How to De-calcify the Pineal Gland Instantly-

 I wanted to give you the greatest gift…so I asked Spirit for something we ALL need!

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Because this activation can cause a Deep Trance State , I ask you not to drive or attempt anything difficult for at least an hour after the cleansing and activation.

 * Quickie version for daily use: You do NEED to do the long version above first!


Our pineal gland function has become severely impaired due to calcification. This damage results in less ability to commune with the Divine and less ability to create miracles.

Q. What’s the cause of this calcification?

A. There are many causes, fluoride in water and products, white sugar and flour, not enough absorbable mineral intake, not enough time spent in meditation and spiritual practices.

Q. What’s the solution? How can I get my pineal gland working and get my miracle producing midbrain into more alive, awakened state?

A. You could do the Long-term treatment. No more fluoride, improve your diet, meditate more…etc.

While I do recommend all of the above…that’s not good enough for me!

I asked all my Spiritual guidance to put their heads together and give me something that’s gonna work for you, Instantly! Well, after all, this is the Golden Age. Of course, the answer was given to me even before I could get the request out of my mouth! Spirit is just waiting for us to ask the right questions…did you know that?

…and so, on my birthday, April 29 at 12 noon eastern, I  transmitted to you the Divine Plan to Instantly begin decalcifying Your Pineal Gland!

This method will include:

• A special chant from my  Atlantis Friends: Begin cleansing instantly, chant daily to keep it Squeaky Clean! (I need LOTS of you to chant this with me to make it thousands of times more powerful)

• Special assistance from the elements, and the animal kingdom

• How to harness the power darkness of the great Void for immense benefit

• How to harness the power of the Radiance of the Sun

• The power of the Divine, Divine Rain, Divine Holy Spirit, plus…what makes Divine Sound four times more potent…

 Many thanks go to all the Divine Beings who are assisting me even now.

• Divine Mother Azna, Mataji , Isis, and all forms of the Divine Feminine

• Father God, Source, Jesus, Krishna, Allah and all forms of the Divine Masculine

• My Guru in spirit, Sri Yukteswar, My Guru in flesh, Dr Pillai (Babaji) Data Dastagir Badshah, All the angels, guides, saints and ancestors who are assisting

• Mother earth, father Sky, Elements, nature spirits and the plant and animal kingdoms.

• …and finally, to you, Beloved for crying out for this healing even if you were not aware it was needed. May we all be blessed!

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