can’t lie, maybe it’s good for me but it can be very hard to keep it up)

Anyway… last Sunday, I had just about had it! I felt so hungry that I was grouchy and pissy!


It was father’s day and we were giving my former spouse a big feast with more delicious food and some nice wine too!

Well… I blew it!

I did not really overeat at all but considering I had not had a drop of fat or carbohydrate in over two weeks…it hit me hard.



However…while I was eating it…ahhhh, it felt  wonderful and satisfying…

It wasn’t until about 3 AM that I woke up bloated, miserable and trouble on the other end too!

I felt sick as a dog (gee how sick is that?)







Tossing and turning, I turned onto my left side and there stood Mary Magdalene!

I KNEW she wanted to give me messages but I asked for mercy. “Mary, I am too miserable…can you please wait until I have had a little sleep and my tummy settles down?”


The Magdalene assured me that she would wait…She let me know that she would be giving me a series of messages over the next few days.


I have already gotten a few messages (some simple, some complex) and I shall begin with this one on channeling…

This message is in response to a query from a friend who wonders…”How come you can channel so many beings of Light?”



Mary says…

“It is simple…anyone can channel messages from any being of light they choose. She added with a smile… “Even ole dead grandpa!”

Mary continues…

”We are all connected, right?

We are all one, right?

Everything is composed of atoms and particles of energy, right?

The atomic particles of everything that has ever been are still sparking the cosmos.

Call them in (the Beings you desire to channel)…or more simply, just get in touch with the part of them that is already connected to you. We are all connected. (BTW, just your thoughts of them bring THEIR awareness towards you)

What you pay attention to will grow and whom you call in will come.”


Mary then suggested that I offer my audio channeling course at a greatly reduced fee so that all who wanted some very clear step by step instructions would be able to afford it.


This surprised me!

So I asked…’Gee Mary, I am a little surprised that you are helping me by suggesting that I sell my course. Most beings I channel stick to only spiritual advice. “

The Magdalen replied:

“Well, I was an astute business women as well as a priestess of Isis. All us priestesses stick together for the good of the whole.”



So, the meat and taters of this message is simple.

If you want to channel, you can! It can enrich your life immensely.


You can get a great beginning with my course. (Probably the best course on channeling out there)

Or, you can  get a book on Amazon, google it and see which one seems easiest  for  you.

The main thing is to Get started!



Love, Rebecca


To read more about my 4 week audio course on channeling

Ascended Masters Magnificent Channeling Course


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