Are you carrying a burden because someone has done you wrong?

Are you carrying a burden because someone has done you wrong?
Does it stab you like a knife in the gut every time it crosses your mind?
Do you wonder how you can EVER get over it and truly let it go?
Do you WISH you could forgive and move on…and you just can’t do it?
Do you hope if you hold on… that the person may somehow FEEL your anger and resentment and be hurt?
Do you use what horrible thing happened to you as an excuse for NOT fully doing your spiritual purpose?

If so…  congratulations! You are a completely normal human!

However, NOT being able to forgive HOLDS you in prison!
You cannot fully BE who your soul PLANNED for you to be as long as you hang onto old hatred, resentment, need for revenge.

Do they DESERVE forgiveness?

Probably not!

Do YOU DESERVE freedom?
Forgiveness frees you…. Not them!
But Rebecca, you say. You don’t understand what they did to me. If I forgive them, they will get off Scott free!
I cannot forgive, even if I want to.
And… I don’t really want to.

The road to forgiveness begins with a simple Decision.

I choose to forgive. (Even if it chokes you up to say it)

1. That is the first small step to YOUR freedom!
2. I ask the divine to assist me. That is the second step.
Your willingness to ask for help in forgiveness starts the ball rolling. It starts undoing the chains around your heart, the chains around your feet, the chains around your mind.
It’s like sticking a pin in a balloon. The horrible feelings start to slowly dissipate.

Because you choose to go this work, your reward is that you become FREE, and Highly Favored by all realms. 


Tonight at 7 PM eastern, discover how acts of forgiveness can help you become HIGHLY Favored!
By the Divine,
Your Ancestors,
Star Beings,
and Mystical creatures from all realms.
Love, Rebecca
PS: Special Encore presentation tonight Tuesday PM.
PPS: If time is NOT right for you…register anyway and receive healing via the replay. The Power of the Divine STAYS is all me recordings forever… this is the promise I have from God.
PPPS: We are including being surrogate for the crimes humanity has done against Gaia, the elemental and mystical kingdoms and creatures of the sea, land and air.
You will KNOW that YOU DESERVE to be Highly Favored!
PPPS: Choosing the road to forgiving does not mean that you have to do any of these things:
~ You don’t have to TRUST them
~ You don’t have to FORGET all about it
~ You don’t have to reconcile with them ( keep them in your life)
~ Approve of them
~ You don’t have to justify what they did

Time to ask yourself…what am I getting out of NOT choosing to forgive?

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  1. Therese Ahmad on November 7, 2022 at 10:50 pm

    I needed this right now, thank you for posting and amazing and letting us know it is ok to have those feelings.

    much love n respect,

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