65 Years and the best is yet to come! My Birthday Party!

My Precious daughter Belin and Hunky husband Ronnie drove 300 miles from Houston to give me a party for my 65th birthday!

All my children (except one) were able to join us.

Click here for ALL the pictures and videos.


Too Many to put in email…

There is ONE of me dancing with my daughter that is so cute…that girl can TEAR it UP on the dance floor!

Simon, Alyssa, Belin, Andrew, Mommy

I am so thankful to be 65 …an official CRONE.

My health is wonderful, there is LOTS of love in my life and my MISSION is flourishing.

(Soon, I will tell you about the NEW DUAL PORTAL Spirit has asked me to open)

Click here for ALL the pictures and videos.


Enjoy these photos/videos and leave your comments.

Band singing Happy Birthday


Me and My daughter dancing! SHE is an awesome dancer!

Me Tricking Simon into a Video!

RV all decorated for a Birthday dinner!

It was Ronnies idea to put the numbers backwards!

Grand daughter Bella sharing the words my children wrote for me. A week before my birthday, Belin had texted everyone and asked them to share their favorite things about me…so touching! It’s so good to be LOVED!

My daughter Alyssa and friend.

Me and Patti Felici, best freind and sisters in the Light!

LUCKY! This man is in his 80’s and he goes dancing almost every night! He is an ICON here at South Padre island!

Presents! I just adore presents…don’t you?

Blowing out the Candles!

All together just as the sun was setting on the bay.

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