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Below you will find all of Rebecca’s most current Teleseminars that you may attend.  Can’t seem to fit Rebecca’s Teleseminars into your schedule?  No problem!  Many of her Teleseminars are recorded and ALSO available for sale in MP3 audio format for your convenience, easy to download to your iPod/MP3 player to sit back, relax, listen and learn. Have a topic you’d like Rebecca to explore in a new upcoming seminar?  Let her know. ENJOY!

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Rebecca’s Current Teleseminars/Audios

Healing Within the Akashic Records

A Powerful “Soul Healing”… Straight from Spirit.  Beyond Ancestral Healing. Beyond Karma Cleansing.  Healing within the Akashic records.  This is the most powerful teaching I have ever been given.  I don’t even know if I can put the power of this in words.  Many saints, ascended masters, angels and prophets have asked to be part of this healing with you. Click to read more

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The Golden Keys to the Kingdom

Because some of my readers have been hit hard with the economy, I have put together an incredible healing package for almost no cost.  I will teach you a process where you can easily and effortlessly gain ideas, inspiration, information, guidance, wisdom, on any topic you desire.  This process has already proven absolutely priceless to me.  Yes, over the top, never be alone, tuned in, tapped in, turned on, and valuable beyond limits to me. Click to read more

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Soul Deliverance End Money Worries

I do want to let you know that this class is a very SPIRITUAL class taught from the SOUL level.  End Money Worries/Ancestral Healing/Soul Deliverance.  What is different about this teaching of EMW?  I am different.  A part of my soul has opened to deeper teachings to set your soul free.  This whole class will be taught on a “soul level”. Click to read more

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How to Make ANY Money Principle Work for You!

“How to make ANY wealth principle work like crazy!”  I asked my chief guide, Sol, to give me a new prosperity tip to teach that would work for everybody.  Sol said, “Rebecca, the wealth principles are as old as time…” Click to read more

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Advanced Class on Near Death Experience, Plus Pet Bonus!*Not Included in Black Fri sale

Why fear death when you can be in total control?  You may have also heard the horror stories about people who have had spooky, dark experiences.  This class will teach you how to ensure that your own transition is blissful, cognitive, and you are aware of everything that is happening. Click to read more

Price $67

How to Get READY for More Money

I will be teaching the most powerful class on abundance that has ever been revealed to me.  I cannot teach it yet because so many of us are not ready.  What?  Not ready?  Are you crazy?  Rebecca! Here is what Spirit said to do first… Click to read more

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Price $47

Align with the Energy of Receiving

What kind of great things would you be getting right NOW if you just knew how to ALIGN with The energy of receiving? Solution: Take this online audio class & clear your unconscious beliefs that block your receiving.  Energy healing at its best. Click to read more

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Hypnotize me for Success!

How to thrive when the market really stinks!  “For Pete’s sake Rebecca, why don’t you just hypnotize them?”  In the last 4 years, my business has increased by over 900%.  Almost 1000%.  Yet, my heart feels concern for those who feel stuck in the financial abyss of despair and uncertainty. Click to read more

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Price $87

Contact Your Spirit Guide

My Chief guide, Sol, asked me to bring you this class to help you learn to tune in and “grow rich with your guide”.  Your guide has a purpose, and part of that purpose is to help you grow wealth in every area of your life.  Your guide cannot grow unless you do.

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Click to read more

Price $67

End Money Worries for Good! (Not included- get the Soul Deliverance version above- very simular)

Until you get to the “root cause” of your money worries, you can read prosperity books ’till you are blue in the face and it just ain’t gonna work!  In order to turn this thing around, you have to get to the very “root cause” of your money problems. Click to read more


Price $77

Healing the Violence of your Birth

This offer includes “Healing Childhood Abuse” as well as the Violence of your Birth Trauma.

Unless you were born at home with the kind attentions of a loving family and possibly a mid-wife in attendance, chances are you are suffering the effects of patterns of energy set up around your “violent” birth.  Contributing factors of a violent birth are being labor induced, pulled out with forceps, C-section, or even made to “hold back” the birth. Click to read more

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Price $87

Healing Childhood Abuse (a better deal is the one above- you get two classes)

Can you tell when you are being abused?  Does this sound like a crazy question?  Here’s what can happen to you:  If an abuse pattern is introduced to you at an early age, you can become so “accepting” of abuses that it almost feels normal.  If this pattern is fed with other abuses, it starts to magnetize like crazy.  Recently, I had to face some old unhealed abuse issues of my own. Click to read more

Price $67