Kali- The Resurrection of Your STRENGTH DNA


Now an impressive Audio program!

Just as the words and actions of Jesus have been manipulated to bring fear…so have the deeds and persona of Kali Ma been manipulated to keep you in fear of her!


Kali Ma’s greatest power… the ability to heal and restore your STRENGTH DNA was purposely obliterated so that humanity would remain in slave mentality mode!


Not only does Kali have the power to ritually resurrect your lost STRENGTH DNA…Her tongue and saliva have unparalleled power to heal!

Yes, to heal the wounds of this lifetime, past and alternate lifetimes.

How I awakened to this deep truth…

In my meditation early one morning I was reading a passage from THE SOPHIA CODE.

The chapter was from Mary Magdalene (She of a Thousand Angels)

Almost at the very end of the initiation…Mary Magdalene embodies the great Kali Ma for a final healing.


I quote…”I feel a volcano of power erupt from my center, launching me to the surface of the Holy Pool. I stare eye to eye with the thousand eyes of Kali Ma and ALLOW HER WRATHFUL TONGUE to LICK THE WOUNDS of my human awareness from every lifetime.”

As I read these words…something ancient and primordial opened within me! I wept, a deep keening of the heart. I invited Kali to begin to lick my wounds from this lifetime and every other lifetime.

Kali showed me a vision…

I saw many Light Workers lying wounded along the shore of a great body of water.

They were struggling to do their mission yet their wounds were so great…they appeared to be shredded as the wounds of many lifetimes built one upon another.

Great hordes of ‘feeder’ energies were hovering about the torn bodies feeding off the helpless misery.


This is your work! Kali Boomed.

Let us together begin to free these precious souls from the wounds of many lifetimes. These souls came to be part of this resurrection and in doing so have suffered much!

It is time to end the suffering!

It is time to restore the STRENGTH DNA by the ritual of Resurrection!

Let those who have courage ask me to ‘lick their wounds’ with my wrathful tongue.

*Kali wants you to know that in the use of the word WRATHFUL, it indicates strong intensity.

The damage was INFLICTED with strong intensity and must be removed by such.


Let Kali Ma heal your weaknesses whether it be in your physical body, emotional body, energy body or parallel body.


There will always be those who desire to steal your power…yet, when your STRENGTH DNA strand is restored…yes, activated by the resurrection ritual of Kali…it will act as a repelling force of its own accord.


What you need to know…

The conscious resurrection of this ‘lost’ strand of DNA invites another and another and another DNA strand to emerge from hiding!

This is part of the ‘return to wholeness’ that is being offered to our species at this time of accelerated accession process.


It is NOT necessary for the whole of humanity to participate in these resurrection rituals…only those who are being called.


Sophia Creatrix, calls these ones, ‘Key Code Masters’…it is part of your souls agreement. Once you are activated by the resurrection ritual, you become a broadcasting station. There is nothing you have to consciously ‘do’.

Only a few need do these resurrection processes and restoration will begin to occur.


Ages ago…when the tampering began we were robbed of certain strands of carbon based DNA.

Manipulating the DNA of a few KEY humans was enough to broadcast the destruction of the whole and bring us into the slave-mind era.

So in turn…Resurrection of DNA within a few KEY humans is enough to be the SALVATION for all!


Many of us who participated in the great destruction have come back through time to make amends.

Many of us were part of the first KEY humans who were Guinea pigs for the manipulation of our DNA thus creating a slave race.

Kali has asked me to present a class and resurrection ritual this weekend.

KNOW this! You don’t have to attend to get the benefits! (gee, can’t believe I’m saying that!)

Only those who feel the call to be part of this ‘Resurrection Ritual’ should attend.

Only those who feel the value of this teaching and desire to ‘exchange energy’ with me for my time should attend.

Everyone reading this will receive the benefits of those ‘Key Code Masters’ who step up, embrace the ritual, and begin to broadcast for the good of all!

Note* Sophia tells me that many of you are too timid to dare believe that you are a “Key Code Master” (I sure was)

Yet, your heart is already screaming…Do IT! DO IT! Do IT!

Remember this…A soul agreement trumps reluctance to admit your power… regardless of human understanding!

Many of us are so terrified that we will get into EGO…that we say “NO” to our rightful gifts and calling.

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 Worldwide  audio transmission

I Presented this teaching 3 times as directed by Kali “The Power of 3, a perfect Trinity!”

Kali- The Resurrection of the STRENGTH DNA

You can have all THREE audios and access to all the healing powers of the Tounge and Saliva of Kali…




Energy Exchange.

67 just the class, ritual and audio replay

YES 67!

Pay plan 2 payments of 37 each

YES Pay Plan


YOU MAY want the Upgrade!

107: Upgrade, Class, Ritual, audio replay, and semi-private healing with Kali after class.

Sorry NO more upgrades available! These are always very limited.

Yes Upgrade 107

Or two Upgrade payments of 57.77 each.

Yes Upgrade pay plan

*NOTE: Info about upgrade…STAY after class, tell me one area of your body that needs healing, I will embody Kali to lick your specific wound with her wrathful tongue. Her saliva will penetrate all layers. The healing will begin and continue.

Each person will only have a few minutes with Kali that is SUFFICIENT for great good. And…because you see the value to ‘exchange energy’ with me for my time…you may also partake in all the other healings in the upgrade session.



Please drop to your heart and see if you are being called.

Remember, you will still benefit as others begin to broadcast the resurrection of the STRENGTH DNA!












What wonderful things will you do with your newly found strength?

*Finally have the inner strength to start and sustain that new business?
*Start a new relationship?
*End an old one that is draining you?
*Perhaps you will use your newfound strength to get healthier and stick to your self-pledge.
*Why not use the strength to step out more boldly on your spiritual path?
To channel, to be more intuitive, to increase your healing powers?

My wish for you is for you have the strength to have more peace, joy and abundance in all your ways!

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