Kali: There is No Wound She Will Not Lick

There is no part of the body that is NOT sacred!

There is no part of your energy field that is not penetrable.

There is no healing that is off limits

…therefore, there is no part of you that the Goddess Kali will not lick with her healing saliva and resurrection properties. (Of course…you must ASK)

Details  http://wp.me/pq2xG-3HP

Where do you need healing and strength?

Where does your body need Resurrection power?

One drop of her saliva inserted with faith into the aperture of a limp male member can cause healing energies to begin to flow!


It’s much more than just a physical healing…it’s a fierce destruction of dark energetic bondage!

Details  http://wp.me/pq2xG-3HP

Women…ask Kali to lick all your female openings, organs and connecting systems…then relax as Kali begins the healing of lifetimes of abuses, constrictions and fears.


For me…I asked Kali to lick the shredded wounds of my heart.

I’ve been so terrified of losing my freedom that I’ve kept a hard casing around my heart when it comes to romantic love. Sure, I might let myself love a man ‘a little’…but not enough to ever hurt me.

Because my love affair with Kali has caused the resurrection of my own STRENGTH DNA, I no longer have fear that I will lose my freedom if I love deeply!

I no longer worry that someone else’s energy will over ride my own.

Fear of someone’s energy ‘rubbing off ’ on me is gone!

This miraculous strength seemed to happen for me in the twinkling of an eye!

The morning I read that quote from The Sophia Code (get it for yourself)

…something deep and wonderful happened instantly!

 Details  http://wp.me/pq2xG-3HP

How I awakened to this deep truth…

In my meditation early one morning I was reading a passage from THE SOPHIA CODE. The chapter was from Mary Magdalene (She of a Thousand Angels) Almost at the very end of the initiation…Mary Magdalene embodies the great Kali Ma for a final healing.

I quote…”I feel a volcano of power erupt from my center, launching me to the surface of the Holy Pool. I stare eye to eye with the thousand eyes of Kali Ma and ALLOW HER WRATHFUL TOUNGE to LICK THE WOUNDS of my human awareness from every lifetime.”

As I read these words…something ancient and primordial opened within me! I wept, a deep keening of the heart. I invited Kali to begin to lick my wounds from this lifetime and every other lifetime.





The healing continues as I expose my deepest wounds to the tongue and saliva of Kali.


Join me as I guide you into the healing baptismal waters of Kali.

She has been misaligned, Misunderstood and feared. Her true, loving power to heal hidden for centuries.


Kali- The Resurrection of the Strength DNA.

Details  http://wp.me/pq2xG-3HP

3 choices to attend worldwide by tele-seminar.



Monday evening


If none of the times work for you…register anyways and we will hold you in our hearts.

You will get all 3 audios as well to continue healing as the energy remains in ALL MY AUDIO programs as long as time exists!

Because this teaching causes resurrection of DNA, help me spread the word if you feel guided.


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