Better than Black Friday 2017

Because my readers span the globe, it would NOT be fair to have a sale only during certain hours.


I have limited quantities of each item. My system is set to “turn off” when the quantity is reached.


Private sessions with Rebecca *Limited Quantity 0f Ten Each (20%off with coupon)

Description. 50 minute session where I place all my time, psychic abilities and extensive training on resolving your issues.

*If you don’t need it now, get the savings and BANK the sessions.

One session 150 (use coupon friday20 for 20% off) *4 sessions left

Be sure and press APPLY after putting the code in the box.

Reg. 150

Only 120 after coupon


Three session package reg 399 (Best deal) (20%off with coupon friday20) *3 packages left

Only 319.20 after coupon

Be sure and press APPLY after putting the code in the box.



Azuron private sessions (10 %off with Coupon)*Limited quantity of 10 each

Azuron is so protective of my Life Force Energy that he  would only allow me to put a 10% discount on his sessions.

*If you don’t need it now, get the savings and BANK the sessions.


Description: Azuron, 10Th dimensional healer directs me to take you into a higher dimension for healing of your light patterns. you immediately go into trance, slip into your light body.

Azuron is very clear! He can only shift the light patterns that are READY to be shifted.

Some patterns are still doing soul service or what you would consider ‘karmic duty’.

I suggest you consider getting one of the packages to peel away the layers.


A session with Azuron is only 20 minutes long. He says that is the time the human body can accommodate.

There is almost no talking. We cannot tell him what we want him to do. 

One Azuron session 117. 

(use coupon friday10, press APPLY and save 10%) *7 left

Two Azuron  sessions 209

(use coupon friday10, press APPLY and save 10%) *9 left

Three Azuron Sessions 299

(use coupon friday10, press APPLY and save 10%) *5 Left


VIP days with Rebecca (20% off with coupon LOVE 20- limit 2)

Private all day in person treatments custom tailored for you.

Total immersion in Divine Mother love, Sexual healing priestess love,(as directed by Goddess Isis)

Azuron session- just what you need on every level.

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Trauma from Surgery GONE! (27% off with coupon code friday27- limit 20)

Regular 67        now 27% off enter code friday27- save 27%

If you have been anesthetized, cut on…your body has suffered trauma.Your energy field could have been seriously damaged as well. This audio class will give you relief now!

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Azna method Psychic reader  5 Week Audio Course (Reg 377 use coupon friday50 and get 50% off)

Limit 20 only 7 left at this low price.

Limit 20 makes it   188.50    with coupon. Crazy bargain for a 5 week audio course that can teach you a MARKETABLE skill!

One of the best ways to earn MORE money is to become A TOP-Notch Psychic reader.

I can train you to do just that!

If you follow the guidance from Divine Mother Azna and myself…you can hang out your shingle as a professional psychic reader.

Our methods wake up your “psychic brain” like no other!

Full Details of Psychic reader course




Embody the Divine Audio course (reg 67- coupon friday52 save 52%)

Makes it only 32.16

Bonus you may want even  MORE!

Embody the Divine Audio Course PLUS 15 Private Tweak with Rebecca

Reg 167. With  coupon only 80.16

Description:  Well…this is what happened for me when I followed Divine Instructions.

To Embody the Divine being I choose… was like an intense Spiritual orgasm.

Good God! (Literally)

You just have to try it- I guide you step by step in this audio course.

Full Details on Embody the Divine Audio course



More better than Black Friday deals coming soon!

Email me and tell me what you need most…I will put it on limited amount sale if at all possible!



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