Lakshmi’s full Moon Mudra


Ok- it doesn’t have to be a full moon for this to be effective, but it can help!

Lakshmi has given us a “Mudra” to help us attract more of what we want.

(A Mudra is a special hand/body positioning that is associated with the Divine)

In her message the other day, Lakshmi asked us to focus more on the ‘creativity’ aspect of her blessings of grace.

Lakshmi says…”it is through the creativity that your abundance will grow.”

Because Saturday’s moon is going to appear bigger and brighter, this is a great day to get yourself ‘charged up with creativity’ by doing Lakshmi’s Mudra.


You will hold the Mudra position and think of your petition of Lakshmi.

Step 1. Place your tounge against the roof of your mouth(this is an ancient tradition)

Step 2. Place your hands in the sacred Mudra position (shown)

Step 3. Place the soles of your feet together as much as you can (shown)


 (a picture is worth a thousand words in this case for sure)

These positions ceate a ‘cradle of recieving’.

 Be thinking of your petition of Lakshmi.

 Especially, be aware of the powers of creativity She will bestow upon you.

Nothing could be a better gift, for with creativity, followed by action…worlds are created!

Love and Lakshmi blessings,


PS- Deadline for registration in the April HPT relationship course is Mon the 21.

Lakshmi is adding something very special to this already magnificent event.

Lakshmi has asked me to ‘program’ a sacred gift specifically for each individual who attends the live 3 day event in April.

 I will do this right in front of the whole group( so they can share in your joy)

The gift will be implanted with special grace of creativity from Lakshmi that is specially tailored for each specific need.

 Isn’t that Lakshmi something special? Who would have thought of doing such a thing?

Well, the Goddess of Creativity of course.

read about this and see if it calls o you

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  1. syan de lumargh on March 18, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    Oooo, I get chickenskin just reading about this! Thank you. Looking for to seeing you in a few weeks.

  2. Gillian on March 18, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    I LOVE Lakshmi’s energies as expressed through Rebecca. And I agree that creativity followed by action are keys to attracting and enjoying the lives we deserve and want to experience.



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