The 11/11 Portal: Saving the Lost, Restoring the Light

Close your eyes and imagine with me…

The sky is a dark gray…

Thunder is rumbling as flashes of lightning illuminate the forms of thousands of forlorn creatures.

Lost souls, awaiting the signal that will take them to the Light. Waiting for an end to this eternal confusion! Waiting for the portal to open…

One family in particular catches my eye.

A tall father figure, a pregnant mother, a young boy and baby sister…all lost in one tragic battle.

The father has tried to be the leader and protector of his little flock- he always did the best he could. But, this time, it seems like no help is in sight. It’s as if a smoke screen of blinding confusion enveloped them at the very moment of the tragedy that took their lives.

So much horror!

How could mankind have enough hate in his heart to brutally murder an entire family? This family does not realize that they are dead. There was so much negative emotion around this brutality that it attracted the Dark Scrambler Entities.

These entities quickly moved in to keep the confusion energy going, to blind them to the Light that was trying to come through. Confusion energy is a feast to these dark entities…it’s what they live on!


My question to the Divine is this…”How could you allow this? How can you allow dark energies to cloud the view of these innocents?”

(I’m actually kinda’ mad about that God!)


God answers… “Earth is a free will planet. The dark has just as much free will as the Light, as long as these entities can propagate enormous amounts of negative, confusion energy- the area they generate most in- remains their territory.

(It’s the same with the Light- vortexes on earth such as Sedona, Machu Picchu, ect…territory of the Light)


What you need to know is that the light NEVER gives up or goes away. It may seem like decades to you but in spirit there is no time. Often all it takes is one…just one human who will BELIEVE and Speak the words of Liberty!


Souls being trapped is NOT the norm. Most souls do go straight to the Light.

Yes, it seems that there are a lot of lost souls right now but that is because there is not enough work being done to help them get home. Some of these beings who will go through the next portal opening have been in limbo for decades!”


From Rebecca: The above case is just one of the families I see. Thank God, I cannot see them all! I can tell you that many are soldiers, taken in surprise. Many are from savage, merciless acts of violence. Does it really matter what caused their death and “lost-ness”? Do we want to get all caught up in the “story”?

What matters to me is that it is time to help them Home to the Light!

I am one priestess who believes…yet, I am NOT alone!

I have gotten so many emails telling me how much this resonated with them, many, many are believing with me!


This is so different because the dark scrambler energies are going to be pulled into the portal along with the lost souls. Once exposed to the pureness of Prime Creators Benevolent Light many of these will be Restored!

Why is this happening now?

Because of the great Influx of Prime Creators Benevolent Light and because it is the year of the Jubilee! A time of forgiveness and restoration for all.

Even the dark has a chance to choose the Light!


Spirit has asked me to do something else that I was not asked to do in the first Portal Opening…


Heal the land at that location.

Earth as a living, conscious Entity is in a grieving process.

The location where I am directed to do this Mission of Light Portal Opening has suffered much bloodshed.

The grief, agony and intense emotions experienced here has not been healed. I can feel that some work has been done…but not enough.

I am to arrive a few days before the actual ceremony to open the portal, walk the land and make offerings to the earth herself. Yes, to the divas, nature spirits and all guardians of the land. You see, I can’t just crash in  like I’m some big Savior…it must be done with utmost respect!


I already tuned in to the land there and asked what offering she desired.

In addition to cornmeal, tobacco and salt…Mother earth wants chocolate!

Yes, Mother Earth says she is hungry for some sweetness in her life. I can just see the kind of chocolate she wants too. It’s in small little pieces. I’ll just bet she’s asking for that for all Her little fairy friends. I have heard they love sweets!

Chocolate for the fairies!

Chocolate for the fairies!



I’ve gotten some questions and also some requests to help me energetically. I will make a separate email after I get a few more- so send me your thoughts.

Not everyone is asked to go on a Mission like this. However, you can help and be just as much a part of it as I am.

How Can I help?

How Can I help?

Now, If you desire to help this Mission of Light, there are 3 ways to do so.

#1. Believe…believe this message. Believe with me. Spirit says that one priestess is needed to believe and do- if joined by believers all over the world, the results will be far more powerful for us all!

#2. Pray. Pray for me, hold space for me. I am not afraid at all. I am fully protected. Whole armies of Light are already assembled. I am simply the priestess to believe and hold space for the exit portal.

#3. Help fund this Important Mission.

It is not in my budget to do any of this right now. Yet, I have already made my reservation. Spirit told me exactly where I must stay this time as well.

It has something to do with the ley lines, grid system and atmosphere needed.

Here’s the thing… as you are reading this, you already know which of the options you are to invest in. Why do I say invest? Because any investment of your energy or finances will be of benefit to you and the entire planet. Indeed the Universe.


The only thing I ask is “don’t be in fear”, for me or the mission. If you find yourself feeling fearful, just say…”Holy Spirit transform this fear to love” and then, send some love!

The accruing cost of travel, airlines, car rental, lodging and food is already well over $3,000. If Spirit is guiding you to contribute, Spirit will reward you richly.

Yes! I want to Be part of this Mission!

Yes! I want to Be part of this Mission!



 Contribute any Amount


Just think of the Healing of the earth, the lost souls going home, the “Scrambler Entities” being sucked up into the vortex and rejoice that it is ‘The year of the Jubilee” for you as well!


 Love and Appreciation,



PS: Sorry to be so ‘cloak and dagger’ about the actual location. Spirit says that no one needs to know. If locals found out, they might offer resistance out of simply ‘not understanding’. I prefer to be completely anonymous.

However, I will tell you all about everything, including what happened after the portal is opened. (Once the ceremony is completed)

I will tell you this much… it’s very far away from South Texas. It’s two hours by car from the airport, the actual spot is a mile hike and part steep incline.

I will need warm clothes and very good shoes.

I have increased my exercise so that I will have better stamina.

You can expect some pictures too when I give you the report.



PSS: …and my heart is singing to be chosen for this.

I don’t understand, why me. Why not some younger, stronger person?

My soul must have agreed and I have kept myself in pretty good condition just so I could do this.



Years ago, spirit asked me to go to Machu Picchu Peru and provided many miracles in order for me to go.

At the time, I allowed someone else’s FEAR to STOP me from going!

I have regretted it ever since. It was a lost window of opportunity.

…this is my Machu Picchu!

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu


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