Healing Within the Akashic Records

A Powerful “Soul Healing”… Straight from Spirit.

Beyond Ancestral healing…

Beyond Karma cleansing…

Healing within the Akashic records.Audio Program

(NOW at a CRAZY 70% Discount!)

This is the most powerful teaching I have ever been give.I don’t even know if I can put the power of this in words… Many saints, ascended masters, angels and Prophets have asked to be part of this healing with you.


What are the Akashic records and why is this important?

The Akashic records are where every thought, deed, and experience of your soul is recorded. Spirit says that what is past is a done deal and the deed cannot be changed but you can go into the Akashic records and change the energy around a traumatic event and affect the OUTCOME from this moment forward!


By applying the power of Divine Light and Divine Forgiveness and changing the whole energy around the trauma or event. Take it the ultimate step further by AMENDING YOUR AKASHIC RECORD TO REFLECT a new and positive outcome.!

Healing within the Akashic records is a Huge undertaking and we cannot heal everything in one class. We can however take one specific area to amend.

For this first class we will amend ABUNDANCE ISSUES.

I am going to give you a brief outline of this class- if you can take my outline and do this process on yourself then I will be happy.


Because the real lesson in this audio program is,

“You have the power as a human to direct Divine Light” You have the power as a human to affect the outcome for yourself and your descendants.

Imagine this scene…

You are standing before a great hall- the hall where the records are kept. You are supported by many saints, angels, Jesus, Mother God, Father God and prophets.

*This is the first time the Prophet Elijah has come to me and asked to be part of a healing. In the scriptures Elijah ascended in a chariot of fire leaving his mantle for his protégé Elisha who became endowed with those same powers. (II Kings verses 1-15.)

I got the chills when I got out my bible and read the account of when Elijah ascended. Seems he bestowed his power on Elisha and now wants to be part of OUR transformation.

Quan Yin, goddess of compassion especially asked to be part of this by bringing 1000 singing “ladies of compassion.”

Your requests for Divine healing and forgiveness will be reverberated by sound and light thought all the kingdoms of the world. yes, even to other worlds. Every molecule in the universe will expand and accept this Divine Light and forgiveness that will change the outcome of your life experience from this moment forward.

The scene unfolds…

The keeper of the records stand before you- he knows why you are here. After all, it is written in your own Akashic record.

He leads you into the great hall, your supporter follow.

You stand before your book- placing your hands slightly above the book you feel your souls vibration. The book is in collaboration with your soul, it has healing power all on it’s own.

When we give the commands (I will guide you as directed by spirit) the book will open by itself- you will see a hologram of the experience or trauma that occurred somewhere in your souls existence that cries out for healing. You are the director of Divine Flow.

As the trauma is healed by Divine light and Forgiveness, you may write and amendment. Just like the Constitution, The Akashic records of the past cannot be changes but they CAN be amended.

Will you choose a life affirming amendment or a life denying amendment? Chances are, you are suffering today because someone in your souls history made a life denying choice of beliefs that haunt you now. Beliefs that have held parts of your life prisoner.

Spirit has directed me to do Akashic record healing of traumas or experiences involving not only your souls journey but your mothers and fathers as well. There has never been anything like this opportunity to my knowledge.

If you are the one who will do this Akashic record healing you are feeling the call right now.

If it sounds like poppycock to you then this is not for you.

This audio program is 2.5 hrs to allow for this powerful process.

Regular Price  $73 dollars. *only 21.90 with black Friday Coupon Code”70 ” no quotation marks.


This is the first time the Prophet Elijah has come to me and asked to be part of a healing. Elijah says he wants to share his gift of prophecy with you. The amendments you write to your Akashic record will become self-fulling prophecies.

Please allow yourself to Experience this most extraordinary healing event by taking the audio program.

Class Information: (NOW at a CRAZY 70% Discount!)

Audio program Length: 2.5 hours

Regular Price  $73 dollars.

*only 21.90 with black Friday Coupon Code”70 ” no quotation marks.


Be SURE and press APPLY- after you enter the coupon in the little box.


Pre-recorded Audio Prorgam delivered Instantly after purchase   CLICK TO BUY AUDIO NOW

Please do as you are guided. This is a chance of a lifetime to get this level of healing at this special price.

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