Seven Tips for Spiritual Housecleaning

Seven Tips for Spiritual Housecleaning
By Rebecca Marina
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It is important to balance and cleanse the energy in your home as well
as your personal energy field periodically.
You can tell if your home needs cleansing by testing.
Walk through all the rooms in your home …..with the intention of sensing the energy.

* Does the energy feel light and crispy?
* Heavy and stale?
* Do certain areas of your home feel denser than others?
* Do you feel chaotic or confused energy?

There are several kinds of cleansing you may use.
I have used all of these methods with success.
If the spiritual words offend you, substitute whatever words work for you.

Bottom line:  If your energy field and home are stagnant,
these exercises will clean it up.

Visitors coming and going as well as arguments and other
unsettling energies can linger and disturb the harmonious
balance of your home.

# 1. Sage cleansing
My favorite way to cleanse and balance the energy in my home is the
Native American way using a “sage broom”.

Light it and let it burn a moment, then blow it out- holding the sage over an ashtray, walk from room to room chanting this mantra “Sacred sage cleanse my home”.  I also use the sage to cleanse my own energy field.  he smell of it awakens powerful ancestral memories. I also use the sage to cleanse my own energy field.  The smell of it awakens powerful ancestral memories.

# 2. Frankincense and Myrrh
When I need a very powerful house cleaning I purchase
frankincense and myrrh and a special charcoal to burn it on.

This charcoal has a little indentation to hold the frankincense and myrrh
(both in resin form).  It is very important that the charcoal be in a heavy ash tray as it will burn for a long time and generate a lot of heat.  Place the frankincense and myrrh in the indentation, light it and wait  for the smoke to billow. In a state of sacred intention, walk from room to room allowing the smoke to cleanse and balance each room. This will balance and cleanse your personal energy field as well. Make sure you run cold water over the charcoal after it has burned completely out. Never throw a smoldering charcoal in your trash.

# 3. Holy Rose Water
A simple, sweet and very effective way to cleanse your home is through the use of Holy rose water. Purchase the best brand of essential oil of rose that you can afford (the higher the quality, the higher the vibrations).

Roses are associated with Holy Mother, and Divine Feminine energy thus bringing a calming sweet energy to your home. Place a few drops of the oil in a spray bottle with purified water.  Say a prayer over the water and bless it.  Go from room to room spraying the holy water and cleansing the energy.
Mist your own energy field as well.  This is very refreshing and easy to do.

#4. Angel Power
All the archangels and your personal angels are at your service and delight in being assistance to you.

Archangel Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel are at your command.
Ask for the power of these angelic energies to walk with you through every room of your home.  Imagine divine light cleansing and balancing every square inch of your space.  Imagine these angelic beings forming a circle around you and showering you with light.

#5. The power of Jesus Christ ( It is not necessary to be of the Christian faith to make use of this power- it works for any faith. I use whatever works and this works!)

If you sense the presence of any darker energies in your home or energy field, its time to bring out the big guns- the power of Jesus Christ.
When Jesus was in physical form he commanded many dark energies to leave. The same power is available for us to use today. It does not matter what religion you are or what you believe about Jesus, there is power in the sacred name.
Here is a simple prayer you can use.
I call upon the power of Jesus Christ to cleanse and release any dark energies from my energy field and my home. I ask the angels to escort these energies to the light. Amen.
Caution– it is important not to “spite” or “hate” any darker energies.
These are negative energies, and it will only give them more power- it will also put you in a state of “fear” and that is the opposite of love.
Simply say the prayer and leave it up to Jesus and the angels to escort any darker energies out of your energy field.

# 6. Curse Removal

If you feel you have been cursed in any way you will want to use  this exercise. The most powerful way to remove a curse is  through the power of forgiveness and love.  You cannot “hate” your way out of this, you can only love your way out of it.  Keep in mind that a “curse” can be simply energetic thoughts of envy or hatred that someone has directed towards you. This can set up an interfering or chaotic energy pattern.  For this we will use the energy therapy of TAT.

Put your hands in the TAT pose and say,
“I feel cursed.”
Allow the feelings to come to the surface and continue with the treatment.

I ask divine light to assist me in complete forgiveness of this person, or persons, known or unknown.
I release any need to blame them or make them pay for any harm
that has been done.
I release any need to get sympathy or attention because of these conditions.
I ask and allow divine light and love to cleanse and balance my energy field, my physical body, mental body, and spiritual body.
I completely release any effects of this curse to the light.
I ask divine light to fill my being with the energy of continued forgiveness. I am grateful. Amen.”


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