Know Now: Psychic Reading With A Purpose

Why do we love to get psychic readings so much?

Well, getting a reading is fun! … and for a short time the psychic is focused just on us.

    Usually  we go to see a psychic is because we want to get insight on something that is important to us… and we want to know right now!

    A good psychic rises above any emotional attachment and is able to tune in to the frequencies for you.

This is the reason why I never try to read for my family or children I definitely have an emotional attachment that blinds my vision.

When Divine Mother asked me to start doing readings- I protested. I don’t want to do “Ordinary readings”-So, I gave Her a list of requirements and if She would agree- then I would do the readings.

Wanna see my list?

  • I will only do them if they are for a specific purpose.
  • I will do them only if it is something happening right now or in the near future. (long range future is impossible to predict due to free will of man)
  • I will do them if we can change or avert a negative outcome I “see” looming.
  • I will do them if they are short, concise and not a whine-fest.
  • I will do them if I can help the client find out what the Heart REALLY REALLY wants to know.

You see…when your Head wants to know something- it is really the heart that is doing the prompting. Often the head has it all wrong (can I get an “AMEN”?)



Helping you discover what your heart Really Wants … then helping shift your frequencies to make that happen…

now That’s a “KNOW NOW” Psychic reading -and the only kind I will do!






What good finding  the answer if you can’t do anything about it?

My readings will focus briefly on bringing new information and then extensively on shifting your frequency that opening your field to the very highest outcome for you

Why can’t you get your own guidance?


Sometimes you can, but…

Because you have too much emotionally invested if you were at dispassionate about a topic you could easily use your intuition yourself.

The fear of the unknown is the greatest fear known to man.

You answer is out there… already circulating it’s simply not circulating within your energy field because of your emotional attachment.


How does booking a session work?

  • I am taking 3 sessions per week.
  • Upon payment- you will be sent instructions to schedule by email
  • The session is short (25 minutes by phone) but I begin INTERCEDING for you the minute I get your payment and email. (My hourly rate is 497)
  • The Know Now Psychic reading is for one main issue– not a dozen.
  • The reading must be about you– not about your daughter, son or anyone else.
  • Before ordering a reading- please drop to your heart and make sure you feel ready for this.
  • If I read your email and don’t feel MY Skills are best for you- I will refund your money and let you know the reason.


Claim your Time-space with me NOW!



For Dec 16 and 17 (or until 10 spots are filled)get this session with Rebecca and Azna for half price. Use coupon code “know” (no quotation marks) and press APPLY.


For almost every problem- there is an energy adjustment needed.

We must adjust the energy that is Repelling what you want.

We must adjust your energy to attract what you want.


  • If there is pathetic victim energy going on- you must be willing to let that go.
  • Divine Timing issues? In some cases, we can do Divine Time travel to speed it up
  • Karmic? I’ll tell you how to pay the debt
  • Planetary influence? I’ll tell you how to influence the planets in your favor
  • Past life or ancestral? Time travel back and make amends

All sessions recorded.

You will likely be given something to do to continue the healing.

You must be willing to do that.


Important! This is NOT a chit-chat session.

If you want an hour long session with lots of talking- it’s 497.

You will have given me the Problem you need help with in an email. I am already working on it- when you show up in session, you should be ready to listen and allow me to help. This is the only way I will do these readings and Divine Mother has agreed.


You will find it very relaxing to just surrender to Divine Mother and let us do the work for you!

For Dec 16 and 17 (or until 10 spots are filled)get this session with Rebecca and Azna for half price. Use coupon code “know” (no quotation marks) and press APPLY.

Claim your Time-space with me NOW!


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