Update on Rescue pup

Sometimes…I just like to share some personal stuff with you.

My rescue puppy is one of the greatest joys of my life!

Its been a few months since this raggedy pup followed me home…I have to tell you that I am completely in love!

His name is now Stevie (after my darling brother who passed away at a young age.)

The video is how he looked when he found me.

See video http://wp.me/pq2xG-3qp

After I was sure I was going to keep him (was there ever any doubt)

I had a session with his spirit to hear his story.

Stevie’s Story:

I was born in a litter of only 3 pups. My momma was a poodle mix and my dad was some sneaky neighborhood dog.

The family I was born into were very poor and could hardly feed themselves. As soon as I got off momma’s breast they looked for someone to give us all away to.

I was given to another family, they were also very poor. There was a darling young girl that I just fell in love with. She loved me too and used to carry me around with my legs dragging the ground.

I have always been bothered with some skin conditions and her family became concerned that I might infect her. There was no way they could even consider taking me to a vet. It was all they could do to feed me a few table scraps.

The young girl had an older brother who could drive. He took me in the family car to a school yard and dumped me out. He was not being cruel, he was hoping some kid would take me home.

Instead of hanging around the school, I headed out across some fields. I was so lost, tired and it had been a few days since I had food. I found an old piece of some soft material and sat down to rest.

Then…I saw a light coming towards me.

I did not know what the light was so, I just sat still and waited.

First, two older ‘lady’ dogs ran up to me and sniffed me…I kept my eyes on that light.

As the light came closer, I could sense that it was a very kind person. Without hesitation, I ran to her and fell into step beside her right side…I have never left.

How Stevie looks now:

See video http://wp.me/pq2xG-3qp


This is Stevie’s favorite way to sleep.

(From Rebecca: Stevie still has skin conditions every now and then. I started giving him fish oil and that is helping.) I do keep his hair real short so I can keep an eye on his skin.

The vet wants to wait about another month before getting Stevie ‘fixed’.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about the progress of my sweet ‘rescue pup’. The whole family has just fallen in love with Stevie. Even my two older dogs have taken a liking to him. The only one that is jealous is Brutus, the Chihuahua . He can’t stand Stevie.

Oh well…Brutus will just have to get over it! Stevie is the re-incarnated son of Brutus.

When Brutus had his son, “Baby”- Brutus was mean to him too!  Baby was a tiny tiny little boy who died suddenly. Stevie was conceived shortly AFTER Baby died.



Stevie is way to heavy for me to carry around now…but I just love this picture of when he was younger.

Love, Rebecca


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