No Money? Do this…

As a Spiritual Channel, I connect with and recieve messages from many high Beings of Light.

Recently, a Powerful Sufi saint, Data Dastagir Badshah asked me to help those who are having problems with money.

Because I am Both a Channel and Energy healer, I will guide you in an energy healing technique which Data asked me to give you.

It is helpful to gaze in Data Dastagir’s Eyes before doing the exercise.

If you find his name hard to wrap your tounge around, simply call him…”The Sainted One”

"The Sainted One"

"The Sainted One"

In this exercise/prayer, we will be holding certain energy points to amp up the process.
“Third eye point”  in the middle of forehead- Increases psychic vision
 The “Inner Eye Points” are where every accupressure meridian enters the brain
 The “Under Eye points” address fear.
*Hold the points with a light touch.
*Your thumb and fourth (ring) finger hold the inner eye points.
*Your Pinky rests on either of the ‘under eye points”
*Your forefinger and middle finger rest at the corners of the third eye- imagine that you are slightly stretching the third eye open. (You really are)
Holding Eye Points

Holding Eye Points

I am including a video of how to do the Exercise/ prayer to clear your obstacles to Prosperity. However, if your computer does not support video, here are the written instructions.
#1 Relax, you cannot clear your energy in a tense state.
#2. Thump your thymus (center of chest right above the heart) say, “Balance” 
#3. Hold Eye Points (like the picture) breathe in and out a few times and relax
#4. Say this prayer, ‘O Sainted One, Show me what’s blocking my Blessings” Continue to hold the eyepoints and pay attention to what is coming into your awareness. It could be a feeling, vision, thoughts, or words. Don’t judge, just let it be. it is not your job to do anything right now…simply observe.
#5. Holding the eyepoints, “O Sainted One, help me to dissolve, remove or transform this obstacle. Show me if there is any action I need to take”. Once again, simply pay attention to what comes up.
#6. (still holding eyepoints) I give you permission to help me open to recieve, I ask your help in transforming obstacles, I open my heart to you, O Sainted One and ask for your blessings.    
#7. Now just relax and know that the work has begun. When you get inspiration to take some action- do it! You may do this process as often as you like…somthing new may come up for you each time you do this.     
Vidio coming soon!                                           





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