The Best Blessing There is!

Are you constantly looking outside yourself for approval?

Perhaps asking an external God-Source to rescue you?

The great Goddess Mother-Isis has been calling us to remember the Divinity within.


We already HAVE a great source of power within. Our OWN Holy Spirit.

Unrecognized…it lays there dormant like an unused winning lottery ticket.


Just imagine that you bought the winning lotto in your country…but you never checked it.

You could wallow around in poverty for years and all the while you had the key to unimaginable wealth.


Great Mother (She of 1000 names) has been urging me to bless MYSELF from my own HOLY SPIRIT within.

I bless myself at bedtime and again upon arising.

I have only been doing this a few days and yet…

Miracles have been occurring for me and I want you to have miracles too!

  •  I was given an estimate of between 700 to 1000 US dollars for much needed some dental work…after completing the work, the dentist said…”Merry Christmas, no charge! “
  • A lady owed me some money and there confusion in getting together. I just “blessed myself”, went out to eat at my favorite Mexican Place and there she was eating with her family! She had CASH too and was so happy to give it to me!
  • My son needed a car, however, he was too young (and no credit history) to get one.  A friend found a GREAT one at a great price and we are driving it home today.
  • You may think this small but the small miracles are just as important as the bigger ones! I was visiting friends and needed to cut my toenails desperately (they were cutting into my shoes) but could not find my nail clippers anywhere.  As I went to bed that night in the guest room…there was a nice pair of nail clippers laying on the bedside table!
  • You may NOT think this is spiritual but I do! I was thinking of going to my favorite restaurant and having a nice glass of red wine. I walked in and there sat an old friend. He had just ordered a whole bottle of Merlot and wanted someone to share it with. (Hey, Jesus drank wine everyday…and he LOVED the red!)

I have created this sample to get you started in the Practice of Blessing yourself.

If you STILL don’t think you are worthy to bless yourself from your own Holy Spirit within…then TAP on that please.

Quickie tapping for feeling unworthy to bless yourself.

EFT tapping points:

EFT Meridian Tapping Points

Take an intensity rating- 1 to 10

Side of hand: Even tho I don’t feel worthy to bless myself from my own Holy Spirit within, I love and accept myself.

Crown: I don’t feel worthy

Eyebrow: I’m not worthy

Side of eye: Not worthy

Under eye: Not worthy

Under nose: Not worthy

Under lip: Not worthy

Collarbone: Not worthy

Under arm: Not worthy


Now that you have tapped on the negative belief- let’s tap in a positive CHOICE

(Love you forever Dr Carrington for introducing the “Choices” method.)

Side of hand: I choose to trust My own Holy Spirit within regardless of limiting beliefs or human understanding.

Crown:  I choose to TRUST!

Eyebrow:  I choose to TRUST My own Holy Spirit within even tho I feel sad I don’t have faith.

Side of eye: I choose to TRUST My own Holy Spirit within even tho I feel ANGRY I have such limiting beliefs.

Under eye: I choose to trust My own Holy Spirit within even tho I FEAR I will be punished by some external Deity.

Under nose:  I choose to trust  own Holy Spirit within even tho I feel shame about my limiting beliefs. 

Under lip:   I choose to TRUST!

Collarbone:   I choose to TRUST!

Under arm:   I choose to TRUST!


Now, take another rating…it should be much lower.

If your rating is still high, then re-do the tapping HOWEVER…

Remember,  you DID tap in the phrase… “Regardless of my human understanding”… so,proceed with the Blessing.







From My own Holy Spirit that I AM, I bless myself this day.

I bless my eating, my words spoken and my choices in all things.

From My Holy Spirit within, I bless all  my business affairs today.

I bless my health, I bless my relationships.

I unite with my own Holy Spirit within and my higher self to speak magnificent words of manifestation.

I am the Priest/Priestess of my own life.

To the Divine within and the Divine without, I bless, appreciate and acknowledge you.

With harm to none and for the highest good of all!



You can change the words to suit your own situation.

There is no need to constantly look for an external source to rescue you, validate you, or give you permission to thrive!

You ALREADY have enough Divine Power within you to turbocharge your happiness!

Speak this blessing unto yourself even if you DON”T quite understand it.

I guarantee that the Divine Being that YOU are understands and will Spring forth into action.

Your WORDS and your FAITH are the Activation switch.



Love, Rebecca

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