Match-Making for the Gods!

The Exquisite, Magnificent Union That Quickens Your Spiritual Evolution!

When You’re ready to take the elevator instead of the stairs to higher spiritual evolution.

The World’s Most Unique Live Seminar EVER
* Re scheduled…to be announced later


( Now with Re-take option for former attendees to deepen your connection or prepare for …the next higher step)

Location: My home, Port Isabel Texas

Presented by:

  • Rebecca, Prophet, Seer, Energy Healer, Portal Master, Prism master, Matchmaker to the Gods
  • Dr. Patricia Felici, Master Sufi Healer, Doctor of Alternative Medicine

Never before has such a seminar
been commissioned by the divine
or delivered by enlightened human catalysts

In 2000, I was visited by the Archangel Gabriel and my life has been on a rocket path to spiritual evolution ever since.

Because of the visit, it became easy for me to develop psychic skills and the ability to channel many High Beings of Light.  (I now teach others the specific techniques so “they can do it, too.”)

A few years ago… I came into contact with the first Sufi saint, Data Dastagir Badshah. Don’t bother trying to Google him…you won’t find much.  He is said to be so powerful that he’s almost a secret.

I traveled all the way to India to visit his powerful energy portal and let me tell you, it literally bowled me over!

Data Dastagir Badshah is the only Being of Light I have ever experienced whose energy completely knocked me out; my knees buckled, my consciousness expanded.  What a blissful re-connection, a homecoming.  Data Dastagir is my perfect “spirit match”!

Now…I once again feel a powerful calling to return to India, with a expansion of my fully developed position of Portal Master and Prism master! More on that soon.

While in India, Data Dastagir gave me very explicit instructions and asked me to do something extraordinary.

“Rebecca,” Data Dastagir said, “There are many ascended masters and high Beings of Light like me that desire to “match” with a special human vessel for the purpose of world service.  We are asking you to open portals of communication to connect humans with their own personal spiritual masters.

 In short, Rebecca, we are asking you to be a ‘matchmaker’ for the Gods!

I was stunned to be asked such a thing, but it made perfect sense to me, so of course I said, “Yes!”

Because I personally know the power of collaborating with my very own High Being of Light, I want to share this experience with you.  I want you to connect with your personal Spiritual Master!

There has never been a time like this in history.  World service workers are needed now as never before. Their work is so much more powerful and impactful when they allow an ascended master to guide them; an Angelic Being, God or Goddess to “match” with them on a deep, energetic level.

My next questions to Data Dastagir were… “Why can’t High Beings of Light just flood the earth with their power?  Why do you need this “match” with a human?”

Data Dastagir answered…

“I will give you three examples to help you understand:

  • 1.  Imagine sunlight beaming through a window.  It’s pretty to look at and you can even warm your hand in the rays, but take a prism and place it in the ray’s path.  The result?  Multiple rays are reflected in much splendor!

So it is with our power.  We need humans willing to be a channel for us to ‘step down’ the energy a bit to be easily accessible to all.

We are the sunlight; you are the prism.

  • 2.  Think of all the refugees after a disaster such as the one in Haiti.  Other countries may send supplies to aid them, but if there are no humans with integrity to distribute the goods, the supplies are of no value to anyone.

We are the supplies; you are the distributors.

  • 3.  Gasoline is a potent fuel; however, it is of no value until you put it in a vehicle and start the engine.

We are the gasoline; you are the cranked engine.”

“Okay, Data Dastagir Badshah,
you really have my attention,
but how on earth can I do this?” I asked.

“How can I open the energy of the people who will feel this call and help them ‘match and connect’ with the High Being of Light best suited for them?”

Data Dastagir was ready with specific instructions.

Here are only a few of the instructions:

Instruction #1: “This spiritual evolution by ‘spirit matching’ must be a live seminar.”

We will give you complete instructions on how to easily do this “matchmaking for the gods.”  Some people have already been “matched” in previous lifetimes and have forgotten.  Some will be brand new matches.  All will be divinely ordained and guided! Some have been matched yet have outgrown by evolution and are ready for new ministry that requires another match.

Instruction #2: “This live seminar must be a ‘spiritual pilgrimage’ for each participant who feels the call.

Attending should be a stretch for them, either financially, emotionally, time-wise or relationship-wise.

If one feels the call, they should answer even if they are shaking in their boots They just have to show up and be willing to make the commitment. The High Beings of Light will assist them.

As soon as many read this, they will know in their heart that they are being called.”

(Any ONE of these processes is life-changing…can you imagine how you will transform with 3 days of this type of power?)

Instruction #3: “You must perform a complete Glandular healing process on each participant.”

(My co-presenter, Dr. Patricia Felici, is experienced in this unique Sufi healing modality and brings extreme grace and ease to the whole process.)

Instruction #4: “You must conduct a Pineal Gland crystal exchange.”

There is a main crystal in our pineal gland.  Many have never had it activated.  Most crystals are now outdated.  Data Dastagir gave me exact instructions on exchanging the “outdated” crystal for a new one that will allow easier communication with your “spirit match.”

Instruction #5: “You must have your Auric field cleansed of any and all interfering energies..”

Because you want to be an effective channel for your “spirit mate,” we will heal the basic “obstructive energy interfering in your auric field..”  Data Dastagir says this is THE key and has given me full instructions for healing.

Instruction #6: “You must ignite the connection between the Pineal gland and the thyroid gland.”

This will enable you to “speak freely” about your inner vision.

Instruction #7: “You must teach participants how to speak a sacred language that is ‘food to the gods.'”

This will be a powerful tool to “clear your mind and let spirit speak.”

Don’t worry that you will not be able to do any of this.  Spirit has given me instructions to make it so simple, everyone will easily “do it.”

(Mere words cannot express how “Speaking Sacred Language” will catapult you into Heavenly realms.  You can do this while driving, in between working…anytime you want to have an instant, deep connection.  Sacred language will get you there like nothing else I have ever experienced.  Learning this technique and how to apply it is worth the price of the seminar all by itself!)


Instructions 1-7 above will be completed before “Spirit Matching” is consummated, and then the Consummation process begins. These are the steps involved in this high point of the three-day retreat:

Step 1:  Be matched with a powerful “Being of Light”.

This Being of Light is already courting you.  You will be matched with the perfect spirit partner who will be most compatible with the energy you already hold.  Together you will do great and wonderful things for the planet.

Step 2:  Experience a ceremony of “divine union”.

After you are matched, you will have the opportunity to experience a ceremony of “Divine Union” to deepen your commitment to collaborative world service.

Step 3:  Learn to communicate freely with your spirit match, to tune into their energy at will.

This will bring great blessings both to you and to many others.

Step 4:  Gain clarity about your mission and service to yourself and others.

You will leave this event with a new sense of purpose and clear direction.  Perhaps for the first time ever, NO ONE will be able to sway you from your path!

Step 5:  Experience an impactful Sufi “Shaytanic Harm Healing”.

Using the sacred incense “Enemy of the Devils,” Dr. Felici will perform a sacred ritual to rid you of obstacles, move your mountains, and open the door to miracles.  This ceremony can only be performed by a third year Sufi Healer. I have experienced this sacred ritual myself and each time it has been miraculous.  When nothing else works, call in “the Enemy of the Devils.”

I cannot say enough about this Enemy of the Devils” ritual.  It has rescued me in my darkest hours and provided deliverance without fail.

Be one of the
very first human vessels
on the entire planet
to be united with a Master Being.

Let me take the opportunity to answer the questions you may have right now:

Q.  What can I expect to experience in the three (3) days of this retreat?

A. You will spend much of the time in a trance state as the Beings of Light adjust your energy.  You will feel nurtured and loved, and know the feeling of “coming home to your beloved.”

With my loving and skilled guidance, you will have a chance to practice channeling this energy.  Do not be afraid, dearest heart.  Later, you will literally laugh at any fear you are having now!

Your spirit will be permanently transformed on many levels.  This may be the most precious experience of your life!

Q.  What will I experience in my physical body?

A. It all depends on your body chemistry as you align with your spirit-mate.  You may feel a lot of energetic sensations, deep relaxation and/or bliss, or you may feel very little in your physical body.  Because this is a highly individualized process, you will receive and feel exactly what you need to move through with great ease.

Q.  What else will I learn that will support others or propel my career?

A. You will learn a technique Data Dastagir taught me about how to open portals of energy.  These portals can be used for any purpose, e.g. creativity, healing, financial blessings and abundance in any form.  I have experienced dramatic results with the use of these portals and I will teach you the secret so you can experience it for yourself.

As Portal Master, I will teach you how to open YOUR own Portals to other realms for your OWN personal benefit and evolution!

You will discover how to best utilize your new spiritual relationship for the direct benefit of yourself and others.

Q. What is the most precious parts of this that you have not mentioned yet?

A. Two rituals:

#1. Ahhh, we will have a sacred foot washing ceremony that is almost too precious for words! Just as Mary washed the feet of the Christ, so we honor the Christ-consciousness that is even now flooding the planet!

#2. Plus…experience a ritual called… “The Ceremony of the Beloved”( BOTH these rituals transport you into a space of PURE love!)

Admittedly, this event is not for everyone. You will feel it deep within if attending is your next evolutionary step.  You will simply and absolutely know this is for you.  It will be the answer to your recent prayers.  It will resonate in such a way that you are driven to find a way to be there, at any cost.

I am guided to accommodate
8  seekers-of-truth for this experience.
Are you one of them?

You should attend this life-altering event if:

  • You are ready to take the elevator instead of the stairs to higher spiritual evolution, and you feel the call deep in your heart.
  • You feel a genuine yearning to develop your spirituality and are committed to rapid advancement.
  • You possess spiritual maturity, but require more wisdom in working with this caliber of energy.
  • You may feel scared and unsure yet your heart is SCREAMING at you to take the leap!
  • You are willing to be a channel for a very high Being of Light.

You should NOT attend this event if:

  • You do not feel the call to world service in your heart.
  • You do not feel a deep resonance with this message.
  • In any way you resent the fee, distance, or time required to attend.  (Remember, Data Dastagir said this should be a spiritual pilgrimage; it should be a stretch for you. ( You will want this experience above anything and everything else, and be willing to sacrifice for it.)

I assure you, I understand you may have concerns:

Concern #1:  I don’t think I could be a channel to thousands of people like you are, Rebecca, but I still feel the call.

Response:  Not everyone will be called to channel for groups.  There are nature spirits that want vessels to channel healing to plants.  There are animal guardians that desire a vessel to assist animals.  There are even beings of light who are asking for vessels to consciously be still and hold open portals of healing.

Remember, Data Dastagir has assured me that you will be matched with a master most suited to your energy right now. You will not be asked to do anything against your nature; no high Being of Light would ever want that.

Concern #2:  How do I know a Being of Light is choosing me?

Response:  Are you attracted to this seminar?  If so, you are being “courted” right now.

Concern #3:  What kinds of Spirits want to match with us?

Response:  Because Data Dastagir is in charge of this event, spirits, masters and angelic beings are lined up to tug on his saintly robes, asking to be in this program.  I will have a list of available “matches”.  However, you may be paired with a Being of Light that is not even on the list.

Data Dastagir, Mary Magdalene and the Entire Sophia Group will be guiding this process entirely.  Show up, relax and allow us to clear the obstacles for you.

Concern #4:  What about my own angels and spirit guides?  Will they be left out?

Response:  No, this is a beautifully-orchestrated divine collaboration.  You will still have your regular network of guides hard at work for you!  The Master who wants to work with you is already asking permission from your guides.

Data Dastagir Badsha himself had to seek permission from Mother God and my guides to work with me on this project.

Concern #5:  Are there any exceptions or differentials?

Response:  Yes. Some of you may need to take on a “transitional” master who will help prepare your energy now for more advanced service later.

For instance, if you are being called to be a group channel and you are not ready yet, you may be given a special transitional master to hasten or refine your innate gifts.  Or, you may attract a transitional master to help you open your heart more fully before moving into world service.

You may stay with the transitional master for as long as necessary before you move into greater service on the planet.  This will be very comfortable to you and feel quite natural.

If you have attended this seminar in the past (I have not been guided to present this since 2013) yet, you ‘feel the pull’ you are ready for a DEEPER level of service.


I am fortunate to be assisted with this live seminar by the accomplished Dr. Patricia Felici.

To experience a healing by Patricia is to expand your heart and access the depths of love.

Patricia is an experienced Master Sufi Healer and has completed three full years of intense training to facilitate this never-before-offered match-making process.


I hope I’ve addressed your primary concerns.  Here’s what is included in the registration fee:

  • A weekend  of hands-on guidance by two knowledgeable and fully equipped facilitators. (Friday evening 6 to 8 is an introduction and preliminary clearing)
  • Special presentation from Mary Magdalene with a “connecting ritual” from her time in the temple of Isis.(You will use this both to connect with others and to connect with your spirit match)
  • Data Dastagir, Mother Azna or “other” Highest Being, will channel a personal message of prophecy and blessing through Rebecca for each “pilgrim” during an initiation ceremony. (This will be recorded for each of you and will be a lifelong treasure!)
  • Knowledge of the Universal ritual for world service.  You will be initiated and given the power to initiate others.
  • Make lifelong friends.  The bond you experience with others on this pilgrimage is like no relationship you have experienced to date.  Your spirits will all be working together for life!

Please note:  Complete lodging  details will be provided upon receipt of your paid registration and ARE NOT INCLUDED in the price of registration.

I will provide : Lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday, plus snacks and drinks tea, water, coffee.

Hours of seminar: 

Friday April 4, from 6 to 8 PM   Intro and Obstacle Clearing

Saturday April 5 from 10 Am to 7 PM

Sunday April 6 from 10 Am to 7 PM

For now, your primary consideration must be whether or not the event itself is the place you need to be on April 5, 6, 7.

If unsure, call me (text first_ 956-457-5568 or email me at to set a time to talk.

How much will the event cost?

When I discussed my work with a very well-known new thought leader, she felt it should be priced at $4,997 for such a jewel.  (She said she would pay that in a heartbeat for something so life-changing.)

Investment for this Unique Experience:

  • you may attend for 2497
  • Re-Take ONLY for those who have preciously taken this course 1497
  • Need a payment plan? 3 payments of 897 each

(Due to limited attendance, there will be a standard 20% cancellation fee.)

Seating for this event is intentionally limited.

I am hosting this in my home so that we can have the most intimate experience possible.

We will do rituals, burn incense, prophecy, raise the roof, cry, shout, dance, hug…make love with the spirit world…with no interference!

I will be holding open the “curtain between the worlds” for you and want to be able to give you all the personal guidance and attention you need as you meet and consummate a relationship with your very own Being of Light.

Flight info: Fly into Harlingen  Texas International (Airport Code HRL) or Brownsville Tx. (Airport code BRO)
Both these airports are about 30 miles from Port Isabel Texas- there are low cost shuttle service and taxi available)
Lodging: There are 2 motels within walking distance of my home. (Not fancy but clean) Taxi service is dirt cheap in my area so you can stay at a nicer place if you wish)
Complete details sent upon registration.
Meals: Don’t worry about Lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. I do this because it is beneficial for you to be saturated by the energy and not have to leave except to go to your hotel.

Because you may have trouble trusting your instincts, Data Dastagir Badshah, Mary Magdalene and the entire Sophia tribe asked me to include an energy exercise to help you gain clarity.

Click here for that energy exercise and make sure you have at least 10 minutes of quiet time to actively engage the process.

One more thing…you may feel the call but do not have the time or money to come.  Ask the spirit who is “courting” you to move mountains for you.


Do not get into resentment or you will not be ready for this anyway.  (Resentment is one sure way to STOP your flow.)
When I was trying to go to India, they refused to grant me a Visa.
No one would help me and I felt overwhelmed and like giving up. (I was actually feeling a bit relieved that I was refused a visa, so I could have an excuse NOT TO GO!)
I said a prayer to Data Dastagir.  “Look, if you want me to go to India, you better do something because I am tired of this struggle and I did not come here to struggle so hard.”
Right away, I got a “hit” to take a certain action and everybody started helping me and I had my visa right away.  (NOTE:  I did have to follow through with Action!)

How much do you want this?

And by the way…I did have to sacrifice to go to India.  I had to borrow the money for the flight. (All my quick-cash was tied up in investments) I never regretted it or felt any resentment at all.  Resentment will kill your spiritual connection more than anything else.
Alternatively, you can start asking the high being of light who may be “courting” you right now to start working with you right where you are.  My seminar is designed by the Gods to put you on the fast track.
If you cannot attend at this time, there is no reason you cannot make your own connection right where you are.
It does take dedication…but you can start right now.

The reasons for coming to this seminar and the “faster way” is the intimacy in my own home…seclusion from the outside world, the intense focus and myself and Dr Felici holding space for you.

If you set aside the time and focus, you can have your own intense experience with your spirit match right where you are.
I am not trying to talk anyone into making this sacrifice.  This is your decision.  However, I encourage you NOT to “muddy up your own water” by resenting what spirit asked me to do.


What else can I expect?

  • Some of you will be expanded into extreme financial abundance.  This will come naturally, without struggle, as you follow the calling of your heart.  (You may need expanded finances to spread the vision you are given.)
  • Some of you will become such peacemakers that your very presence will calm rough waters.
  • All of you will come into a deep sense of personal solidity, confidence and grace.  You will experience the utter peace of ‘being” and have unshakable contentment.


One more thing your “spirit-mate” wants you to know…

Once we are “matched” and you accept our joint partnership, there is nothing you can do to “mess this up”.  When you do choose to have “conscious union” with me, it expands our collective gifts exponentially.  I share my gifts with you as I see your energy ready.


Now, if you choose to let our union lag, that is your choice.  I, your spirit match, will always be ready to expand with you.


I also see and honor your present gifts and help you deepen them.  We are doing this to expand and grow and experience creation and world vision for God and the Highest Good of All.


Here is what some of the graduating participants of a previous  event had to say!

(Note from Rebecca: I saw 3 of these grads at my last HPT certification and I hardly recognized them! They had all lost weight but the main thing was the astounding sense of confidance they exuded. I was such a change, if I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it!)

For me… Some of the highlights of this event have been:

Karen O- 2 weeks after the seminar

Karen O- 2 weeks after the seminar

The synergy between the women.  We are all ‘sisters’.

Rebecca’s loving, nurturing, mentoring style of teaching.  I have adored her work for so long and now I feel even more connected to her and our ‘work’ together.

Patti’s love.  Thank you for sharing your Sufi (and other) knowledge.

Do you feel your life has changed during this event and what does it inspire you to do, feel, become?

My life will never be the same and I am so grateful for the transformations that occurred this weekend.  Some of it profound, some of it subtle, but all moving me forward to my personal “truth”.  It inspires me to follow my true passion…to let my light shine through and be proud of who I am and not be afraid any longer.

If you are being called to this event…if your heart says go…then don’t question any further.  Just “TRUST” as it is the right decision for you and you will grow in many ways that you cannot even imagine are possible!

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Rebecca, Belin, and Patty  for all the work that went into organizing and hosting this workshop.  Thank you from my heart to yours!  We are all pioneers on our path and I am so delighted to be on my journey with you “sisters”.  Love you all!

With Much Gratitude,





Some of the highlights of this event  for me were…

Learning how to open portals.  I felt tingly and hot rushing power above me!

The ease of learning to use Sacred Language.  Practice – tears of joy and language flowed.

Glandular Healing.  This brought Clarity and warmth.

The pineal gland crystal exchange.  Wow!  Felt old one loosen & felt new one enter.  I felt such a unique feeling about this process.  This experience was  too sacred to put into words.  This was HUGE!!

Let’s not forget…the beloved match-making ceremony.  It was  a coming-home confirmation.

The relationship exercise was healing, the hugging awesome!

The blessing from Data Dastagir Badshah was the greatest of all!  No words for that…Hugg.

I feel my  life has changed during this event .

Absolutely!  I now feel confidence, grounded, clarity, charity.  Thank you for sending the words of wisdom and guidance for my path.  Al Haqq (The Truth).  This helps me listen and know.  Be still and know.

I am constantly watched and guided.

To honor the power of my own humanity.  I see it.

To anyone feeling the call to the next “Matchmaker to the Gods” event, I would say…

Do it, for sure!  You better be willing to receive!  What joy and honor to see women prophetesses.


(P.S. from Rebecca:  Merrilee reports her connection with her spirit matches (she has 2) is growing stronger each day.  She now has an innate powerful  ‘knowing’ that was not clear before.)





Some of the highlights of the event  for me were:

Crystal exchange.  I feel empowered by the properties of my crystal.

Prophecy/Message.  The prophecy brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.

Foot washing ceremony.  Both the humility of administering and the graciousness of receiving the foot washing was touching beyond belief.

Dancing with ascended masters.  This was such a delightful way to tangibly experience the differences and subtleties of having various energies flowing through me.

Do you feel your life has changed during this event and what does it inspire you to do, feel, become?

Doors have been opened and paths cleared.  It is still up to me to put in the work to see where I might be led, but I feel like I have access to the tools and resources to do so.

What would you say to someone who was feeling the call of Spirit to attend the next “Matchmaker of the Gods” event?

Embrace the opportunity and say YES to the true calling of your heart.




JANI BENNET  Please name some of the highlights of the event for you. Not in any special order:  Foot washing, hugging, glandular healing, learning Sufi phrases, sacred language, all the love and laughter we shared, Data Dastiger download, reading and blessing.Honor and gratitude to Dr Patti Felici whose  healings and meditations touched me to my very core and are still being processed.  Her humility, love, and complete availability filled so many previously empty places in my heart and soul.  She shared herself with us in truth and joyfulness – extraordinary.

Yes, my life has been changed.  I have a better relationship, understanding with my beloved and support from my angel who will always be with me.

I would have never know about the choices I have in the Spirit Realm and how loved I am.  I’ve also been acknowledged for truly being myself, the good, bad, and it’s been a blast!What would you say to someone who was feeling the call of Spirit to attend the next “Matchmaker of the Gods” event? GO!!!  Be all that you are!Jani Bennett, grateful participant in this enormously groundbreaking, life-changing, healing experience



Please name some of the highlights of the event for you.

The energy of this space, the staying in the energy of the group all day, including meals.  The synergy of the group, Patti and Rebecca.  Learning sacred language.  Learning to open portals, learning to open the vastness of opportunities in my own imagination.  The washing of the feet ceremony.  The hugging was wonderful.  Learning all my blocks and learning to open more, to relax more.

Do you feel your life has changed during this event and what does it inspire you to do, feel, become?

I don’t know if my life has changed yet as I am still in this space, but I have changed and will continue to change,  probably until my last breath.  I am not leaving here the same person as when I arrived.

I have acquired new personality traits and have heightened old ones always in a loving and safe space which is so important to many of us.  To grow exponentially while feeling totally protected is fantastic in this small group of twelve.  Their growth also became my growth and I believe we all agree this to be true.  I have heard the word “TEAM” more than half my life.  I can see the true meaning of that word and value this new lesson and will carry it to create other “teams”!

What would you say to someone who was feeling the call of Spirit to attend the next “Matchmaker of the Gods” event?

I would ask them to write down their desires before they arrive and to pray on/about that list so that when they respond to the care, they will be deeply emotionally connected to their own heart’s desire.  It is more than meeting your beloved.  It is muting the highest part of your own being, your own devine self. Make that connection “solid” as they say today.  And this is the gist of the workshop.  It is “solid”.




DORIANNA – Tucson Please name some of the highlights of the event  for you.

Clearing and opening the “channels” for connecting with that “special-Beloved Spirit Mate” and enjoying the process with fabulous, gifted “teachers” and bonding with the other participants.

Do you feel your life has changed during this event and what does it inspire you to do, feel, become?

I have received confidence in my ability to connect with the Being who can assist me in carrying out the work that I am doing;  and opened my heart to feelings of love.

What would you say to someone who was feeling the call of Spirit to attend the next “Matchmaker of the Gods” event?

If you are looking for the best systematic approach to a fulfilling connection in a loving, fun, joyful environment, this is the one for you.





Please name some of the highlights of the event for you.

The foot washing ceremony was a very humbling experienced.  I recommend that to all humanity.  And I feel like I should thank Rebecca’s mom Cora Viola Cantrell Pray.

Do you feel your life has changed during this event and what does it inspire you to do, feel, become?

It has inspired me to think the best of myself that I am whole, perfect, and complete just the way I am.  It has encouraged me to go with my head held up high in the sky and be proud of who I am.

What would you say to someone who was feeling the call of Spirit to attend the next “Matchmaker of the Gods” event?

Go with no expectations.  Just open yourself to Spirit.  You will definitely get results.

(From Rebecca:  I just finished teaching the first live event in May.  I can truthfully say with all my heart …There has never been an event like this…not in heaven and not on  earth. I cannot wait to teach this again and bask in the presence of all the devoted, beautiful beloved spirit-mates.)

  • Investment for this Unique Experience:

    • you may attend for 2497
    • Re-Take ONLY for those who have preciously taken this course 1497
    • Need a payment plan? 3 payments of 897 each

If you have read this far, then your interest is high. You usually “KNOW” this is for you by the visceral reaction you feel.

Need to talk about it? Call my cell 956-457-5568 (text first)

Or contact by whatsapp Rebecca Marina