Pleiadians, Pleasure, Pheromones= Prosperity

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Harness the power of Magical pheromones to manifest. What?…well, everything!


A few weeks ago…I was chatting with my friend, Angela. She mentioned a technique involving a beam of light of consciousness.


That got me to thinking…why not take that beam of light, put it between your legs and activate the power of sexual arousal?

(Well, isn’t that the normal thing to think of/)

Because the sexual impulses are the greatest creative forces in the universe…

It’s time to harness it in a way that’s never been done before.


Here is where my Pleiadian friends came in…”Rebecca, the arousal is a great beginning, however to REALLY make this effective…create pheromones, and send the pheromones towards whatever it is that you are desiring”.


The Pleiadians continued…

“This is a secret that’s been hidden for ages! You already know that everything has consciousness, yes?


Well everything also has pheromone receptors!

When sent with INTENTION, these pheromones can cause miraculous results with ease.”


I’ve been playing with this sexual arousal pheromone thing for a few days I decided seriously  put it to work.


The first time I tried this technique…I did the exercise for something simple.


(Always begin with simple things) Because I knew that I was going out that night and I just wanted someone nice to dance and hang around with for a while.



Wow did I ever get way more than that!


I had met a very nice guy at the pet rescue resale center a few days ago.

He was looking at snorkeling stuff…

I was looking at some vintage glass and wicker coffee tables that were out of my budget. We sat on one of the sofas and chatted.  (Ha, ha…He thought I was just fascinating!)


I gave him one of my business cards but I didn’t know if I’d ever hear from him.


That same day right after I had done the pheromone exercise to “find someone nice to hang around with that evening”… this gentleman called and asked if I’d like to have a historical tour of the little town I have just recently moved too.


I said “sure”…Boy did I get more than I ever expected!


The tour began at a local art gallery where he introduced me to the owner “Bob”


How funny is this… Within minutes, “Bob” was spilling his guts about being abducted by aliens in his youth. (bad ones)


“Bob” further told me that aforementioned ‘bad aliens’ had placed an implant in his “Private parts” and that he had cut it out by himself.


The tour continues…

My new friend takes me to dinner where we did indeed dance a little bit.

After dinner (it’s still daylight) new friend took me to show the old shrimping district and a quaint little park I didn’t even know was there!

We talked of many things… Turns out his mother was a tarot card reader… so he didn’t think I was strange at all.


Very respectful… don’t know if anything will ever come of it but it’s just an example of how the beam of light “pheromone generation technique” can bring you what you want and more!



Next morning I got up and I was doing my meditation as usual.


I was still thinking about those coffee tables I wanted so bad at the resale shop.


I just couldn’t quite afford them right now with all the extra expenses I’ve had in moving to this sweet little town.


Imagine my surprise when later that morning I opened my front door to discover the exact coffee tables that I’d been wishing I could afford… right there…delivered to my front porch!


Talk about a happy dance!



My new friend had gone early to the resale shop, purchased them and delivered them to my front door!


This was without any expectation… simply as a gift. (I did not even see him)


So wow… I got really excited about this pheromone creation idea I decided to try it on something else



I did the exercise for some new clients (I actually was thinking of new clients here in my little town.)


However, within 30 minutes the first new client purchased a session and before the day was over tomorrow three clients had purchased sessions.


Because it’s my goal to be of service… what does it matter where clients come from?



This experience taught me a lesson, Pay Attention!


When you’re doing the pheromone exercise to bring you what you desire, it’s important that you point the pheromones towards the essence of your desire.


If you get too specific you can block something better that the universe might have for you



When you do this exercise always ask for “the highest good of all, with harm to none… this or something better.”


The question for you is…

Do you want me to teach you how to use this power?

Sexual arousal and creating magnetic pheromones?

Can you think of something small you’d like to possess or create?



Q. Rebecca, I think I have lost my capacity to feel ‘aroused’…will it still work for me?

A. When I teach you how to put that “beam of light” between your legs…you WILL feel it! Of course we will use some EFT too!


Q. Could I have a gate keeper that doesn’t want me to awaken this technique?

A. Yes! And we will hunt that sucker down right off the bat!


I will offer this 3 times: (about 2 hours)

Wednesday Aug.9 at 12:30 Pm eastern (over but catch the audio)

Thursday Aug 10 at 7PM eastern

Saturday August 12 at 5:30 PM eastern


Fee: Class plus Audio $67

There’s more…

Upgrade: 5th Dimensional 6 Point Sexual Activation $167.

Azuron, Arcturian physician will be assisting! Upgrade is for upgrading the light patterns that could be blocking full activation. (Stay after class, MUST be done individually)

*Upgrade limited to 5 per class session- it takes a lot of MY energy to do the 5th  dimensional healing process.



If you have questions, call or email me.



Outlaw EFT!



Love, Rebecca

PS: Pass along to someone you love.

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