Healing Secrets from the Andromeda Galaxy: 1st Contact

Secret of “Pressurized Light”

Recently, as I was just drifting off to sleep…two beautiful blue beings appeared in my room.

They said they were from the Andromeda System (They used the word “system” instead of Galaxy for some reason”

These two beings said they had information to share with humanity and then invited me to go on a journey with them.

Even though this was the FIRST time I had encountered Beings from Andromeda… I KNEW in my heart,  they were Benevolent.

The journey seemed to be BEYOND Light speed and I found myself on a magnificent powder blue planet!

The video shows the results of that journey… and how I have already put this information to good use!


Please pass this along to all you feel will benefit. Our Star Brothers and Sisters are ready to help us in our evolution!

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  1. Nora on September 5, 2022 at 6:04 pm

    I have been using the fishing net and about 6 months ago I added a clear/pearlescent strand and it literally stopped the bad stuff coming at me. I started throwing it on everyone in my family and the “Tucker’s” halted! There is some residue that we are fighting, but means we’re provided to do so. I will begin to use the weighted one now! I am also throwing it on our “enemies” and I will begin sending them weighted light too because I don’t want them harmed. I want them to stop harming and start growing!

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