Find my Soul Mate

7 Tips to Attract the Soul Mate of Your dreams… and Get the Real Love You’ve been Longing for!



Have you ever wondered if that special soul mate will ever come into your life?


Would you like to Know how You can Attract a  “Soul Mate” Even if you have given up? And would you like to attend this class at no cost to you?

This is my “love gift” to you.  No Cost teleclass

Would you recognize your soul mate?

How would you know?
Would you be ready?


“7 Tips To Attract the SoulMate of Your Dreams… and Finally Get the Love You’ve Been Longing For”



Here are some of the most criticle issues I got from my survey of hundreds of men and women.

• Don’t know if there is anyone for me (I will answer this for you)
• Still feel too much pain from lost love, grief (Discover how to get over this)
• Still feel Anger, resentment toward former men/women (easy clearing tecnique)

• Don’t know how to set boundaries
• I don’t know how to put myself in situations to meet anyone
• Terrified to take action, more comfy to stay like this

• Terrified of rejection
• I am afraid I am too old
• I am afraid I have too much karma or (not my karma to meet someone)

• I’m afraid to be hurt
• I’ve already tried everything, books courses, online dating
• I’m afraid I’m not worthy


• I’m too fat or out of shape
• Fear of criticism
• I work too hard to have time to look

• I lack confidence
• I’m sick of fixer-uppers

Some questions that will be answered in class are…

*How do I know if there really is anyone for me?

*Can you have more than one soul mate in a lifetime?
*How do I know if my current relationship is good for me?

*What can you tell me that is different than what others have told me?

*Are their karmic issues surrounding my soul mate?

*What if I have someone now but they make me miserable?

*Is this all about Divine Timing? and if it is…

*Well, how the heck can I speed that up?

*What if I keep making the same mistakes over and over?

No charge for this fab, soul mate teleclass.

I am presenting this free class twice to allow for more to attend.

 One registration gets you entrance to both events.

 Class time:

Sat  Feb 27 from 4-5 PM EST (New York Time)


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8 Responses to “Find my Soul Mate”

  1. Anne on February 11th, 2010 3:05 am

    Hello Rebecca,

    I have tried several times, on both pages, and cannot register for the class “How To Find Your Soul Mate”. I just get error messages.

    Thank you for checking this out.


  2. Jacqueline on February 11th, 2010 2:51 pm

    Hi Rebecca!
    WOW! What beautiful timing. I am not (i don’t think) looking to “find my soul mate” but WAS looking how to get rid of the parasitic energies from previous “encounters”.

    Earlier, before your newsletter promoting this live class and audio came thru, it had been revealed to me by Spirit, that I was hold on to regrets – things I had done. However, even using EFT, I was unable to uncover the cause.

    About an HOUR later, I see “Rebecca” in my email box – opened it up and the ‘parasitic energies” audio rang a bell for me. Little did I know at the time, in this audio there was a segment on releasing ‘REGRETS”! Woo-hoo!!! SUPER***SUPER***POWERFUL AUDIO!!

    I have ordered your audios of previously recorded live calls before, so I had no hesitation in ordering this one! What I have found to be true is that they are JUST AS POWERFUL as when they are live. I’ve been involved with both, so I can easily compare. The only difference is if there are any questions … but it seems someone in the live call ALWAYS has the same question I’d have in mind anyway!

    I’m looking forward to the live sessions on Thursday and Saturday – just to be in this wonderful Energy! Funny part? Saturday- Feb. 27th is the date my EX-husband and I were married! Coincidence?! Cue “Twilight Zone” music! haha

    Thank you so much for allowing Azna and the Universal Team of Angels and Masters to communicate thru you for our own personal good and the good of this planet!!

    Love and HUGS –

  3. Lila Lear on February 12th, 2010 12:08 am

    Hi, beautiful Lady! I’m looking forward to talking with you to share my great news. I’ll be there Thursday night. Thank you for ALL that you do, but thanks most for being who you really are! Love, Lila

  4. Lindy LOu on February 24th, 2010 7:10 am

    Can you attract a soul mate for another person whom you would like to help?Perhaps help them to be open to receiving their soulmate?
    Thanks for all your help and wonderful insights.

  5. Alan Hickman on February 25th, 2010 11:49 am

    Hi Rebecca – I have been watching your emails and offerings for some time now and this one caught my eye.

    About six years ago I began teaching a 4 step process for people to attract perfect customers to their business. I noticed that I would get to step three and someone would always raise their hand and ask, “Can I use this process to attract a perfect mate?”

    About a year ago I started integrating EFT as a resource along with our BEE-ing Attraction planning process, and yesterday I was teaching a perfect customers class and the first thing someone said to me was how grateful she was that I had introduced her to EFT. She was a financial advisor downsized last year and the combination of the BEE-ing Attraction process and EFT has helped her release limiting beliefs and rebuild her business in a whole new and different way.

    Alan Hickman

  6. Veronike on February 27th, 2010 6:28 pm

    I cannot believe that I missed it again!!! I was wondering if you would have a replay at all of this class. Thank you for all your wonderful tips and classes that you offer. I really enjoy them!!

  7. sandi on May 4th, 2010 9:50 am

    As you can see from the name of my company, Life By Design Fitness
    we truly create our lives. I have been working with EFT for a about a week – 2-2 x’s/day. I have been tapping on becomming a millionaire using Brad Yates as my guide.
    I have stumbled on to your EFT expertise and was wondering if you could offer any assistance to helping me achieving my goal of becomming a millionaire?
    I have tapped along with you too Marina and your energy is fun. You are the only one that does the spleen area. Does it matter which course you follow for tapping?
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

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