Divine Mother 2023 Forecast


Sold out! No more spots for this…

There are no spaces left for your personal Divine Mother forecast for 2023.
Seems like all this ministries offers… are selling out very quickly in 2023!
Thank you for reading about it!
I only do so many, so that each person has the best of my energy!
Rest assured I will NEVER take on more clients than I can handle
just to get more money!
Everyone of you DESERVES the very best from Spirit that this Channel can bring. 
Maybe Divine Mother will ask me to offer something else for you soon!


Divine Mother has a Personal Prophetic Vision and Forecast for your life in 2023!

You see…Divine Mother ‘sees’ your highest good. She sees your best possible outcomes!

Once She prophesies this for you…the gridwork is in place.

There is also every assistance in heaven and on earth waiting to help you bring the prophetic vision into solid manifestation.


Now…here’s that part you may not expect…


Divine Mother is not going to do this all for you…instead, it is a co-creative process!

She asked me to convey the prophetic vision and forecast for you…yes, and She aske me to give you instructions as to YOUR part in helping this come abut more quickly!

We are already in the new age of partnership with the Divine!

What this is:

Mother will present the prophetic vision SHE has for you. Then lay out precise instructions as how YOU can co-create this with her!

She has asked me to offer you this at a very reasonable cost.

Only $125 for audio transmission

Add $25 if you want the audio and written  transcription. $150.


The Divine Mother prophetic Vision is delivered to you by voice recording. (We do not meet by zoom, I would have to charge a LOT more for that- I prefer to keep the cost down so more can have this guidance.)


What this is not:

This is not a complete psychic reading for the year.

I do offer that for $799. ( we meet on zoom- about 90 minutes)

No matter what you choose, you are better off taking the instructions for co-creation.



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  1. Sharon on January 7, 2023 at 10:26 pm

    do you do workshops?

  2. walt ducker on January 1, 2023 at 11:52 pm

    I want to purchase this but I have to wait till I get paid tomorrow.
    If thats ok I’ll use my debit card monday.

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