Manifest Like Lightening with this ONE Thing!

Now an “Instantly Available” audio course…created from LIVE teleclasses!

Do you feel like “manifesting your dreams” is taking FREAKIN’ Forever?


Does it seem like ‘other people’ can manifest good…. but for some mysterious reason…the Gods are NOT smiling upon you?


Believe it or not…you’re already a master at manifesting…if it’s not what you want… you’re still manifesting, but from a state of overwhelm, desperation…or just plain boredom!


(This brings on a bigger pile of poop and you can get buried in the stink of it!)


Here’s what I’ve discovered…successful manifesting is not so much how HARD you try as the “state” you are in when you’re  trying.


Here is where “the ONE THING” comes in.

The One thing? That would be THE STATE OF CHILDLIKE JOY!



The mystery is….how do you get to a state of JOY when you feel lower than a worms belly, sadder than a lost puppy, more overwhelmed than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest,  more worthless than last year’s calendar and so desperate you’ve got knots in your stomach the size of Texas?




Of course I have a solution!

Yes…I must teach you how to find and then…tickle your joy button!

…and YES, there REALLY is a Joy Button.

Learning how to operate your natural Joy Button gets you in the state of joy quickly and THEN you can successfully begin to manifest like Lightening…but only GOOD stuff!


However, teaching you this simple technique is not enough.


Spirit gave me all kinds of new revelations to share with you that will “Put legs on your prayers” as my Southern Mother used to say.

There is another secret here that I will show you how to tap into…quite possibly the most magical of all the revelations I have ever had… The Secret of your over Soul! 




Harnessing the Power of your Over Soul


Direct revelation to me from Mother Goddess Isis:

Your over souls highest goal is for you to manifest the desires of your heart.

Be assured that if you commit to communing with your over soul daily, ALL YOUR LIMITATIONS will be removed…it cannot be otherwise.

This is the absolute Highest Magick available to you!


(Why oh why have we not heard this before…? Hint, it’s a secret to accelerated evolution that we were not ready for until now)


Perhaps the most exciting revelation I have been given that will help you manifest only the good stuff is to make use of your Over Soul and team up with ALL YOUR MULT-dimensional  selves.


So how can this help you Manifest Like Lightening?






It’s the SPECIAL  way the One Thing is combined is a synergistic method!






That’s why this class is  presented in  3 powerful segments: The combination of these will accelerate your abilities by ten fold within a very short time!


  1. How to find and activate your 3 inner JOY Buttons. (I may have to kick some “feeder energies” butts in order for you to be released from parasitic interference. I got my Priestess Dominatrix whip all ready to send them into the suction side of the portal)


  1. How to contact your Over Soul (and exactly how to do this daily) Also, how to make use of your team in ways you never imagined.


  1. From your newly accessed state of JOY, I show you how to use the power of your own body energy to become so magnetic to the desires of your heart that it will seem effortless.


How do I know this works?


Because I am using it myself (I ALWAYS have to do everything to myself first)


Benefits to me so far?


I have never been happier in my life.

I have a quite peace and contentment that I have never felt at this depth before.

Everything I need seems to be provided for me, almost before I ask.


Benefits to you coming right up?


You will get rid of all that freakin’ desperation energy! (That is…if you are TIRED of manifesting crap!)

You will know what it’s like to be filled with a childlike joy…at will!

You will know how to harness the power of your over soul and your multi dimensional team. (You cannot imagine yet, what this will do for you on a thousand levels!)

You will know exactly what to do in order to “Manifest like Lightening”.



Here’s what I’m gonna’ do for you…

As soon as I see your name registered for this class…I will contact your Higher Self and ask how I can be of greatest service to you…yes, specifically you! (Please send some of my team to help you right now)


We are all here for the same topic…we ALL want to manifest the GOOD and STOP manifesting the terrible…right?


Right now, my psychic vision shows me  many of your Higher Selves… urging you in the direction to take this class.


Because it is truly the desire of the Divine for you to have the desires of your heart… in this lifetime.


You DID NOT come here to suffer but to find the secrets to manifesting your hearts desires and living the happiest life possible.

Now an “Instantly Available” audio course…created from LIVE teleclasses!



Tuition: 67

As soon as you register…I’m sending part of my team to ‘shake your tree’…to begin the Joy infusion process!

Look for good things the MOMENT you register!

Only 67




Need a payment plan while you’re getting  your Manifesting Mode Jumping?

Two payments of 37 each (30 days apart)








PS: A bit more info

Did you know that the worse you feel about your situation can be the best way to get out of it?

Especially, if you’ve been there awhile!
How sick of it are you?

When you’re really feeling down and like you cannot manifest anything…that is when you are MOST ready for a break through.


This is when EFT works like gangbusters…especially when I bring out the Big gun…Out Law EFT!

So ask yourself…am I ready to listen to a brand new concept?
(A freakin JOY Button for Pete’s sake!)

And Hooking up with my Over Soul?(This is the most exciting advance in this century!)
And meeting my team of Inter dimensional beings?

…and most importantly…are you ready to STOP feeling hopeless?

And folks, this class is NOT just about money. There are people who seem to have it all…yet they are full of fears and anxiety.



I am so excited to guide you through this process that will pump up your
Manifesting like you have always wanted it to be!

Be sure and bring pen and paper to participate in the audio course.

Love, Rebecca

Your EFT Outlaw!

Outlaw EFT!

PS: What would you manifest if you could have your hearts desires?
Do you know what your heart really desires?

Need some help with that?
I’m your Huckleberry!


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